I’m sure Cam’s already ordered a pair


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  • John1234

    Nice! But to be picky probably should have some grommets in the cable hole. I’d be tempted to drill through the primer strike mark to preserve the look of the cartridge.

    • Kendall

      I saw this a week ago and did exactly that, but will make a second pair as shown as the wire coming out at an angle makes the buds pull out of my ears.

      • Mark

        I’d love a pair of these,but in 38 Super. :)

  • caochladh

    Why buy them Cam when Pete can whip you up a set in his spare time. ;-)

    • Nechtan

      Pete has spare time??

  • Isherman

    Great idea, wonder if I can get my ears surgically re-sized so I can do .50 cal ones.