An interesting perspective on Dotcom’s bribe to the hackers

Kim Dotcom allegedly tried to save Christmas…more like shameless attempt to curry favour to climb out of NZ’s most hated list.

He did so by offering up 3000 lifetime accounts on Mega.

A reader notes:

So KDC is able to dictate to Mega management the disbursement of thousands of free Mega subscriptions to criminals…..

But we are told he’s no longer involved in the running of Mega according to court documents and Mega’s website. He’s apparently not even an owner as his wife has all the shares in a trust.

Yeah right….

Oh well, I guess potential shareholders through Dotcom’s dodgy reverse listing into the TRS shell on the NZX will be that much more amused knowing that free subscriptions are being thrown around by criminals to criminals.

David Farrar also notes the cost of such criminal largesse from a man who says he has no control over his assets anymore.

Also of interest is that Dotcom claims he is broke, and can’t afford anything – yet gave away 3,000 lifetime premium subscriptions to Mega.

An annual premium subscription is around 100 Euros so NZ$150. A lifetime one would probably be valued at around $2,000 using a modest discount rate. 3,000 x $2,000 is $6 million.

It’s tough being broke.

Hmmm…perhaps there might some perjury charges and money laundering charges coming his way shortly.

Clealry Dotcom doesn’t believe the old adage about never paying blackmailers, hostage takers or terrorists…he threw that right out the window and in fact actively does deals with them.


– Tipline, Kiwiblog


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  • Jaffa

    So,…how’s that working out??

  • john Doe

    I’m no accountant but a subscription is a goods or service. Surly there must be some GST to be collected on this rather large gift of lifetime subscriptions? Does the IRD still have a tipline?

  • MrBarrington

    Honour among thieves??

  • Damon Mudgway

    Is it just me? Or does anyone else wonder if the fat useless German blob has ever done a days honest work in his life? I mean really, how hard it is to steal the product of those that have already done the hard work?

    • MaryLou

      Dunno – Ask Apple :) Although at least they put effort into finetuning, and some awfully good marketing.

  • Yeahright

    Doesn’t matter when you are paying yourself the vouchers anyway!

  • oldmanNZ

    He obviously didnt think thru his scam.

    So the condition of his “lifetime gift” is the hacker must leave sony ps servers alone.

    My guess is that there is many hackers, that kim does not know about, so how would he know who hacked into sony if it happen again?

  • Whafe

    We all just need to be FREED, and FREED real soon

    This simple fact finding is so beyond the MSM it makes them dumber than brain doners!

    Should it not be reported as above that Kim DotCom has told us he has nothing to do with Mega etc etc….

    Give me strength, the MSM are a blight in society

  • steve and monique

    Well thought out KDC. Now the courts can go after more of your undisclosed assets. Starting with Mega. Should have kept your mouth shut, as now you look complicit in this whole hacking saga..

    • sheppy

      Question is will anyone in the judiciary connect the dots and then have the courage and the aptitude to go for it?

  • tinfoilhatguy

    I saw the ‘Kim Dotcom saves Christmas’ item on the TV news last night. I have to wonder if we have the most brain dead useless media in the Western world here in NZ – a small amount of digging would have poked enough holes in this KDC publicity stunt to sink a ship.

    The guy is a bit sad – seeking attention to prop up his fragile ego. Unfortunately the MSM make it all too easy for him. Poor effort.

    • mommadog

      If we don’t currently have the most brain dead MSM in the world then they are working their way the top spot. They would have to be in the top five which is a shame in that they live and work in a country where you are allowed to and even encouraged to think for yourself. You are not executed for printing or saying the wrong thing. You would think they all come from a communist country and KDC was one of the top officials that you are not allowed to criticise. Oh hang on – isn’t that what they are trying to achieve so long as they get to appoint the leader.

  • OT Richter

    Why 3,000 subscriptions? Surely there aren’t that many hackers in the Lizard Squad.

    How long until the next hacker has a go and then expects something in return from KDC?

    • Jared

      Im not sure but if 1 account may be 500gb?, then the hackers might need more space for Cams emails, oops i mean playstation user data that they “obtained”(stole). and sure its not Kim’s fault if they put illegally obtained material on his web site, oops i mean “not” his website. Just add it to the list of stuff he should have thought through better. He’s just gone and blatantly offered someone whom he knows will have hacked data that if they get a mega account will obviously be uploaded straight on to.
      Isn’t that what he tried to say in the first place, that he didn’t do exactly that.
      That eh had no knowledge of what was happening. That he thought megaupload as mainly used by legitimate people. and they were weeding out the few bad apples.