Impotent rage gives way to quiet resignation

Political pundit Wrongly Wrongson being wrong again

Political pundit Wrongly Wrongson being wrong again

The leftwing are still crying tears of impotent rage that Nicky Hager and his criminal conspiracy to hijack an election failed. They are still crying tears of impotent rage that John Key is still Prime Minister and the ‘Chosen One’ in David Cunliffe was more mess than messiah

But none are raging more than Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly know as Martyn Martin Bradbury.

He has written a lengthy post which is drowning in those aforementioned tears of impotent rage.

Mostly it is his usual wrong-footed analysis but a couple of bits stick out.

Watching Snowden, Assange and Greenwald expose the mass surveillance state was over-shaded by Kim Dotcom, who like an imploding black hole was portrayed as a racist Bond villain intent on vengeance. That his experience of 80 paramilitary police with guns kicking down his front door to frighten his family and beat him while taking all his wealth at the behest of Corporate Hollywood radicalised him was lost on most. In the end terrible political advice generated a campaign that was too clownish to be taken seriously. Hone’s loss is a deep anguish and wound.

That sounds like along way fo him admitting he is a clown, and he was wrong.

Then there is this:

The winners are dirty politics. Cameron Slater is more powerful than ever before. His hate speech has become the norm, his hateful readers the power of the angry white knuckle. With him now holding information over the Prime Minister and with his new weaponised news site about to launch, his venom has become even more toxic.

All said without even a hint of irony, or a mention of his involvement in Dirty Politics. No matter he will be explaining that soon enough.

But the upshot of it all is the cabal of haters and wreckers who planned to hijack an election failed dramatically. Instead of destroying those they attacked and demonised they ahve made us all stronger and destroyed themselves and their support in the process.

The days of reckoning are coming and the push back will be evidence based and as relentless as they were.

The difference will be that they will cut and run and never return.



– The Daily Blog




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  • yossarian

    The guy is a windbag non-entity who writes such rubbish that nobody in their right mind could take him seriously. It is interesting how so many like him, and a good few in the MSM, think that their saying that black is white simply makes it so.

  • wait, what “In the end terrible political advice generated a campaign that was too clownish to be taken seriously”
    I’d be having a serious look at who was giving them the advice and go all-in on that angle…

  • STAG

    Wasn’t it Bumblers sorry “Bombers” advice the Left were acting under? So that would make him wrong again? Nothing good makes it past a beard.

    • Cowgirl

      I seem to recall he was the strategic mastermind behind both Mana and Internet, now that you mention it. I hope they got their money back.

  • Blackcap

    Even Lyn or is it Lynn over at TS wrote an article having a go at Bradbury. Bradbury is just one of the 1% thats all.

    • OneTrack

      The trouble is, there seems to be 11% fringe lefties (Green and Mana voters)

  • Sally

    his hateful readers the power of the angry white knuckle
    Excuse me, Wrongly Wrongson you are insulting me along with all the 1000’s of other readers.
    The only thing I am angry about is some leftwing radicals tried to hijack a democratic election.
    And they remain all on twitter gloating how they got one over all of us. Well sorry chaps we won, you lost.

    • Woody

      I am also insulted at being described as a hateful reader, he doesn’t know me and what’s more, is never likely to – his loss not mine.

    • burns_well_eh

      “Eat that!”

  • That his experience of 80 paramilitary police with guns kicking down his
    front door to frighten his family and beat him while taking all his
    wealth at the behest of Corporate Hollywood radicalised him was lost on

    That’s the first time I’ve heard any allegation that Dotcom was beaten during the raid on his rental house at Coatsville. Given Police intelligence as to the presence of firearms on the property, it’s hardly surprising that Police came prepared. But suggesting now that Dotcom was given the bash is simply trying to rewrite history.

    Hey Martyn; we won, and you lost. Suck it up pal, and stop being such a bad loser.

    • Dave

      Bomber is receiving expert advise on being a sore loser, Tiso is texting and tweeting him advise every few minutes.

    • spanishbride

      Rewriting history?Lets call it what it actually is, a bald face lie.
      Wrongly Wrongson specialises in them. He still for example cliams that Cameron ‘ hacked ‘ the Labour party website when everyone knows ( even my IT illiterate Mum ) that viewing and downloading information that is freely accessible on a website is not hacking. People can download photos from a persons facebook page if they have not made it private and if they do, that is NOT hacking even if the person had not intended for the photo to be publicly accessible.

  • Isherman

    “Weaponised news site”, that’s actually got a nice ring to any case there is the great hope that its better than the dud blank – firing services we find ourselves subjected to at the moment.

    • Just for the record, Whaleoil is Whaleoil. Freed is not going to be anything like it. They may share the same CEO, but the companies have completely different objectives.

      • Isherman

        Oh I understand that, referring to the hope that in comparison with other MSM outlets, Freed might give us the story without the spin, half truths, omissions of context etc that we get at the moment with a lazy MSM that seems to lack any real journalistic integrity…..

        • That is indeed the objective. News first, no prima donna “names” among the journalists that are bigger than the story. It will have recognised columnists with opinion, but we’re going to try and get back to news that doesn’t push a barrow (like pimping the poor, for example).

          • kehua

            Sounds like ya taking us back 40 odd years, and forward into a realm of information, sunlight and integrity. I can`t wait and I wish you well.

          • Cadwallader

            Rachael Smalley need not apply!

      • Just Mick

        Any update on Freed launch date??

        • “I’m not at liberty to discuss it”.

          (channeling John Key) What I can say, is that candidate interviews took place over the last two days.

          The intended start date has slipped a number of times. It takes a while to set up a company from scratch – especially when you have to get all the finances, legals, ownership sorted, then you have to have people, premises, equipment, etc. I think previous start dates were a reflection of enthusiasm.

          My personal view is that with Xmas this close, we won’t see anything this side of January 1st.

          The web site exists mind you. I can log into it and file stories. But, the whole news gathering and processing organisation needs a place to be, chairs to sit on, IT to work with, and that’s going to take some time.

          Exciting stuff – starting a company from absolutely nothing.

          • Cadwallader

            Out of curiosity: Will their be cross pollination of stories, comments etc between here and at Freed?

    • Reid

      Does doesn’t it:

      Freed – Weapons grade news platform

      I wonder how many more tears of impotent rage Martin Martyn would shed were that to appear on the banner.

      • shykiwibloke

        “weapons grade” usually means high quality material that has the strength to withstand opposition. Take it as a compliment

  • Cowgirl

    I actually spoke to a friend of mine the other day who used to know Martyn Martin. I mentioned the allegation that CS has made about Martyn Martin’s involvement in a despicable plot to drive CS to suicide. A big leftie himself, and fundamentally opposed (rabidly so) to ‘Dirty Politics’ and John Key, my friend had to admit he would not be surprised if Martyn Martin had acted badly in all of this, and that it was not beyond him to do such a despicable thing. Quite telling really.

  • Tom

    He writes like a 16 year old schoolgirl

    • Beetle

      I think a 16 year old school girl would use punctuation and have fully formed ideas before she crafted her message. I’d say his writing more resembles the polemic doggerel of an 8 year old boy.

  • Hard1

    Bradbury personifies the hate speech he claims to despise. His brand of smear and hate is anarchistic.There are no nation building characteristics in his utterances whatsoever. He can never mention, for example, the low quality parents who allow their children to drift away.
    I do not agree with everything on this blog, however the overriding direction is towards a better society.

  • burns_well_eh

    First impression on seeing that photo – David Brent pretending how he’s not just a chilled-out entertainer, he’s the best boss and best friend they’ll ever have.

  • “In the end terrible political advice generated a campaign that was too clownish to be taken seriously”

    You have to give him credit for admitting he was a terrible political strategist and provided the wrong advice.

    Still, he’s got his iPhone, Macbook and iPad. Bless.

    • OneTrack

      Now he has to go and write a speech about the evil American corporates and how we should only use locally manufactured products. Oh. Wait.

  • andrewo

    Why do so few Left wingers have a sense of humour?

    • Oh, but they do! They think it is hilarious to plan such pressure that you might take your own life, or they cheer on ferals that want to pack rape a teen.

    • Sir Brucey

      Because it would entail constantly laughing at themselves.

  • Cadwallader

    The snap of Martin Martyn looks like he’s conducting an auction in his other persona…a failed real estate agent.

  • jabba

    what an angry man .. is he ok?

  • Dairy_Flat

    FYI Martyn/Martin I can’t speak for others but I for one am not hateful, and more than a little disappointed to read you making such speculative statements. Go away you sad little man.

  • “The push back will be evidence based and as relentless as they were”. I can hardly wait for tick, tick, tick to begin- but not too soon. Wait until Parliament resumes so we can see the fear in their eyes.. Won’t get any positive publicity from the MSM as many of them were complicit up to their necks. I hope there’s at least another fearless fair minded commentator like Larry Williams out there willing to give it air time.

    • axeman

      Expect #DirtyPoliticsv2.0 to trend on Twitter in 2015 ;-)

  • SovereignSoul

    Everyone at my work thinks im the devil incarnate because I listen to Leighton Smith. I just think lefties are mislead but I respect the fact that they want to do good, and I dont hold it against them personally. Its really hard to believe what I do, in the face of such hate, but I will stand by and probably die for my beliefs if I had to. I think both sides need to remember what unites us is having the right to choose, and then respecting people and not going over the top to change someone when they’ve made their choice. We kind of need ISIS or someone to force us to unite and stop us from tearing ourselves apart lol.

    • OneTrack

      But I don’t think having the right to choose unites us. Lefties are demonstrably against the right to choose, virtually across the board. Choose your power company – nope, they want to nationalise that (behind a single buyer – one price fits all). Choose the school your kids go to – nope. You should go to your locally zoned school and don’t even mention charter schools. Member of the union – compulsory of course – lets ask what Little says about that. The list goes on and on.

      And as you appear to have already encountered, you think the lefties are wrong. But many lefties think you (and John Key) are evil, must be stopped and anything is ok for the cause.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Thats why Martyn Martin never wins awards because the judges can see through him and the rubbish he spews.

  • Beetle

    Oh the irony of pointing the “hate speech” stick at others. If anyone has had the chance of hearing Martin Martyn speak at a function they would know he’s the master of hate speech. His ad hominem and crazed attacks on WHBH were interpreted as sour grapes by the audience, and his open desperation to make himself as relevant as the MSM was a little sad. Many people felt quite sorry for him by the end of his speech. He is clearly the guy who turns up to a gun fight with a plastic knife.

  • bjmarsh

    Don’t give him any oxygen at all. It poisons his mind.

  • James M

    Hackers need not to attack Martyn Martin’s blog. It’s already under a constant, self inflicted, Denial of Dignity Attack.

    • Dave

      Hackers usually like a prize to gloat about, something they can wear as a medal, an achievment. I hardly thing hacking one of NZ’s least read and one of NZ’s most unpoplar blogs qualifies as a medal of pride.

  • Isherman

    Actually, Wrongly Wrongson should thank WO for posting some of his tid bits here because I’d almost be willing to bet that he’s more widely read and commented on here than he is on the Daily Blot.

  • Nechtan

    Martyn “Two Votes” Bradbury aka Wrongly Wrongson is wrong (again) Assange, and Snowden didn’t expose mass state surveillance at least not the way the Left were spinning it ie John Key (SIS GCSB) reading everyone’s emails/texts and listening to all our calls.
    As for 80 (?) armed police kicking down KDC’s door and beating him, come on pull the other one it plays a tune.
    As for Cameron and Whale Oil being bigger and stronger well yep he got that right, an unintended consequence of the whole dirty politics scam his leftie mates tried to pull, when the people saw it was rubbish.
    His political CV (such that is was) is now stained with the whole KDC, Internet party, dirty politics saga.

    • He helped the party that funds/funded his blog (Mana) out of parliament. That’s pretty spectacular.

      • Nechtan

        Fair point, that is the one good thing he has done. Any agent provocateur would be proud, only problem he wasn’t one.

  • Armotur

    ” his hateful readers the power of the angry white knuckle.”

    That’s a bit bit broad, Many readers may not agree with the sentiments expressed on this site but read nevertheless, as he probably does.

    As a commenter I wonder how he would describe me? Angry Little finger, Angry Two knuckle, Angry Fist.
    Oh! who cares!

  • OneTrack

    “… state was over-shaded by Kim Dotcom, ”

    Over-shaded? Were they under DotCom.

  • OneTrack

    Ban Ki-Moon is Cameron’s sock puppet.

    • rangitoto

      Now we know why New Zealand got on the security council so easily.

  • D.Dave

    Oh, well, it looks like I am a “hateful reader”, which is nice because I was always unsure of my place in Society. But the only time I had white knuckles was reading the Labour/Greens manifestos.

  • SP

    Just popped over and read wrongly’s full post… I think someone better call mental health for the poor old chap… he sounds so down in the dumps I ALMOST feel sorry for him!

    • Cowgirl

      He truly is on another planet having a completely different experience of life to the rest of us. His line “The losers are Gen X and Y locked out of property ownership forever” would make me lose all hope if it had any basis in reality, which it doesn’t. Most Gen Xers I know already have a house, and some Gen Yers I know do too. Anyone can get one if they’re prepared to work for it. You would think someone who moonlights in real estate would know that.
      I actually don’t think he believes any of the rubbish he spouts. I just think he thinks it’s righteous to be on the side of the poor, disenfranchised, every cliché out there etc, but the truth is he is the biggest sell out ever. He and his blog are for sale to the highest bidder, and he would no doubt sell houses to anyone with a big enough chequebook. His blog is funded by unions and he sold his political “expertise” for a few gadgets and some filthy lucre to a 1%er. He is disingenuous at best, a flat-out liar at worst. Take your pick.

      • Cadwallader

        “…locked out of property ownership forever.” This idiot can’t read the present, yet claims to read the future. He is a walking bumper-sticker of resentment.

  • LesleyNZ

    “Hateful readers”? Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin, have you ever read the comments on your blog? Are you sure you are not a tad confused and actually referring to your own readers?

  • benniedawg

    At this time of year one almost has to feel some sorrow for Mr WWson. Us with the white knuckles reading and commenting on what we want, where poor old wrongly has to confine himself to a large plastic bag pulled up over his head and fart repeatedly to keep warm with the occasional bit of liquid splatter hitting paper and masqueraded as political comment. Wrongly maybe it is time to take a reality check! Political commentator you are not. Poo artist? Yeah maybe.

  • Alexander K

    Poor chap knows so little about Newzild culture that he doesn’t understand that ‘white knuckle’ is the term given to little airlines that inspire passengers to hold on tight and to other forms of ‘thrilling’ transport. I am convinced he lives in a weird bubble that he shares with his comic books.

  • Never in the dark…..

    He’s wrong with every utterance. I’m yet to find a single ‘hateful’ person who has contributed here. Sure plenty have rankled with ire, but none with hate. However the same cannot be said for the lefty sites.The scornful rants, one reads on them, drip with both anger and hate.