As night follows day, the Australians aren’t wasting an opportunity to tell those that aren’t welcome to go away.   Of course, this does upset some other people.

A Queensland cafe has come under fire for an anti-Muslim sign only a week after Australians appeared to unite against Islamophobia.

The owner of Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill in Longreach has refused to apologise for a sign that reads “sorry, no Muslims”.

The words came at the bottom of a sandwich sign which also said: “2000 years ago Jesus Christ made headlines turning water into wine…the tradition continues…We turn money into bear”.

Hundreds of people have vented on the cafe’s Facebook page condemning the sign, calling for it to be taken down.

The #illridewithyou was a farce.  There was no uniting of Australia against Islamophobia.  Now, I realise Islam isn’t a race, but there is some overlap that  explains why Australians have reacted this way.


And they are not alone.  With Muslim extremists the world over cutting off people’s heads, shooting people dead at point blank range, you’d have to be insane to expect everyone to not form an opinion about Islam.




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  • Cowgirl

    I thought Muslims didn’t drink anyway so isn’t the sign being facetious? I have been to a Muslim household and drunk what passes for non-alcoholic wine there (it is the Devil’s own urine). It’s no wonder if they’d rather go without altogether.

    • STAG

      My wife and sister (totally different people I assure you) both lived and worked in England, Muslim’s might not drink but the defend in large numbers on pubs and are to circle around western girls with a pick up technique similar to feeding orca, crowd around the pray until one girl is speared from her friends the press in as close as possible for the “kill” or flerting which was described as being group groped.

      Disgusting behaviour, more then once while dating my wife I answered the desperate but silent eye plead of one of her friends or strangers to help rescue them from what if left alone turns almost enviably into a sexual assault.

    • colin herbertson

      yea. booze and harram food items at a christian festival. No good muslim should be anywhere near, unless he’s out to ruin everyones day. mind you most muslims iv’e met arn’t above a few beers or wine if he thinks allahs not looking.

      • Michael_l_c

        Known some that love bacon & as for liking women. Bit like the hypocritical catholic kiddy fiddlers. Most impressed with the new pope tho.

        • Rod

          I was initially impressed with the new pope, but not any more. All he does is find fault with his staff, states it publicly, and nothing changes. Catholic doctrine decrees that the pope is infallible, so what he needs to do is instruct his clergy to reform in the way he wishes, or eject them from the church. Simple.

          • Michael_l_c

            But he seems to be a single voice, did u see the body language of the bishops the other day?
            Has to build up support & slowly, slowly. The perversion, greed etc is buried deep & will take a long time to remove.

          • Rod

            Must admit I was being a little facetious above, because regardless of what catholic doctrine says, the pope is but a figurehead and has no real power at all. The church has killed popes in the past if they tried to impose their will too much.

          • Michael_l_c

            Rod, thx.
            Guess he will be employing a food taster and wearing body armour.
            Seems more useful than cunliffe, little etc, I am being hopeful he will achieve more than most popes. Strange, why am I so bothered about him?

          • Rod

            Whatever the reason, there are many others who are bothered about the catholic church in general. I was brought up as a catholic but now have nothing to do with an organisation, parts of which are downright evil. The following is interesting…


  • paul468

    Good on them. Why not put a sign at immigration at our international airports that says the same thing.

    • I provide the chalk; moving up to indelible markers for when the chalk gets scuffed off . . . .

  • Too many apologists. The point is, it’s their bloody sign. If they want to put something up, that’s their business, and if you don’t like it, well, I think you know the routine. It’s an odd change. We have an inherent mechanism to express our dislikes, we are sovereign consumers. But now, no, the loonies can hop on Facebook and ‘call’ for it to be taken down. They don’t actually have to go there or ever have been their to express an opinion and call upon supposed support for their cause. By comparison, if any of our local pubs put something funny up, I’d probably be more encouraged to go have a pint.

    • T. Akston

      And, more important, it’s their bloody pub, to run as they see fit.

      If the moaners don’t like it then they can vote with their feet and stay away. But keep all the faux outrage to yourself.

  • Mickey M

    I would happily use yhat cafe.

  • twr

    It seems odd that they are asking him to apologise when the first word of the sentence is Sorry. Surely that’s enough to satisfy the guilt police?

    • Radiodog

      Perhaps David Cunninglips has been here….

      I also would have a drink at this bar to show show support for most peoples disgust in what’s happening in the Muslim world.

      Too many people are scared to make a stand.

      Give this person a beer.

  • cows4me

    Who can blame them. I’m sure there were thousands of Muslims in Australia that were very upset with the hostage drama in Sydney, many have come out and condemned this mindless attack. But the facts remain that those in the Muslim faith are generally silent when it comes to condemning the fringe elements in their ranks. Till Muslims actively start alerting authorities to the nut jobs in their communities and loudly condemn the idiots of their faith then signs such as this will only grow in number.

  • Aucky

    There would be a lot more credibility to this message if it didn’t come from outback Queensland – hardly a showcase for racial tolerance.

    100 years ago the message would have been ‘No chinks’, 70 years ago ‘No abos’ and 50 years ago ‘No wops’.

    Seems they badly needed a new focus for their intolerance.

    I understand the sentiment of the sign but not the ingrained historic bigotry of the person that wrote it.

    • Timboh

      Being a muslim has nothing to do with race. Islam does not allow the drinking of alcohol so rather than bigotry as you describe it, it is a joke. Granted that muslims and their fellow travellers don’t have much of a sense of humour. Remember most muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are muslim.

      • Aucky

        It’s bigotry Timboh. How would you feel if the sign said “No Maoris”?
        Being a Maori has nothing to do with race – there’s plenty of Aussie Mozzies in Queensland.

        • Timboh

          I hate to disagree however being a maori is being part of the maori race in generally accepted definitions.

          • Raibert

            What generally accepted definitions? Most who claim to be of the Maori race are genetically more something other than Maori.

          • Aucky

            What about Maoris who were born in Australia, went to Aussie schools, serve in the Aussie Army, hold an Aussie passport, married an Aussie woman and have Aussie kids? How do you think they classify themselves and how do you think they would feel about being confronted with a ‘No Maoris’ sign.

          • burns_well_eh

            Wrong argument – you could make that case about people born in New Zealand but had lived almost all their lives in Australia, served in Aussie Army, hold an Aussie passport and married a Sheila, being upset at a NO KIWIS sign.

            But being a maori has nothing to do with where you were born or what country you live in. You’re either maori or you’re not.

        • kehua

          I can remember a big sign on the Highway between Winton and Longreach telling` Kiwi Shearers to F off`, about 1972/73.

  • Brings an interesting point, a business owner is legally entitled to exclude anybody they like from their business and only needs to tell them once for it to be considered trespassing. This sign does the warning. However it brings up chilling images of Jew bans in early Nazi Germany. .

    • sin-ic

      Not only does the proprietor give a warning, but he says “SORRY”

      • darren breen

        Sorry fixes everything,just ask DC

  • Timboh

    When I read that “Hundreds of people have vented on the cafe’s Facebook page condemning the sign” I went to the cafe’s facebook page and it’s actually hundreds of people liking the sign with a small number against it.

    • The2Game

      Its the same with ratsh*t weblogs (but not this one, natch!) who proudly claim that they’ve had 25626526356256265 views … when, really, 240 of those are from family members who looked 10 times each to boost the numbers and over 25626526356256000 of the rest were from folk curious to see if there were any pics of the planet the poster was living on when he made the rant in question!

  • Honcho

    Devout muslims don’t drink beer, so this place is hardly the place for them, they are not his customer base. I think the bar owner is very smart in this respect, he has recieved not only global scorn but global recognition, I can safely say the next time I am in Brisbane I will make a point to stop in here for a schooner.

    • Chris

      I think they are smart too, but you will need a good couple of days driving to get to the bar at Longreach.

      • darren breen

        Dont think there are many muslims out that way anyway

  • darren breen

    I think it is a very savvy advertising ploy,hat tip

  • spanishbride

    I am feeling in a black humor mood.
    How about a sign outside a childcare centre warning off Muslim Men seeking a bride.” ‘No you can’t marry our kids Mohammed ( sorry ) ‘

  • kehua

    I can vouch for the beer in that town, not many Muslims there, the last ones would have been riding camels.