Honor diaries Part Two

Please view this and form your own conclusions. These are Mainly Muslim women, talking about the issues that affect their communities.


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    I cant comprehend this, it astounds me.

    I watched a movie of a woman stoned to death in Iran where her two young sons also picked up stones and she had done nothing wrong other than be married to a man who betrayed her and manipulated the situation to make her to be dishonorable,…..true event.

    This is too sickening for me, its abhorrent.

    One question service providers such as Police, teachers and health professionals need to ask immediately is if the family practice Islam or are Muslim and that has to be a high alert in cases of abuse that come to light.

    I cannot equate to honour the horrors I have listened to and watched on this video. To me honour is a beautiful concept and an accolade, this is frenzied occult type group think

    I said it before and I say it again, I admire these strong passionate women standing against beliefs and behaviours that have been engrained, more power and success to their causes

  • Marby

    To throw acid on your own child, the baby you bore,simply because she looked at a boy is just so hard to comprehend. I love my children with a passion and will til the day I die. It is ingrained in me to protect them with my life. I would take a bullet for them….no question. How can these people think the absolute opposite and be happy to kill their child, or stone someone, etc. We care for our children and heal their sores and scrapes. Its just crazy to throw acid at them. This is just pure evil. It is not love or nurture and is anti-life. If that is what Muslims believe then we must prevent this religion coming into our society. Its already a big problem in Britain. God help us.

  • Patterson

  • Sunshine

    Thank you SB, this has indeed been very thought provoking, especially the girls who go missing from education as that has hit home to me. I believe it happens in NZ too, and I’m quite ashamed to say, I have not ever queried or delved deeper as to where or why some of the wonderful young women I used to be in class with just never came back. Time to take the head out of the sand and start asking some questions.
    I was shocked a few years ago when I went back to University. Got talking to a large bunch of awesome girls of Indian descent. Some were born in NZ, others had come as children and some as teenagers. The majority were taking Science degrees hoping to get into medicine or other professions with longer than usual study years. This was not for the profession sake, but for the freedom it offered. They strived hard to get into honours program’s or the medical field where study was 7 plus years. They told me that once they finished their studies, they were forced into marriage, some already had been promised to someone since a young age. These were exceptionally bright young women who just accepted their fate, so as not to dishonour the family and it just astounded and saddened me. I asked why they just did not take a stand and forge their own life path, and the response was that Westerners do not understand that they just have to do what their family has decided. Their only rebellion was to stay at University for as long as possible.