The Huddle at 1740


It’s Monday and I’m on ZB with Larry Williams to do The Huddle with opinion-for-hire Matthew Hooton.

Our topics will be:

  • First up we’ve got Len’s loo behind a book case. If it weren’t behind a book case it wouldn’t come across as creepy. It’s a bit odd to hide an ensuite isn’t it?
  • Then we’ve got this chap looking like he’s going to face a firing squad in Bali after being sucked in by an online scammer.
  • And last but not least, we’ve got the bigoted Christians urging suicide if you’re gay. Nice.

You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal methods.

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  • LesleyNZ

    The pastor was absolutely out of line and wrong in his response. However I am not sure what Jim Marjoram was hoping to achieve. Jim Marjoram does not understand (or does not want to understand) the Bible and what it teaches about sin. What the pastor should have told Marjoram was that in God’s eyes the practise of homosexuality is a sin and God can not look upon sin – any sin and sinful behaviour. He should have told Jim Marjoram that he needed to get right with God while he had time.

    • Rick H

      Perhaps that is why Loopy Len has his “secret chamber” hidden behind his library shelves
      So God can’t look upon his sin.

      • LesleyNZ

        As my mum used to say – be sure your sins will find you out.

    • kayaker

      I’m curious. What would Jim need to do to get right with God (while he still had time)?

      • LesleyNZ

        As we all need to do, to get right with God. Repent – acknowledge the sin in your life and ask for forgiveness through Jesus Christ who has paid the price for you/our sins by dying on the cross. As Cam said – God provided the plan of salvation and forgiveness – the way back to Him.

        • kayaker

          From where I’m sitting, Jim has nothing to repent for. However, on the other hand, the pastor has some serious reflection to do.

  • Radvad

    I think you mean bigoted Christian singular.

  • 1951

    What’s up with Mathew’s thinking bringing in the white/race card to the discussion on drug mules/other countries laws?

  • Jmac

    The ‘pastor’ is trying to start an extreme American sryle fundamentalist church in his lounge. I am reliably told he has had actual mental health issues.

    He was not hired, called, affirmed by anyone. This is a man trying to shop his religion in his house. With the media coverage Im left hoping he doesn’t break down himself.

  • Dave_1924

    Mr Hooten opening up the sideshow of Christianity is just like Islam…… just as things come to an end and no chance for a rejoinder form our Born Again blogger…. that was a bit cowardly

  • spanishbride

    Matthew’s bigotry towards Christians really showed that’s for sure. Most Christians are new testament Christians but he tried to say they are the same as Muslims who practice Old testament punishments such as stoning! Even old testament Christians are not known for killing people or cutting off their hands for stealing etc.

    • Optimist

      I agree with you, SB. I was listening to the discussion on the radio as I drove home. Matthew was way off beam on this topic, As a practicing new testament Christian, I would agree that, over it’s 2000 year history, the “church” has carried out some pretty evil and bizarre punishments in the Christ’s name but for Matthew to link Christian punishments to being the same as punishments such as stoning and cutting off limbs (carried out by modern day Muslims) was stretching it somewhat

  • jonno1

    Well done Cam on your “plan of salvation” bit. While Larry seemed a little uncomfortable with it, Matthew’s reaction was nothing short of bizarre.

  • Pete

    I think your wrong on the Len Brown (scene from a Saw movie hidden toilet) thing Cam, … I get the fact that his minions would have done the design and build sign off, but he should have known it looks a more than a bit shady and he should have stopped it. Unless of course, he is completely stupid or just doesn’t give a toss what people think.