Some home truths for the corporate bludgers at Team NZ

Team New Zealand want to go again, they also want the taxpayer to continue to pay their inflated salaries, and help fund their next multi-million dollar property purchases.

Well, Man in the Stand has some home truths for them to consider.

Here’s an odd notion for Grant Dalton and Dean Barker and co.

How about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Not that I’m accusing them of telling outright porkies but as usual there’s a lot of spin and hype and half-truths going on in the lead-up to asking taxpayers to stump up with yet another huge dollop of cash.

The kind of nonsense was spun before the last Americas Cup and the one before and the one before that.

So what are the fallacies that I’m referring to?

• Giving 40 million of our taxpaying dollars to Grant Dalton and co. to mount another America’s Cup challenge is the best way to publicise New Zealand.

Not true. Spending less than half that amount on making and showing an advertisement at half-time in Super Bowl, promoting our beautiful country would be far more effective.

The television audience watching Super Bowl would completely dwarf any potential audience watching a comparatively obscure sporting event in Bermuda.

• Giving 40 million of our taxpaying dollars to Grant Dalton and co. will benefit the whole of New Zealand.

Not true. This flawed logic depends on that bogus, trickle-down theory that every region outside of Auckland would benefit equally if Team New Zealand won in Bermuda and defended the Cup again in Auckland.

For example, asking those people the hardest hit in earthquake ravaged Christchurch to swallow the fallacy that their city will be advantaged as much as Auckland would is ridiculous.

• Giving 40 million of our taxpaying dollars to Grant Dalton and co. is a sound investment given the potential, financial return in GST etc.

Not true. A leading Institute of Economic Research economist, Shamubeel Eaquib describes this type of projection as “a combination of data and fiction that is based on over-hyped studies that are proven to be absolute rubbish after the fact.”

• Giving 40 million of our taxpaying dollars to Grant Dalton and co. is critical to our boat-building industry given its dependence on our participation in the Americas Cup.

Not true. New Zealand’s glowing boat-building reputation is locked in permanently regardless of our involvement in the Americas Cup.

And even if this claim was true, how about the boat-building industry itself collectively making a significant cash contribution?

• Giving 40 million of our taxpaying dollars to Grant Dalton and co. is justified given Team New Zealand is in a unique position on our sporting landscape.

Not true. Team New Zealand is a privately-owned franchise just like for example, the Wellington Phoenix and the New Zealand Breakers both are.

I’m sure each of these sporting organisations could mount a claim for a massive Government hand-out based on the increased profile and guaranteed, resulting benefits that football and basketball would receive here in New Zealand.


– Yahoo


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  • timemagazine

    Using the same team over and over again without being able to deliver is madness. How many times has this team lost already? If they want to have any credibility they must change the team members, for a starter.

  • conwaycaptain

    How about Grant and Dean selling off some of their real estate and putting it into ETNZ?? What about Dean’s Dad investing some of his squillions??
    What about NZ Boat builders and sail makers shoving some money in??? What about taking a drop in wages from squillions to gazillions>

  • ex-JAFA

    The Member for Epsom has a Question in the House today about corporate welfare. Hopefully the follow-up questions put pressure on the gummint to refuse any more funding for these very wealthy men to pursue their hobby.

  • Crookednose

    I love the spectacle, the technology and the drama on the water. It’s just everything else behind the scenes ruins the whole Damn thing.
    I hope the 2 new hotshots replace Barker at the very least, regardless of what happens.

    • dgrogan

      Dalton has already confirmed the best driver will be on the boat for the Challenge. If Burling is better than Barker, he’ll be on the wheel.

  • sheppy

    Going from a massive lead into a humiliating loss last time proved this is nothing more than a contest of cheque books. Larry won, he’s got more money to waste than the NZ government so lets leave it there and spend the money on something more useful like perhaps local body recall legislation for NZ “Super” Cities

    • cmm

      Last time was a competition between two kiwi-built boats and (mostly) two kiwi crews.

      NZ thus took first and second place. It was inevitable.

      With that sort of reputation and profile, NZ boat building (and sailing) does not need handouts.

      • Might have been kiwi built boats but it was american built electronics that (arguably) won the day (or days)

        • Rick H

          I’m certain I read that the “device” was also made in NZ, and flown over to SF

          • My understanding is there were a selection of foils made in NZ and sent over late in the day (at some considerable expense) the “device” that was used to control the foils originated (I believe) at boeing and it was the development of this device (once it got past the measuring committee) that ultimately won them the cup, a lot of maybe’s and could have been’s in there of course because you are never going to see Oracle up against TNZ in 72’s again. One rumour is that the “Artemis card” was used to get the “device” onto the boat (“if we don’t have it people could be hurt/killed and you guys would be responsible”)

  • Kip_Dynamite

    I grew up sailing so it’s a sport I have a soft spot for. But…

    Dalton, Barker and a host of others have become extremely wealthy individuals thanks to the America’s Cup. That’s what rankles me – these guys coming cap in hand for a massive payout from the taxpayer to fund their campaign, as a result of which their personal bank accounts rack up millions.

    Very cynical and they should be shown door.

  • Thought I was reading the standard for a minute there.

    • Andrew Gibson

      No, it’s just that most on here are independent thinkers; we look at at each case on its merits.

  • BJ

    I used to support the America’s Cup Race – that was when I was naive.
    Perhaps it’s time for another WO vote on it.

  • Jayar

    There is no way Team NZ will ever again win the Americas Cup. To come from such a massive lead to a complete defeat showed that extreme wealth will win every time. I thought Dalton had announced last time that he was retiring!

  • CheesyEarWax

    Apart from the All Blacks there is no other national sport team that has a decent commercial value. Team NZ is a valuable brand, a very good team in its field, one can say they are the All Blacks of sailing. But asking $40M from taxpayers is a tough ask. Shame that the AC event is not going to be in China, like Macau for example, which would make it more palatable for Gov funding. Lets see what Dalton and co can come up with to convince the Gov, otherwise they will have to do more for less.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Dalton and Co seem to have the view that we should support them as some kind of patriotic act….and if we don’t, they will go and sail for someone else: how naive can we be?

    • kehua

      Do not forget it all started with Peter Blake bludger supreme, sucked the $`s out of every primary/secondary school in NZ with the red socks con.

      • Dumrse

        Don’t hold back…… Slagging Sir Peter Blake over red socks is a sad sad post. I don’t recall the country being under communist control at the time so the red socks were probably not a compolsory purchase. Still, what would I know, I wasn’t sucked in.

        • kehua

          Just stating facts my friend, nothing sad about it. Sad is dying for the sake of a Rolex.

          • Imogen B

            Ugly and offensive comment.

    • Billythekid

      The icing on the taxpayers case would be just that, for them to go and sail for another syndicate. Daltons Central Muscle Car Camaro must be complimenting his AC boat skills surely ??? Lotsa cash required to campaign what he’s driving on the sealed race circuit as well, so to steer an AC boat and a race car you need a bloody good sponsor. It’s not the NZ taxpayer is it ?

    • Imogen B

      We should be patriotic so they can afford to be?
      Patriotism does not have a price.

  • Catriona

    Nope, the Govt should never again throw $40M at this outfit.
    Their relevance is now obsolete.
    Find some multi-billionaire to fund your ‘job’.

  • Markus Aurelius

    I’d be ok with funding another cup if it was someone other than Dalton and Barker asking for the money. I’d certainly rather fund the Americas Cup than the City Rail Loop.

    Dalton last time idiotically agreed to have a day off when we were up 7-1 and on a roll, which I understand oracle used to fit faster foils and rudders, then set their boat up with a different port/starboard foil allowing a low upwind mode that allowed them to hit 30 knots upwind. The rest is history and Dalton and Barker should be too.

  • NO.
    I think $40 million put into R&D or Schools or Hospitals or the Army would all be much better for NZ than put into a group of expat kiwis living the high life.

  • James Stafford

    Isn’t it Emirates Team New Zealand ? Obviously their input is commercially sensitive but the naming rights cost should go up, a lot.

  • Nz front

    If team nz want to enter, they should work and earn hard. Such as a nation wide sausage sizzles. They need to pull there thumbs and let there fingers go. Swines

  • Guest

    Message to (‘Sir’ rolf) Stephen Tindall (The Warehouse) heading the board of Team NZ: You sought privatisation which grew your business to a massive scale, now you ask for public money to fund your hobby. Hey, go .. yourself.

  • Whitey

    Football and basketball are both more interesting sports too.