Hone Harawira still drinking German Kool-Aid

Deluded and political retards is the only description that suits the Mana party.

After losing an election, their only MP and everything else after their association with the Kaiser of Coatesville, they are now contemplating going again with the toxic German, though i’m not sure how in 2017 he will help them from a 6×9 cell in Leavenworth.

The Mana Movement is planning for the 2017 election and Kim Dotcom could be involved, leader Hone Harawira says.

Mr Harawira lost his Te Tai Tokerau seat to Labour’s Kelvin Davis and Mana’s alliance with the Dotcom backed Internet Party only gained 1.26 per cent of the party vote in September’s election.

Mr Harawira said people from across the country had attended a Mana planning meeting during the weekend.

“People are keen,” he told TVNZ’s Marae programme.

“They really want to go hard for 2017, but right now it’s about identifying key dates, key activities and being involved in things like community events wherever we are so that Mana maintains its relevance to the people.”   

He hoped to catch up with Dotcom soon and talk about his court case and what he had planned for next year.

Whether he would work with him in the future depend on a number of things, including whether he was still in New Zealand and in a position to do anything, Mr Harawira said.

“But one thing I’ll say about Kim Dotcom is that he knows more about the internet than anybody I’ve ever met.

“He’s an engaging personality – young people get it when he talks to them and I want to try and get our young people connecting to the internet.”

Any collaboration would happen under the Mana banner, Mr Harawira said.

“The internet is the new highway to the world and so many of our kids have been denied that so I want to try in the Tai Tokerau to make that happen and if we can great, if we can’t well I’ll find another way.”

The Internet Party is currently reviewing its future and its leader Laila Harre has announced she is stepping down.

Sounds like Dotcom is still getting good value for ill-gotten bitcoins.

Either that or Hone still has a pallet of Kool-Aid to drink his way through.

Still, they could do worse, they could get Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury to advise them on strategy.


– NZ Newswire


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  • sheppy

    “….getting our Young people connecting to the internet”
    Isn’t what they already do on them thar I thingies?

    • Kevin

      You mean young people need even more of a reason to waste time on Facebook and snapchat?

      • sheppy

        According to Hone they don’t know to connect to it. Maybe its compulsory for the left to live in the past before the Internet became popular

  • Pluto

    Hone you’ve sold your soul and Dotcom isn’t the one to buy it back for you.

  • kiwisnab

    “..he was still in New Zealand and in a position to do anything” – translation – it depends on how much money Kim has…..

  • Curly1952

    Sounds like he is on something stronger than german Kool-aid!
    Hui after Hui after Hui to plan – yea that will fix it. What they need is action. Use some of the wads of cash you got from the german to help your people instead of keeping it all for yourself Hone

    • Cadwallader

      Shouldn’t it be written:”Hooey after Hooey after Hooey to plan?”

  • Timboh

    “The internet is the new highway to the world”. Sorry Hone, there is nothing new about the internet. Maybe 15 years ago it was.

  • Davo42

    Internet Mana voter recruitment caught on camera!


  • Dairy_Flat

    I reckon there’s a distinct possibly that DotCrim will still be with us come the next election if he doesn’t do a runner before then. If Little keeps his head and remains Mr.Bland and the ever compliant MSM continue with their obsequious glorification of him, Hone and his ilk could well sneak back into the trough. Yes it’s a long way off, but JK is worrying me and needs to lift his game because 2 years of propaganda from the left will further erode his image and it only takes a tiny shift in the electorate and we’re lumbered with the lunatics.

    • The2Game

      Little hasn’t, so far as I can see, come up with a single policy.

      Easy to keep the media onside (and the public yawning) with that sort of a strategy but he can’t fob us off with promises to refer things to a non-defined ‘Expert Committee’ forever!

      I’ll withhold judgement until I see him front…

  • Wheninrome

    We have the house, but there is still the decoration to do, let alone the landscaping of the land.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    Having got wind of Kim trying to free up $300 million in frozen assets in Hong Kong, Hone is suddenly feeling very motivated to champion the cause of his people once more…

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    Hahahahaha he sounds like he’s stepped out of a time machine! Someone should tell him that everyone knows about the internet and he sounds like a complete retard.

    • If it walks like a retard, behaves like a retard and (Hone) talks
      like a retard, the odds are pretty good that he is a (all together here) . . .

  • DangerMice

    i suspect the young people of TTT know more about that new fangled interweb than Hone does

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Bring it on bro!! Time to swindle the last of the millions left!!!! Mother who sold her soul for three million Mata Harre may be going for a wardrobe update I guess!!

    • Fanny_Schmelar

      Nice to see your comments again, SCS!!

  • NotGandalf

    Nope, I suspect its just Hone trying to up his profile again by saying something deliberately provocative to suck up a bit more headline space, the problem for him will be whether he gets any press when Freed comes alive.

    • ex-JAFA

      Freed is sure to give him plenty if he’s doing anything worth reporting. His problem will be that he’s unlikely to appreciate the sunlight.

  • cows4me

    The general theme of many who enter politics is to serve the public, so it is claimed. But it’s amazing many of those that are shown the door can’t wait to sneak back in, old Winnie really likes serving the public. Hone is just a poor version of Winnie. Serving the public be damned, it’s the perks, the power and the notoriety, it’s as addictive as cocaine and Hone is hooked.

    • Kip_Dynamite

      Absolutely. The only people Winnie and Hone serve are themselves. That’s a sad indictment of the people of NZ though, as somehow Winnie seems to fool enough of us to get his nose back in the public trough every 3 years.

    • KiaOra

      As shown by beneficiary Georgina Bierer

  • caochladh

    If the idiots in the Labour Party get in behind Davis this time and allow him to show what he is really capable of, I doubt if Harawira will have a snowball’s chance in hell of regaining the seat.

  • JC

    If I didn’t know better I’d say KDC has told Hone he’s tracked the movements of *all* of the money he’s given the Party. Hone may still be a glove puppet.


  • pisces8284 .

    Don’t think too many kids have been denied the internet. Being on line is a way of life for them

  • NoEyeDeer

    “Any collaboration would happen under a Mana banner”.
    Clearly Hone you know nothing about how the net works and even less how Megalomaniacs function.

  • Wahbonnah

    “Deluded and political retards is the only description that suits the Mana party.” Pml.
    Could be used to describe Labour, and the Greens as well.
    Are you able to give yourself Comment of the Day, with that opening statement Cam?

  • Kiwibabe

    Hone who?