James Shaw’s Adjournment Debate speech


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  • Alright

    That was a great speech.

    • dgrogan

      He certainly started out well.

  • colinrippey

    Good speech. Never forget, however, that a scorpion wearing lipstick is still a scorpion.

  • Cowgirl

    Good speech. A Greenie with a sense of humour? Never thought I’d see the day.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Almost eloquent….not the typical rant

  • JC

    The Devil quoting Scripture?

    Whatever, the finish should be noted as the Kumbaya speech of the year.


    • Imogen B

      Yes, how very left. … If someone takes your cloak, give them your coat as well.
      Please don’t let this man near our tax or welfare policies!

  • friardo

    Never having heard Shaw speak before, in fact never even having heard of him before I would say that was an excellent speech. His single point about parliament, government or NZ in general being stuck and the recommendation to think about being stuck during the Xmas break is very timely.

    With so many people being stuck (with a righteous and intense dislike, even hatred of those with whom we disagree) NZ is in dire need of defusing. This lack of politeness and consideration has turned people away from politics. James Shaw might well be the man for the job, but it probably can’t be led from within the Greens in their present incarnation.

    • who’stoblame

      Now if he was leader of the Greens I would have more respect for them, just a tad as a leopard never changes its spots. But what a great speech from a new MP.

  • Mav E Rick

    Great speech but let’s see if he can now walk the talk. I can’t imagine too many Greenies turning the other check. They prefer to stick their heads in the sand from what I have seen recently

  • munzrat

    yeha …. wussels replacement , and he’s a Kiwi

  • Nooman

    I knew James many years ago. He has decent corporate experience and I think someone that national could work with to form a govt (if needed) – if the green party ever gave him the chance to lead that is, and for a guy that ticks no minority boxes that is a big IF.

    • cmm

      I had a pretty good respect for Greens when Rod Donald was alive. I even voted for them once.

      They lost their way when Rod died. Whether that was because of the loss of Rod, or mere coincidence, it would be foolish to guess.

      Perhaps now they can start to rebuild and make some traction. They need to be seen as reasonable, and rational, people to get the support of everyday kiwis.

      They probably also realise that they can’t get anywhere just trying to be a Labour support party. Labour is in a death spiral and the Greens need to be able to make connections with other parties too.

  • kiwiinamerica

    A Green quoting scripture (the KJV no less)? Who would’ve thunk it! Much preferable to the snarky Aussie commie – but at the end of the day, he likely believes in the same Luddite policies. Still, it was pretty witty at the beginning.

  • Morgy

    Russell and Meteria haver ailed over and over again. They can not connect with middle NZ or more importantly the swinging voter. The cut of this guy could be the catalyst they need to grab that extra 5-9%….. Step aside……time for someone else.

    • Kiwibabe

      Russell will never step aside and seems to have full control of HIS party.

  • Alexander K

    This excellent speech makes me wonder why on earth he is a member of the Green party. So very different from the mad, spittle-flecked and utterly irrelevant whinging from his co-leaders. He will be marked as dangerously intelligent and dumped before too long.