This isn’t a case of drink driving – surely this is something much worse?


A pregnant woman who fled police after being stopped at a checkpoint on her way home for a night out drinking was “grossly intoxicated”, police say.

The 24-year-old woman, who was also a disqualified driver, failed to stop at the checkpoint in central Nelson, resulting in a short pursuit at about 3.20am, Sergeant David Lauer said.

The woman fled through a 50kmh residential area near Nelson Hospital at speeds of 70kmh for about a kilometre, before being pulled over by police.

She produced a reading of 938 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath – almost four times the new blood alcohol limit.

The woman was three months pregnant and “grossly intoxicated”, Lauer said. 

She had four other passengers in the car and the group were on their way home from a night out drinking.

Lauer said the woman was difficult to deal with given her level of intoxication and she would be facing charges for drink-driving, driving while disqualified and failing to stop for police.

The previous night Nelson police picked up a woman who was driving “well over the legal limit” with a three or four-month old child in the car.

The woman, who had the child in a car-seat in the back of the car, produced a reading of over 600 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, more than twice the legal limit.

Lauer said the woman realised she had made a stupid mistake deciding to visit a friend across town after drinking.

He said people with children needed to take more responsibility for their actions.

“I dont think either of them gave that [their children’s safety] any consideration, which is quite disturbing.”

“It’s totally unacceptable, putting the lives of young defenceless children at risk through the actions of inconsiderate parents.”

In cases like this has to be some kind of additional charge, like child endangerment, or criminal negligence.   Of course, drivers such as these were already going to be caught under the old drink driving limits.   Sadly, the lowering of the alcohol limits for drivers does absolutely nothing to prevent pregnant feral mothers from putting themselves and others at risk.


– Anna Bradley-Smith, The Nelson Mail


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  • Kendall

    Attempted manslaughter?
    CYFs should be all over them too.
    We have a graduated response to the lover end of offending. 250 and 400. But the rest is by a judge and that is proving to be wildly inconsistent.

    • steve and monique

      But CYFs will do what they normally do, by molly coddling them but will they remove the children? no, just a softly softly panty waisted response that will achieve absolutely nothing, they are a pointless organisation by large, putting children back into the care of feral family members, extended or otherwise, if they really cared about the child they would remove them from that situation and that bloodline because it just continues and the next thing you hear is that a child has died from “unexplained injuries” or by the actions of an intoxicated mother. If you are pregnant and drinking then you are endangering the life of your child, end of. Shameful stats and shameful inaction from our organisations. They need to be proactive not just reactive. Anyone can have a child but you have to go through all sorts to adopt a pet.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        I disagree that CY&Fs is a “…pointless organisation…”
        The front life staff/social workers do tremendous work in keeping vulnerable children safe. Of course like anything there are social workers who are not good, but overall social workers do more good and contend with tough dilemmas than they are given credit for

        An issue is the media do not report the successes achieved and there are many.

        My educated guess for both cases is Police will notify CYFs and it will be investigated. Depending on facts, there are various courses of action.

        If children are removed where do they go? Already there is insufficient appropriate caregivers.

        There is a need to review legislation perhaps, because the social work service itself are the piece in the middle of …legislation > abusive adult
        Social workers are bound to perform via The Children Young Persons and their families Act

        I think there ought to be a criminal charge incorporated into the drinking over the limit driving charge such as negligence of unborn child or minor placed at risk

        • MoggieManiac

          ~ I think there ought to be a criminal charge incorporated into the drinking over the limit driving charge such as negligence of unborn child ~
          Interesting concept ICD.
          Where does that then put the law allowing a pregnant woman to abort her fetus?

          • intelligentes candida diva

            Abortion is legal therefore it doesnt put it anywhere, it is what is.

            Currently it is not illegal to drink while pregnant although morally questionable with birth results of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome or Effects.

            Therefore it is about contemplation of future law if any about alcohol consumption while pregnant. For me one of the key issues in law would be:
            INTENT of the individual.

            intend to keep the unborn child
            intend to cause damage in the hope of miscarriage
            intend to address drinking…perhaps the pregnant person is an alcoholic

            There are many more intentions to be considered.
            At the end of the day some people are ignorant and dont care.

          • Bruce S

            “At the end of the day some people are ignorant and dont care.”

            That we have to have a state agency like CYFS says to me that the community and society in general don’t care.

          • intelligentes candida diva

            This is the real world, therefore I do not agree that society in general does not care, it really is some people.

            USA England, Canada, Australia and many more countries all have statutory child protection agencies, I care and I know the people I know care.

            All children are vulnerable.
            Apart from charging with crimes against children, (& that would be a minefield to address and continuing to involve the state to assist protect children), if a country has nothing in place for the protection of children then that country doesnt care.
            To me it is about 1. protecting children and 2. making adults accountable.

            Who or how would you suggest these issues are addressed then if there was no agency such as CYFs?

      • cmm

        But one wee smack and you’ll have the CYF jackboots around as quick as a flash…

  • Tom

    In the states they have a charge ‘child endangerment’ which is a sort of catch-all with some serious consequences if necessary

  • Muffin

    It’s actually very sad, I’d never let a pregnant friend of mine drink that much. Imagine having such low caliber friends.

  • Wheninrome

    An acquaintance involved in the education of at risk children commented
    “we are parent driven, not child driven in this country” by that it was meant that we want outcomes for parents not the children or “it is best for the child to remain with its scumbag parent rather than be in quality care” .
    We will never change the outcomes while we continue this path.
    Children should come first. We will not change the habits of scumbags who will continue to behave the way they always have. The child ends up wearing the cost.
    Time to break the cycle.

    • Sally

      Too right. If you have children than it your duty of care as a parent to put the needs of the child before yours.
      Forget the parties,instead spend the time loving your child, feeding them, playing with them and teaching them.

      • The child to be (read as “probably another burden to taxpayer”) was most likely conceived when the mother to be was in a similar state to that as found this time, obviously not slowing her down,

    • Intrigued

      That’s right, the legislation regarding care of children mandates that it is all about the “best interests of the child” but in the case of the CHildren Young Persons and Their Families Act, the problematic bit is that in the guiding principles it is apparently better for children to remain with their family/whanau group. Since 1989 that has been the factor that has lead to less children in foster care and more children being dumped on their grandparents by CYF – who then struggle terribly with little financial support because the children are then deemed to be “no longer in need of care and protection” cos they are “safe” with gran and grandad. However so often they are still subjected to their hopeless parents stuffing up their lives with their interference and challenges to regain care through the family court. Often with the true purpose being to regain the benefit they lost when the children were taken from their care in the first place. There is too much pussy footing around with abusive neglectful parents and society, the courts and our government needs to get tougher putting the needs of the children first. On the foetal alcohol/drug side of things – this is actually a serious problem for our society as it does lead to the mental health, disability and crime stats and greater cost to us all.

      • Wheninrome

        It reminds me of the glue sniffing 16 year old back in time living under a bridge, pregnant and WINZ and Child Youth and Family saying the new born baby would be better off with her than with a complete stranger. As if the baby would know as long as it was fed, warm and dry, it would then learn to know that it was loved.

        • Intrigued

          There are cases where with the right family support and a lot of it, girls like that can and do make an effort at being a responsible parent. But the physical effects of glue-sniffing, and drug and alcohol taking – especially during the phase or organogenesis and the foetal brain development – means that these babies start out life already so negatively affected. It takes a considerable amount of energy, time and financial support to parent these children and the tragedy is that statistically they are more likely to end up being cared for by some other family member or in foster care. Education is certainly key to stop young women from making tragic choices and mistakes, but in so many cases they too are the products of their own parents mistakes and the cycle repeats.

        • dobbyblogs

          Unfortunately, foster parents are often just as bad, according to someone I know who works with problem children.
          It’s also hard for WINZ to get good foster parents, and it’s damn hard work taking a damaged child and trying to turn them around. Sad.

          • Wheninrome

            Adoption, the potential parents are thoroughly checked, yes the odd one might not be good, but on a percentage basis more chance for the child to end up with good parents. Think of the huge money people spend on IV treatment, surrogacy etc.,
            These people are desperate to have a child and can afford to have a child give it a home etc.,

          • cmm

            That’s probably overstating things.

            As it stands, a child living with a glue sniffing teenage mother with no proper support is certainly in a poor environment. 100% sure.

            Even if 50% of foster parents are bad (and I doubt the number would be anywhere near as bad as that), the kid has a 50% chance of being in a better environment.

            That’s far better odds.

          • intelligentes candida diva

            Why are “WINZ” getting foster parents?

  • andrewo

    More than that: Here come two more kids with fetal alcohol syndrome who will in due course, join the ranks of the unemployable and imprisoned.

  • Arnie

    The local Newspaper used to publish lists of those who are convicted of DIC. Now the reporters/editors are too lazy to get up and get the lists.

  • Warren Murray

    She’s young, has many years ahead of her living a life of partying and bludging with numerous court appearances. I’m sure she’ll have plenty of kids to plenty of guys, few of whom will be known to her when she registers her mongrel bastards.

  • caochladh

    Welcome to the age of entitlement. Yes, its the “All about me” era where we don’t give a damn about anything including our unborn child.

  • Wheninrome

    A fortune is spent by we the Taxpayer on trying to educate via TV, MSM etc., they don’t get it, they never will get it, they don’t care. You first have to identify with the issue before you will take the information on board.
    Tough love and a generation might need to be lost before we get sanity.
    Think of future generations of children, not the present as it is probably too late for most of them.
    Make laws for the future so people know exactly where they stand, educate the children before they breed.
    There will be NO handout if you get pregnant , the taxpayer will not fund your child and you to keep having children. You are on your own, your choice.
    Maybe then people might wait until they can support a child and give it what it needs. Society needs this for the survival of us all in the future. Otherwise we will be weighed down by uneducated “ferals”.
    The Social Welfare budget will fail.

    • Whitey

      I couldn’t agree more. We spend eye – watering amounts of money insulating people from the consequences of their actions, and then we wonder why we end up with these dropkicks. It’s time to reform the welfare system.

  • timemagazine

    These entitlement laws need to be changed for the sake and safety of us all.

  • Whitey

    This is the kind of drunk driver the police would be targeting if they were serious about road safety, and in my view this woman demonstrates why our whole way of thinking about drunk driving needs to change. It’s not about alcohol at all. It’s about feral people with no regard for the safety of anyone else, or even themselves. The drunk and dangerous driving is a symptom of the fact that she does not give a flying [censored].

    • burns_well_eh

      That’s a cheap shot – the Police were manning a checkpoint, in Nelson, at 3:20 in the morning. That shows they’re serious about road safety, and committed to getting drunk drivers off the roads.

      They also caught her after she fled, without injuring her, themselves or anyone else. I’d say they did a pretty good job.

      • Whitey

        We both agree that in this instance the police did a good job and were definitely being serious about road safety, and I do see your point. But you can’t tell me that the new limit is targeted at people like this woman, and as the article points out the old limit was quite adequate to catch such offenders.

        • burns_well_eh

          The point of the article was about this woman driving well over the limit (old and new) while pregnant, and the police did a great job catching her.

          The new limit is going to take a while to bed in, but all it does is bring us in line with Australia and many other countries including Scotland – although interestingly in England it’s still .08.

  • Martin

    This is New Zealand’s biggest social justice issue, and the reason there is about zero outrage in the media about it is that it grates against the feminist view that women’s rights are paramount and an unborn child is a foreign body. It is estimated that 1% of live births in NZ and Australia are FASD.
    I suggested to a very nice lesbian human rights commissioner that the issue should be taken far more seriously than it is to the point where we gave women at severe risk of boozing some incentives to go to a place while pregnant where they could not access alcohol so as to avoid the . She said it was a very patriarchal attitude, like the word — meaning fatherly — was a swear word. I have spoken to midwives who said they often see young men who are very uncomfortable with the women they have impregnated boozing, but their rights to have an un-screwed-up kid count for nowt.
    So many kids are a bit sawn-off because of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and are never diagnosed. We will hear all sorts of debate about education, but never the effect of those two or three disruptive kids in each class who are that way because their mothers basted them in booze while they were in utero.
    If you read the symptoms of FASD — poor impulse control, anger, lack of empathy etc — and then read the court news you can see where a whole raft of our social issues originate, including domestic violence, but the White Ribbon Campaign will never look at things from this angle because feminism is about zero culpability for women. Ever.
    Discussion about Teina Pora’s FASD talked about him as being damaged “since birth” rather than “before birth”.
    As a nation we are blind to the magnitude of this issue.

    • Intrigued

      Yep! You’ve hit the nail on the head there. And sadly these kids end up having more kids in much the same circumstances and on and on it goes. The reason we have kids living in ACTUAL poverty – ie in neglect, unhygienic, unhealthy circumstances with poor nutrition, third world diseases such as rheumatic fever, TB scabies and school sores infected with staph (now more likely AB resistant staph at that) and with poor role models is because they are being born into families where a lot of booze and/or drugs is a priority. It’s not always a case of not having enough money. It’s that the money is being spent on bad choices.

      I wish the likes of CPAG and all these hand wringers would stop bleating about economic poverty like it’s some magical number we have to fix and look at the root causes of poverty. Largely it’s educational poverty, it’s aspirational poverty, and heavens it poverty of the human spirit to rise up out of the gutter and do something to better your lot kind of poverty. And what we now have thanks to years of handing out $$$ and being far too PC is a society diseased by entitlelitis breeding a generation of half-wits. I know that sounds harsh but it is the truth and our society is and will continue to pay big time in all the worst stats for failing to address the root causes.

      • Martin


    • Intrigued

      Thanks Martin for the link to that report “FASD: Exploratory economic analysis of different potential prevention strategies in Australia and NZ.” It’s interesting reading and is heartening to see that these issues have been looked at but I wonder though if it has had any cut through into effective strategies yet considering the PC pushback you mention above? It is a terrible problem for society both morally and economically. So sad all round. It makes me so mad – when it is so utterly preventable.

      • Martin

        There is an organisation called Fetal Action Network NZ which coordinates some excellent work around FASD, but it is poorly-funded relative to the size of the issue and does not seem to achieve much cut-through.
        The failure to address the issue comes from the apparent complexity of the problem, the lack of easy solutions within parliamentary terms and as I mentioned, the political suicide that is suggesting women are culpable for anything.
        Cameron and his colleagues could do New Zealand a great service by campaigning on this when they launch Freed. It wouldn’t take much for Kiwis to get it, and the sisterhood will not be best pleas’d.

        • Intrigued

          Amen to that! From my own work – not directly in this field – but with people affected by it nevertheless – I have a pretty good idea what you are talking about re the sisterhood but it’s not just that – there is also definitely a strong left wing agenda to point the blame at the cause of all our social ills being capitalism, free market economics and the Government (National) when in my experience, this Government has done more to focus on vulnerable children and their needs and preventing teenage pregnancies and educating teen mums than I ever saw under the nine years of Clark.
          I agree Freed needs to look at this and expose the truth that the MSM are failing to talk about.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    The feminazis will have a fit if forced abortion for piss head mums was ever suggested.

    • sin-ic

      + inserting an IUD or Tubal Ligation before discharge with or without patient permission. We don’t need these ones breeding, which is a result of social intercourse as a pastime.

  • sheppy

    Meanwhile those that are responsible for their actions can no longer have a couple of drinks after work and drive home safely like they’ve been doing for years courtesy of the nanny state lefties and MMP.