ISIS “tourist” fighters executed by ISIS for doing a bad job

This is getting better and better.   Apparently, the idiots flooding in from all over the world to assist ISIS with making the perfect Islamic state aren’t up to scratch, and the locals are executing them for falling short of the mark.

ISIS ‘military police’ executed 100 foreign fighters who attempted to quit and flee from the insurgents’ de-facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria as frustration among militants has been growing, a UK newspaper reported citing a witness activist.

“Local fighters are frustrated — they feel they’re doing most of the work and the dying . . . foreign fighters who thought they were on an adventure are now exhausted,”

The Jihadi tourists are trying to get out of the country.  Apparently the actual fighting, killing and dying isn’t as much fun as they thought.   Their hosts aren’t impressed.

The activist said he had “verified 100 executions of foreign ISIS fighters trying to flee the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.”

The media reported that the insurgents created a “military police to crack down” on those unwilling to serve the so-called Islamic State.

According to the report, foreign militants have often been the most active in major battles, but most of the demands are put on local fighters.

“They feel they are the ones going to die in big numbers on the battlefield but they don’t enjoy any of the foreigners’ benefits — high salaries, a comfortable life, female slaves,” the activist from Deir Ezzor said.

And guess what the other problem is?   The Islamic brotherhood aren’t capable of seeing each other as brothers of Islam – instead they see inferior and superior races.

Another problem in the ISIS ranks is growing tensions between fighters of different ethnic groups, the report says.

“Many fighters apparently group themselves by ethnicity or nationality — a practice which undermines ISIS’s claim to be ridding Muslims of national borders,” The Financial Times reported.

Anyone who wants to go and fight for ISIS immediately qualifies themselves as batshit insane.  The fact some woke up to the realities of ISIS life and tried to desert is no surprise.  I can’t feel too sad for them getting executed for trying to run away.

Guns, money and slaves eh?

Religion of peace.


– Russia Today


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  • Jas

    Bit like the Russian and Germans who has squads behind the front lines whose whole job was to execute those running away.

    • Aucky

      And the British Army in WW1 with officers having the authority to shoot anyone not foolish enough to ‘go over the top’.

  • peterwn

    So these people get an enormous shock when having been brought up in a ‘cotton wool’ environment of democracy, ‘human rights’, Employment Relations Act, etc, find that their heroes are ruthless beyond comprehension.

  • Orion

    This is good news. It saves these scum coming back to the likes of the UK and taking up arms against the UK population in some shopping mall, football stadium, railway station, anywhere there’s a crowd they can attack at any time.
    It baffles me why they (western countries) are actively taking the passports away from these terrorists to stop them leaving the country to fight for IS. Give them their passports and never ever let them back into their respective countries…easy!
    Islam and their Islamists must laugh at how weak the west are while they infight between left and right (for and against) mass Muslim immigration and how Islam is the religion of peace. We truly are pathetic especially the left for forcing self censorship on the issue of Islam on the masses. The paradox is that our ‘allegedly’ most intelligent have truly become our most stupid when it comes to shutting down all debate about this issue by pulling the race card and by the ruination of careers for the audacity to actually speak the truth.
    We are indeed living in the age of stupid. Britain now leads the way in quisling cowardice, stupidity, PC, gross incompetence and absolute outstanding stupidity of our ruling classes in the media (BBC especially) intelligentsia, establishment and politicians. I truly despair for my old country and how we have become the loaghing stock of the world.

    • Benoni

      Western countries are preventing homicidal ISIS nutcases from going to Syria and Iraq because it is not a nice thing for the residents of one country to go to another and kill the citizens there. We do not want syrian or Iraqui isis criminals coming here and they dont want ours going there. We need to stop them from leaving here to attack other countries.

      • Orion

        If they truly believe what IS believe then let them go. Your views are part of the left wing problem. This really needs some common sense and let them go. Soon as they’re there then hope they die and go to their heaven and their virgins. You’re views are the views of the avid BBC watchers and the so called intellectuals who cause these issues.
        These same people are the ones who shout ‘racist’ when the issue of Islam is brought up. My views are Islam is a real world problem, not radical Islam, but Islam itself! It simply isn’t compatible with the west and refuses to fit in. I truly believe their intention (Islam’s) is to take over the west via mass immigration and eventually threats of violence and then possible war to force our conversion or die.
        Most NZers have no idea what’s happening in the EU and Britain especially with the rise of numbers of Muslims in all countries.
        They don’t intermarry with other religions, they don’t adhere to our culture, they kill their daughters for being westernised, they are all rabid Jew haters, they live in their ghettos and will not mix with other religions, they threaten and use violence when they’re criticised, they will not accept any kind of criticism of their religion or they will attack, they forever pull the race card to get their way, they complain about anyone wearing crucifixes or other religious symbols other than theirs in our countries. They are a cancer to western society and democracy.

        • disqus_XQTYMFVKlf

          The last 1/3 of your comment with a few words changed would be a perfect description of left wing bleeding heart liberals.

    • exactchange

      Taking away someone’s citizenship is a big step and would need very solid reasons, on a case by case basis. And we don’t really know what’s going on with individuals in the IS world so real proof might be tricky. One can see difficult national and international law suits out the wazoo. WOFTAM, so better to stop them going in the first place and put them on the watch list.

      • RAS

        Nope. Let them go. Fighting for IS is treason so stripping them of their citizenship is actually the most humane way of dealing with a traitor.
        It’s better than being hung.

  • Pete

    Good news, best I’ve heard for a long time, it must be so hard for all of the scum that for years sat on their backsides in Northern European countries playing X box, while claiming the dole and then decided to go off and play war….

    I wonder how long it will be though before Campbell, TV3 and Radio Live run a “special ” on our own Jihaddy kiwi currently running around somewhere in the middle east, and how he is so scared and he “Just wants to come home to see his mum” can almost her JC saying those words.!

    I bet it will happen.!

    • Aucky

      You can bet your bottom dollar that JC won’t be rushing off to do a live interview. Mores the pity.

  • Michael_l_c

    Divide & conquer, if the West aren’t responsible for this it is a golden opportunity to stir them up. Nothing like a good bit of infighting & these fellows use real knives for stabbing in the back.

    ‘They feel they are the ones going to die in big numbers on the battlefield’ , really can’t see why they are upset with this, don’t they want to go to heaven asap.

    ‘high salaries, a comfortable life, female slaves,’ again, don’t need money in heaven & maybe the foreigners are worn out from all the raping they are allowed to do.

    • dgrogan

      They’ve gotta be running out of virgins at this heavy cull rate too. Too bad.

  • roxo

    I always thought we shouldn’t be stopping these extremists from going – we should be stopping them from coming back!
    Why not let it be known that some of these foreigners are actually spies for the west then – tap tap – it’s not our problem anymore.

  • taurangaruru

    So ISIS have performance metrics & KPIs that must be met otherwise it is the firing squad. Seems to be the ultimate solution to me. Let the “adventure tourists” leave NZ & head for the fun & games in the Middle East, once they have had their fun & decide to return to Mum in good old NZ let them know their right of entry into NZ has been revoked – where is the problem?

  • Wheninrome

    Maybe the good news is “They will never do that again will they”.

  • This has the ring of soldiers sent off to WWI, big adventure, back by Christmas, instead finding themselves being shot at, killed & wounded. Their letters were full or references to getting themselves home.

  • KiwiKaffir

    If they want to go fight for ISIS let them go! It gets better and better. Why do we want to save them here? Beggars belief!