Integrity? Surely she jests

Claire Trevett has pronounced that David Parker has integrity.

No , she really did.

Next up is Labour’s David Parker, who proved nice guys finish last (or second to last) in Labour’s leadership run-off. Parker’s integrity is also his handicap. Sticking to his pledge not to take finance or deputy ended up being an own goal – he is now marooned with the rest of Labour’s Davids on the mid benches, where Andrew Little has sent them for a bit of quiet reflection while he asserts his own stamp on the job. He seems quite content with that.


Surely not?

This is the same man who stood in parliament and defamed 4 people under parliamentary privilege, proved he hadn’t even read the Chisholm report and then went two for two in the defaming stakes by doing so again the following week.  

The man lacks the courage to repeat his defamatory statements outside of the protection of parliamentary privilege and would be promptly sued by 4 people if he did.

He even admitted to a senior politician who queried him about his evidence, that he had made it up, that he didn’t have anyone whispering to him and he was just having a larrup to see what happened.

That isn’t integrity, it is dishonesty, it is cowardice and it is pathetic.

Then again a man who would steal a crippled Labour icon’s wife from under his stroke affected body isn’t someone who can wear the label of integrity at all.

Using labels such a “integrity” should be “not given lightly”.

Of course Claire Trevett was spotted enjoying labour’s hospitality yesterday, so this could just be a case of Labour’s own Dirty Politics crew caught in action.

If Claire Trevett thinks that David Parker is a man of integrity it says more about her judgment than it does about David Parker’s lack of integrity.


– NZ Herald




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  • Honcho

    Chris Knox – Not Given Lightly:

    I find it incredibly hard to watch this video, see this man and then think about what David ‘a man of integrity’ Parker has done …. the man is scum, pure twisted evil scum.

    • Cadwallader

      I am divided on this. I know the common stance is that Parker became latched onto Chris’ partner with what seems to be an indecent haste. However, can the same accusation be levelled at her? I have no time for Parker but his relationships are not my business no matter how sordid they may be.

      • Muffin

        I’ve never believed that a politician should have a private life, how he treats his friends/ family shows an integral part of their character that as voters I think we should be aware of. Just my opinion

        • Cadwallader

          But the conduct here may be more attributable to his partner than it is to him? In general I agree with your sentiment though.

          • danielnz

            I’m not so sure. She would have been in quite a vulnerable position emotionally and Parker capitalised on that for his own benefit.

        • Luis Cannon

          Agree. Otherwise we could have a parliament full of paedophiles. If those standing for office at local or national level can’t stand up to scrutiny as being upright and worthy citizens where is the example for the rest of society.

        • sin-ic

          How about Pants Down Len?

          • Bluemanning

            His actions provide other perceptions on the title ‘honorable mayor’

          • Muffin

            exactly, and as he campained on being a christian family man its even more important their private lives are laid bear for all to see

  • Alfred

    What a complete joke Claire Trevett is if she thinks a guy that defames people under the protection of Parliamentary privilege on the basis of heresy and is too scared to repeat the serious allegations outside of Parliament has any form of integrity. Essentially if MPs live up to Trevett’s standards all MPs can now say whatever they like about anyone on the basis of running things up the flag-pole and seeing what happens.

    If David Parker had an ounce of integrity he would repeat his allegations outside of Parliament and take this chances if he really thought they were true.

    • Annoyed

      Except, there was no hearsay (unless you actually meant heresy but I don’t actually think Cam is God – he’s not infallible) other than what he heard himself say. It sounds like he made it up purely because he knew there would be no comeuppance.

  • Notrotsky

    Has she not interviewed the goat community ?

  • axeman

    Bang on

  • Jas

    I think I know what the answer might be but if a MP defamed a private citizen in parliament and that private citizen then defamed him/her in public and the MP wanted to go to court over it can the comments in parliament be used in a court case?

  • LesleyNZ

    Totally agree! That reminds me – I meant to comment on that dirty politics photo from yesterday so I went back to check it out again. Just realised – is the little guy on the right John Armstrong? (I think it might be.) But it is Claire that caught my eye. There is a proper way of sitting when your skirt hem goes above your knees. How she is sitting looks very slovenly – not very lady-like (in my dictionary). Lovely photo of Annie. She knows how to sit proper and no doubt she is a very good fun granny. Not sure who the guy on the left is. He knows how to sit proper and he doesn’t even wear a skirt!

    • 1951

      The body language speaks so loudly in each. Just a tad too much confidence with the one in the short skirt. Guess she has an eye on a Political Editor’s job….vast quantities of creating&frabricating brain cells there, I suspect.

    • dumbshit

      the “persuasion” of the left have a “look” all of their own!

  • Kev

    And this is exactly why WOBH is increasingly important in the NZ media landscape. Who is will hold these left wing media luvvies to account. Bring on Freed too.

  • Bluemanning

    A person who has integrity does not require a puff piece saying that said person has integrity.If a person has Integrity it is self evident and does not need explanation through media promotion.
    edit wording

  • Whitey

    Possibly it says something about her own level of integrity.

  • Bobb

    Perhaps she meant “integratory” This could mean an ability to integrate.

  • Davo42

    What do you expect from a journo who’s name can make the anagram “Vile Erect Tart”.

  • timemagazine

    These rules of parliamentary privilege must be changed. They have become cheap shots for losers.

  • WordWeasel

    She was just buzzing after the Labour Party bbq and was being nice to her friends. Isn’t that reporters are supposed to do?

  • Timboh

    Thought I would check what it really means “Integrity The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” I guess Trevett should have done the same.

  • Alexander K

    The Left have their own special dictionary.

  • parorchestia

    I wish reporters would stick to reporting.