Impotent rage gives way to quiet resignation

Political pundit Wrongly Wrongson being wrong again

Political pundit Wrongly Wrongson being wrong again

The leftwing are still crying tears of impotent rage that Nicky Hager and his criminal conspiracy to hijack an election failed. They are still crying tears of impotent rage that John Key is still Prime Minister and the ‘Chosen One’ in David Cunliffe was more mess than messiah

But none are raging more than Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly know as Martyn Martin Bradbury.

He has written a lengthy post which is drowning in those aforementioned tears of impotent rage.

Mostly it is his usual wrong-footed analysis but a couple of bits stick out.

Watching Snowden, Assange and Greenwald expose the mass surveillance state was over-shaded by Kim Dotcom, who like an imploding black hole was portrayed as a racist Bond villain intent on vengeance. That his experience of 80 paramilitary police with guns kicking down his front door to frighten his family and beat him while taking all his wealth at the behest of Corporate Hollywood radicalised him was lost on most. In the end terrible political advice generated a campaign that was too clownish to be taken seriously. Hone?s loss is a deep anguish and wound.

That sounds like along way fo him admitting he is a clown, and he was wrong.

Then there is this:

The winners are dirty politics. Cameron Slater is more powerful than ever before. His hate speech has become the norm, his hateful readers the power of the angry white knuckle. With him now holding information over the Prime Minister and with his new weaponised news site about to launch, his venom has become even more toxic.

All said without even a hint of irony, or a mention of his involvement in Dirty Politics. No matter he will be explaining that soon enough.

But the upshot of it all is the cabal of haters and wreckers who planned to hijack an election failed dramatically. Instead of destroying those they attacked and demonised they ahve made us all stronger and destroyed themselves and their support in the process.

The days of reckoning are coming and the push back will be evidence based and as relentless as they were.

The difference will be that they will cut and run and never return.



– The Daily Blog