Internet Mana is no more

The Grey Party

The Grey Party

This should come as no surprise, except that Hone Harawira has confirmed it – Internet Mana is no more.

The Mana Movement has split with the Internet Party as the pair’s controversial coalition comes to an end.

A letter has been sent to the Electoral Commission to formally close off the Internet Mana relationship after a disastrous election result.

Now Mana leader Hone Harawira says his movement is going back to its roots.

“Everybody’s really focussed on getting back to stuff in their communities, which is what I’m doing as well, and rebuilding from that level,” he says.

The coalition failed to secure any seats in Parliament this term and Mr Harawira lost his Te Tai Tokerau seat to Labour’s Kelvin Davis.

Kelvin has?about two and a bit years left to make sure he nails the door shut on Hone. ?He has to work that electorate like a mad man.

Dotcom won’t have the money to fund another Internet Party run, and without Grandma Harre, I doubt the kids have the organisational nouse to realise the run-up for the election started a few months ago.

No doubt some will like to rekindle the dream, but it is unlikely to come to much.

If it does, it will probably have to do it without Dotcom, although a party that’s essentially mostly replicating Green Party policy with some Internet goodies thrown in probably won’t have the appeal.

– Radio Live