Jacinda Ardern: Labour to hit 40% during 2015


You have to wonder how self delusional Labour are.

Hitting 40 percent in the polls is Labour MP Jacinda Ardern’s goal for 2015 – but as her National rival Jami-Lee Ross warns, they have to reach 30 first.

Labour had a shocking election, with just 25 percent – its worst result in more than 90 years. Ms Ardern says Labour tried to outline its alternative vision for the country, but was caught up in the Dirty Politics fallout, despite the party having nothing to do with the book’s alleged dirty deeds.

Excellent.  I like it when lies are written down.  I can come back to this later.

“I think when we have stories like this, ultimately it damages anyone involved in politics,” Ms Ardern said on Firstline this morning.

“Both major political parties wanted to talk about the big issues – we wanted to talk about inequality and how we could improve the economy, but it wasn’t our fault that [National] were running a massive smear campaign against other political parties from the Prime Minister’s office.”

Prime Minister John Key’s refusal to admit any wrongdoing dragged the story out, she says, to the point where it nearly consumed the entire election campaign.

“It was incumbent on us to say, ‘Look, we do need to clean up what’s going on.’ But really genuinely doing that should have taken some acknowledgement from the Government that it had happened in the first place.”

I suspect Jacinda is out on a limb here.  There will be quite a few Labour people all puckered up over such categorical statements that Labour had nothing to do with the criminal conspiracy to unseat National.

Mr Ross, also on Firstline this morning, said he thinks New Zealanders are “over it”.

“Labour and the Greens tried to milk it for all it was worth, but it didn’t actually get them very far. It had an impact on the election because we couldn’t actually talk about actual election issues.

“The people that lost out here were New Zealanders – they didn’t get to hear about real political issues. We tried to talk about issues that we felt mattered to the country; these guys tried to talk about Dirty Politics and it just became a big blur.”

National and Labour both want Dirty Politics to go away, and Ardern thinks that will result in the true result of the election:  a return of Labour voters that were unable to hear the message about Capital Gains Tax, being sorry about being a man, #manbans, and so, so so much more.

40% in 2015.

Wonder if Jacinda is a betting gal?

– 3 News


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  • Kopua Cowboy

    She’s having a laugh

    • Saggy

      That horse is not going to be happy with you.

  • johnnymanukau.

    Heard that rubbish from Jacinda this morning, I just wonder when is she going to start telling the truth? –The truth will set you free Jacinda.

  • We WANTED Labour to talk about issues, they wouldn’t shutup about Dirty Politics. It wasn’t National running a smear campaign, it wasn’t JK trying to put DC’s name in the dirt, it wasn’t National playing the player not the ball. What planet has this loon been living on for the past year.

    • Diddle_De_Dee

      Well said Damian and so true. There are none worse than the blind for they will not and do not see and this describes Labour to a tee.

  • burns_well_eh

    1. There isn’t a general election in 2015, Jacinda.
    2. As a matter of fact, there isn’t even a general election in 2016. Peaking between World Cups never did the All Blacks any favours, and you’re a long way from the ABs.
    3. So, Dirty Politics was all John Key’s fault, and you wanted to ignore it and focus on the big issues, but John Key just wouldn’t stop going on and on about it, eh? That’s a ridiculous, though highly amusing, retelling of the story.
    4. You state that ultimately, stories like this damage “everyone in politics”. Well, not everyone Jacinda.

  • caochladh

    She’s been hanging out with the Gweens again, slurping that dreaded nettle wine and munching those “special” brownies.

    • onelaw4all

      She would not only have to hang out with them, she would need to completely liquidate them for Labour to get 40%.

      • caochladh

        I think Wussel is quite capable of doing that on his own, with a little help from the Material girl. They are so off course now with the original Rod Donald ideals, I can see the real Green’s deserting them.

  • RM

    Whoa! Back up there Jacinda! What smear campaign against other political parties out of Key’s office? The only smears were against Key and out of her (Labour’s) office – all relating to stuff up to 5 years old, blown all out of proportion and dealt with at the time. And I might add ended with an apology to Key.

  • Emjay

    I saw that picture and was immediately reminded of someone else. Is it just me or do Jacinda and Helen look the almost the same minus a bit of dental work?.
    Maybe this explains the lack of new ideas – human cloning

    • Nechtan

      Maybe so, has Jacinda spit on and thrown blood on returning veterans???

      • Emjay

        Only Jacinda knows what she did to our fish and chip orders ;)

    • SP

      I think she looks more like Hagar!!!

  • Nechtan

    “despite the party having nothing to do with the book’s alleged dirty deeds.”

    But everything to do with its “sourcing” and publication???

  • The internal input analysis into Labour’s election must be rather interesting. The looking in the mirror by Labour goes well it seems. Thanks for confirming it Jacinda.

    What would be odds on a 5th Term I wonder…

  • Day Day

    40%? Maybe if it was 1972.

  • Sooty

    What on earth has she been smoking?

    • Pete

      She’s got big pupils for such a well lit room…so you may be right!

  • Dumrse

    “Excellent. I like it when lies are written down. I can come back to this later.”

    I so much want to stay up late to read it…….. Can I, please ?

    • Moonroof

      I’m glad you quoted Cam, elegantly pithy words. Jacinda and friends are still too busy believing their own propaganda to see the blazing obvious. The Labour campaign wasn’t about presenting a viable alternative once they realised voters weren’t to wear a toxic coalition.

  • Guest

    Hehe (pic)

  • NZ Groover

    A 40% attrition rate, that’s shocking. At least they realise they have problems………ohhhh in the polls, still delusional I see.

  • Chris EM

    I imagine there will be those in the labour party, who realise the brown stuff is going to hit the fan when the truth comes out about their involvement in Dirty Politics, will be absolutely cringing at Jacinda’s statements.

  • Reaper

    Tell ‘er she’s dreamin’.

  • Bart67

    It’s more likely they will hit 14% than 40%! The complete inability to engage with reality is the reason they failed so badly in the last election, and it appears they have learned nothing!

  • eddieobeid

    40%? Elvis is still alive. The fact that Adern still thinks it was National running a smear campaign proves she and Labour are still deluded and have not learnt a thing since the election. Perhaps she was talking about a Labor-Greens combined vote of 40%, but even that is stretching it a bit too far

  • Aucky

    I’ll throw another slant on this. Jacinda is getting a tad desperate now – by the 2017 election she will have spent nine years as a nothing list Opposition MP and she’ll be 37 with the biological clock remorselessly ticking away. Her political career is going nowhere currently and if labour lose in 2017 she will hit 40 with no career other than three more years as a list MP. She has to convince herself that labour can win.

    • grumpy

      She might look at Ruth Dyson and think…..”will I be like her in 20 years time?”

    • Wallace Westland

      Nailed it!
      With no talent no work life experience and no clues she doesn’t have a lot to offer her next prospective employer.
      What many have forgotten of course is that she entered parliament as a junior staffer and eye candy for H1 with H2’s permission.
      She was then groomed for her shot at the title (LOL a list seat as she can’t actually win one!)

      Gobsmacked Jacinda will now be looking at her UN slot askance. H1 can only call in so many favours and no clue gal is going to be a hard sell for the 250k US salary she is longing for.

      I wonder how many more auctions in Westmere she is going to haunt?

      • Not Clinically Insane

        But she has a comms degree from Waikato Uni! Chortle

  • G M B

    If she gets offered a job in a massage parlour she should take it and take that Greeny leader with her. Thats all she’s good for if that.

    • taurangaruru

      Which Union represents the massage parlour workers is it the SFWU?
      Fair bit of servicing goes on, not sure about the food & work components though

  • jude

    It will not happen. Not while Labour do not listen. They question their own supporters and ignore non Labour voters as ignorant and misguided.
    If I could post a link to Hot Chocolates “I believe in Miracles” that would be Jacinda’s song:)

  • G M B

    When will the real facts on dirty politics start to hit air waves ?

  • taurangaruru

    I think she means Labour will be reduced to 40% of what they are now, still she should be applauded for such aspirations as the country would benefit if 60% of those lefty leaches disappeared under a rock somewhere.

  • Eiselmann

    Labour to get 40 percent in 2015…only if they find a way to convince the average working person that Angry Andrew did not get the top job because of Helen Kelly and the Unions , find a way to completely disassociate with the most powerful left wing politician in the country Len Brown and have Key turn into Cunliffe, all while not making any mistakes, hoping the economy tanks and the Green vote collapses…if I was a Labour MP I’d be more worried about maintaining a party vote in the 20’s

  • willtin

    I suspect we will continue to see a glut of asinine comments from left field, within the MSM, for the holiday period. Anyone of any substance will be on leave.

  • Tom

    Betting gal or dumber than a bag of hammers ?

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      two bricks nailed together?

      • willtin

        A left-handed screw driver.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          problem being that the “thread” on their screw is just circular grooves – no matter how many turns or how much spin they apply, there is now no traction, no advance, no going back

    • zotaccore

      or as mad as a box of frogs.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    “I suspect Jacinda is out on a limb here.” And she has a saw.
    Of course she’s a loyal girl so wouldn’t cut the limb outboard of her as that would damage those further out on the limb. Because she likes to be seen as a “centrist” she will cut it right up against the trunk

  • Dumrse

    The experts don’t think she will get to 40%.

  • Geordie

    May be you are not giving her enough credit. This could be a very cunning plan (or dirty politics), where everyone talks up Labour getting to 40% and when it doesn’t, it is all AL’s fault and it is time to play pin the tail on the leader game.

  • Wasapilot

    Labour will be lucky if they get 40% of caucus backing angry little.

  • Mikev

    Sounds like a great Tui ad….yeah right!

  • island time

    They gave up on policy after the abysmal failures of nationalising electricity generation and lanes for caravans. After that they had no idea what to do next other than throw excrement.

  • zotaccore

    Best Arden stick to taking punts at the horse races methinks. There’s delusion and then there is stupidity – perhaps both in her case.

  • dale

    Oh Jacinda, obviously you weren’t given a heads up about the novel. Sorry about that, we just didn’t think you would understand. And clearly Matt was right.

  • Cadwallader

    Jacinda: The Member For Glue Factories.

  • OneTrack

    Maybe Jacinda can start now and tell us about her policies. Oh, wait, Andrew and the unions haven’t told her what they are yet. And most of Labour’s old 2014 policies have been thrown out by the new leader. Labour – the no-policy zone.

    Sucks to be Labour. Still don’t know where they are going.

    • The2Game

      That ‘Expert Panel’ will come up with all the answers!

  • Does she sound like Helen Clark when she speaks?

  • HSV325

    No more drugs for that girl!

  • Timboh

    That photo shows she could be related to Nicky Hager

  • Luis Cannon

    By the time Jacinda untwists her pantyhose and gets them in a twist again 2017 will be long gone. Meantime she might like to take a course in basic mathematics and take down the Greens. Or is she hoping for a Green/Labor merger?