ISIS cops another spanking, this time it’s the Peshmerga

ISIS is having a bad December.

First they ran into the Brit SAS and their quad bikes and sniper rifles.

Then it was the US Special Forces and a kicking they’ve never had before.

Now the Kurdish Peshmerga are taking it to them.

Kurdish forces in northern Iraq celebrated their biggest victory yet over ISIS on Friday after breaking, with U.S. air support, the lengthy jihadi siege of Mount Sinjar and freeing hundreds of trapped members of the Yazidi religious sect.

The Kurds claimed at least 100 Islamic militants were killed in the two-day battle to lift the siege. The victory by about 8,000 Peshmerga fighters will boost the Kurds’ confidence in their efforts to roll back the territorial gains made in northern Iraq by the fighters for the so-called Islamic State.  

In welcoming his forces’ success, Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani tweeted: “Brave peshmerga have broken the siege of Mount Sinjar. I dedicate this important victory to all Yazidis.” Kurdish forces Friday night were organizing the evacuation of the Yazidis from the mountain enclave where they had been trapped since the jihadis launched a lightning offensive in August.

Lt. Gen. James Terry, who heads the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS, said coalition warplanes had mounted 53 airstrikes in recent days to help Kurdish forces to “maneuver and regain approximately 100 square kilometers of ground” near Sinjar. The Kurds say they’ve recaptured even more territory, claiming they grabbed back about 700 square kilometers, though some analysts questioned that estimate.

“It was a very big operation and thankfully it was concluded very successfully,” Masrur Barzani, the son of the Iraqi Kurdish leader, told reporters. With considerable bravado he added: “This operation will of course continue to clear all the areas that are still under the control of ISIS but the details of that, or the timing of that, I am not at liberty to discuss at the moment.”

Zaim Ali, a Peshmerga commander, said: “We have established a military plan to clear ISIS from all of areas.” And he crowed, “ISIS is attacking us only with car bombs.”

ISIS are finally getting co-ordinated pushback and taking significant losses.

All the tough guys going over there for some jihadi action and some pre-pubescent girlfriends are finding out that bullets and bombs actually kill you, and that the 72 virgins in the afterlife are all Catholic nuns.

They’d be better of staying home and shagging goats…live with the shame of being a goat shagger still means you are alive.


– The Daily Beast


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  • john Doe

    It wont be long before the ISIS fighters disappear into the vast desert sands leaving the bedraggled Jihad imports to cop the wrath of the Kurds. I doubt if they will be given funds for repatriation. How sad, never mind.

    • Michael_l_c

      If they get caught they won’t get the chance to ask for repatriation. How many prisoners were taken? None shown on TV, definitely a fight to the death, one way or another.
      The important thing will be for the Kurds to hold strong defensible positions, keep the wannabes out & let the rest of iraq, syria sort out their own problems.
      Shows what u can do with the support of the west, although america started it.

      • Mark

        I am fairly sure the Kurds are well aware that “the West” are fair weather friends at the best of times & will do as you suggest & consolidate & defend.
        All the best to them,but like so many before they are on their own really.

      • Watcher

        Ah well Michael, as they say, the road to hell is paved with the best intentions.

      • johnnymanukau.

        No Michael it was John Key, Americas friend who started it the same as he makes pigs fly. To be sure of hitting the target M, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target. You really need to do some serious research.

    • I believe that there is a fair chance that they will be permanently separated from some of the more important organs in their miserable bodies, never mind repatriation . . . .

  • I wondered why we were hearing stories saying that jihadis from the west were getting the glory and the local jihadis getting killed? Seems the death rate might of suddenly spiked.

  • timemagazine

    A sad sad day for the Greens.

  • jay

    Knowing what a cruel and merciless enemy they face will only have hardened the resolve of the coalition fighters. They will be taking no prisoners and will fight to their very last breath rather than be captured.

    Foolish isis are probably discovering that the capacity for cruelty in humans is without limit, and that they don’t have the market cornered on dreaming up awful ways to put people to death.

  • Whafe

    Love a good old fashioned spanking, especially when it involves Isis getting spanked

  • I loved the story a few weeks ago about the Kurds using Women fighters, apparently if you get killed by a girl you don’t get the virgins.

    • dgrogan

      Plenty of women soldiers trained by the Israeli army. A couple of companies of them would put the frighteners on IS big time. Go girls!

      • Pharmachick

        If you’re into military, the IDF is a real thing of beauty. I hope Israel doesn’t need to get involved in this because that would mean all sorts of things had gone even wronger (yeah, I know, grammar) than they are now. But if the IDF goes in, they won’t be going to play.

  • Red
  • steve and monique

    Well trained vs rabble with guns. In the end, problem solved