Internet Mana is no more

The Grey Party

The Grey Party

This should come as no surprise, except that Hone Harawira has confirmed it – Internet Mana is no more.

The Mana Movement has split with the Internet Party as the pair’s controversial coalition comes to an end.

A letter has been sent to the Electoral Commission to formally close off the Internet Mana relationship after a disastrous election result.

Now Mana leader Hone Harawira says his movement is going back to its roots.

“Everybody’s really focussed on getting back to stuff in their communities, which is what I’m doing as well, and rebuilding from that level,” he says.

The coalition failed to secure any seats in Parliament this term and Mr Harawira lost his Te Tai Tokerau seat to Labour’s Kelvin Davis.

Kelvin has about two and a bit years left to make sure he nails the door shut on Hone.  He has to work that electorate like a mad man.

Dotcom won’t have the money to fund another Internet Party run, and without Grandma Harre, I doubt the kids have the organisational nouse to realise the run-up for the election started a few months ago.

No doubt some will like to rekindle the dream, but it is unlikely to come to much.

If it does, it will probably have to do it without Dotcom, although a party that’s essentially mostly replicating Green Party policy with some Internet goodies thrown in probably won’t have the appeal.

– Radio Live


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  • Bart67

    They can’t even call themselves has been’s, they are really never was’s!

  • Cadwallader

    For future reference I ask somebody to name all five of those featured in the above Star Wars advertisement. The only known participant is Highly Scary herself.

    • Sally

      Left of Harre is Miriam Pierard. She writes blogs on The Daily Blog. Says it all really.

    • mommadog

      There outfits were so “Starwars”” that it had to be deliberate. No way was this coincidence with everyone turning up to the photo shoot in similar colours. I would love to know the actual campaign thinking behind it – was this Laila’s idea of representing the future internet? It certainly isn’t youthful. I guess in some ways they got what they asked for. The future is now and they have vaporised away in front of our eyes.

      • OAP

        Grey Power

        • InnerCityDweller

          without the power

        • sin-ic

          Grey Powder?

      • JAFA Gazza

        more Star Trek…with their guns set on “Stun”….but weirldy they all backfired…

    • ex-JAFA

      I know Dave Currin (right of picture), but only because I used to work with him.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Thank you Cameron for being the bearer of glad tidings…… tis the season to be jolly :-)

  • conwaycaptain

    Laila will now try and get into bed (metaphorically speaking) with either the Greens or her old mate Matt CoS to Little Andy Pandy

  • OAP

    La La Harre Harre!

  • ozbob68

    great, now someone put a stake through the heart of this abomination to make sure.

  • Chris EM

    I wonder if any of those in that pathetic photo will look back on it and cringe in the future. It beggars me to think that they could believe anyone would take them seriously, they look like a bunch of marketing execs trying to look cool for their homepage photo.
    In hindsight, they should have called their party ‘Free Booze for Students up until the Election’
    I will always look upon these individuals with utter disdain. Good riddance.

    • stephen2d

      They are the Khardashians of NZ politics.

  • mommadog

    The parties may have split but it hasn’t stopped Hone going back to KDC.

    • coltheman

      He went back for more dosh and got the cold shoulder. Three days ago he thought the relationship of Mana and the Internet Party was as strong as ever.

  • Isherman

    The Klingon alliance is thus finally vanquished, those earthling disguises were never quite convincing enough to fool us….

  • caochladh

    We can only hope that Kelvin does not get distracted from making Harawira irrelevant and consigning him, his Party and his whanau to the political dustbin.

  • ElZorrodePlata

    During the whole sordid affair that was the Internet Party, the only point of interest was Pam Corkery showing her true colours on TV with that rant at the media. Otherwise nothing memorable post election. And pre election… nothing factual. The only disconcerting thing was that the more radical elements of the political spectrum seemed to gravitate to the fanfare and deception that was the campaign.

    • Cadwallader

      I would hope the management of Newstalk ZB have enough sense not to allow Corkery to return. That station seems to be hell-bent on heading left as it is.

      • coltheman

        It is Dallas Gurney. He is an idiot.

    • coltheman

      It was only ever a matter of time before the old slapper showed her true colours.

  • Rick H

    I hope we taxpayers are not currently contributing any cash whatsoever to Mana nor Internet parties.
    They were a disgrace to this country.

    WE must make sure that all the media coverage of their protesting, anti-Key, anti Jew is kept and played every now and then for everybody to remember what scum they all were.

  • BenC75

    So whatever happened to the complaint to the speaker over the highly dubious email that KFC and co floated as fact leading up to the election

  • dennis

    I wonder if Lila and Hone received a redundancy payment and if so how much?

    • zotaccore

      Perhaps a “failure” clause was written into her contract that if they didn’t secure a seat she would receive something for her efforts – if that’s the case, she is probably now an even more rich woman. People like Harre tend to skip along in life on the back of others and usually there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • Beetle

    Goodbye Internet Nada party. Although the highly photoshopped images and fashion stylist supported photo shoots resulted in some pretty pics, it’s proabaly not something the now defunct party members would want on their CVs. How many political parties has Laila said goodbye to now? I’ve lost count.