Is Internet Explorer finally dead?

Could it be, the world’s worst internet browser software, Internet Explorer, is about to be killed off by Microsoft?

Microsoft is secretly developing a new web browser to replace Internet Explorer, it has been claimed.

Experts say the new browser, codenamed Spartan, will be unveiled on January 21st when Microsoft shows off Windows 10 for the first time.

It is believed the new browser will look more like Google’s Chrome browser, and be faster than IE.

Faster than IE? ..that won’t be hard….dead squirrels are faster than IE.

‘Microsoft is building a new browser, codenamed Spartan, which is not IE 12 — at least according to a couple of sources of mine,’ said Mary Jo Foley of ZDNET.

Thomas Nigro, a Microsoft Student Partner lead and developer of the modern version of VLC a media playing app, claimed on Twitter earlier this month that he heard Microsoft was building a brand-new browser. ? ?
‘However, if my sources are right, Spartan is not IE 12.

‘Instead, Spartan is a new, light-weight browser Microsoft is building.’

It is believed Windows 10 will ship with both Spartan and IE 11 to ensure compatibility with all web sites.

Microsoft is set to show off the next major version of its Windows software at a January event at its Redmond HQ, where Trident could be revealed.

However it has already admitted its release has already been delayed until fall 2015.

Pete will be happy, he can continue his addiction to Microsoft.

But seriously the only places that IE will live on will be in corporate and government offices where they run about 15 years behind the rest of us.


– The Daily Mail