Homeopathic science explained

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…


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  • goat

    I cant work out if this lady is for real or if shes a candidate for the greens…People arnt that silly to belief in this stuff are they ??

    • sin-ic

      Yes they are.

  • Sunshine

    What a nutter.

  • Bigkransky

    She is talking astonishing gibberish, which makes no more sense than Rudolf Steiner’s barmy parallel universe. Your quote is a truism, by the way. There’s nothing wrong with a little knowledge. It’s a little “learning” that’s dangerous.

  • SP

    The best parts of this woman’s ill-educated rant is discussed and dissected here:

  • IanGreg

    So you can blow up you neighbours house with homeopathy….. Awesome.

  • BR

    A sales pitch targeting the ignorant,the gullible and the stupid.


  • Popliteal


    I mean, where would you start? Full marks for imagination though.

  • xennex

    I don’t see any evidence of ‘a little knowledge’.

  • cmm

    Norman insists on evidence based science. There’s all the evidence you need.

  • Dan

  • Timboh

    I like the bit where she says “you can cross out mass”

  • Toasty

    “1.1E+57 cubic meters of matter in the universe

    A cubic light year contains about 1E+48 cubic meters. So all of the matter in the universe would fit into about 1 billion cubic light years, or a cube that’s approximately 1,000 light years on each side”

    The sloppiest google search ever finds nothing to support the mass argument

  • Uhhh, that’s removing all the space between atoms that will allow you to fit everything into a really small place……it still has mass (and now a lot in a really small place…i.e. really dense), you can’t remove the mass.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Why does she keep asking “OK”? It that to check if you have taken the propaganda on board, or is she talking to your mass that is almost non existent?
    They are coming to take me away hahaha

  • Marby

    I have studied E=Mc2 and she is actually making alot of sense. Remember to research, listen and study something before you say it is rubbish. If you dont, then you are just being ignorant and making decisions on your opinions and judgement and could be missing out on something amazing.