ISIS child abuse and indoctrination [video]

There nothing worse than child abuse in my book, and that can take many forms…physical, mental, torture, or sexual abuse….then there is this sort of abuse:

Religion of Peace?

Not really.

This is nothing short of child abuse by ISIS, treating  and abusing children as soldiers and cannon fodder. They are being indoctrinated and taught to be violent terrorists.

It is child abuse.

And to think the Green party thinks it is ok for New Zealanders to travel to Syria and Iraq to associate with these people. This isn’t boy scout training we are witnessing, it is the indoctrination of children into violence, hatred and perpetrating a culture of evil.

Ironic considering they think that people shouldn’t associate with me don’t you think.


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  • Citizen

    No different to hamas.

    • The Last Crusade

      Hamas is funded by Iran. It has no intention of winning, merely of splitting Muslim support. The Shia want to be seen as doing something for the Palestinians as the Sunni look on.

  • The Whinging Pom

    I wonder if the Greenies have any comments to make about this example of gender stereotyping by their friends in radical Islam?

  • Chris EM

    This ups the ante for me, these IS scum need to be wiped off the face of the planet before they can ruin more children’s lives. Cannon fodder is exactly right, Cam, they’re being used as pawns by a bunch of cowards.

  • Grizz30

    I remember the outrage over Joseph Kona and the child soldiers of Uganda. This is no different. So where is the outrage?

    • The Whinging Pom

      In a box in a closet at John Minto’s house. Labelled ‘Only to be used to attack causes we disagree with’.

  • JC

    Palestinians have been doing this to all their kids (from age 2) for decades.


  • JustanObserver

    Does Russel Norman stand by his statements ?

  • Groinpiece

    Sick, sick, b*****ds…

  • Never in the dark…..

    All I think of when I see that is “glass beads”, kids and all.

  • Thersites

    Ah, the children … they blow up so quickly!

  • The Last Crusade

    Would our children be a match for theirs? I think not. “Counterstrike” is no substitute for the real thing.

    Let’s send them over anyway.