Jordanian MP: I Would Set Myself On Fire Before I’d Import Israeli Gas

Some people are dumber than a sack of hammers, especially those who would seek to impoverish their own citizens over religious hatred.

Truth Revolt reports:

In a televised debate about energy options for Jordan, advertising executive-turned Member of Parliament Hind Al-Fayez said that in order to stay warm, “I will use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas.”

Ms Al-Fayez warned that Israel was Satan and her country’s plan to purchase natural gas from Israel was part of an Israeli plot to starve the Jordanian people.

The debate aired on the Jordanian/U.K. ANB channel on December 14, and was translated by MEMRI:

Al-Fayez: We must not have dealings with Satan. We should not use the Jordanian deficit as a pretext to justify dealing with Satan. The Jordanian Kingdom has been having dealings with Satan since 1994 but where has it gotten us? What did it do to our deficit?  

Lets go back to the issue of other energy sources. There are many alternatives [to Israeli gas], as you yourself said. While Jordan rushes to sign a deal for the Israeli gas it is very slow in developing other, local, solutions.

I believe in conspiracy theory. There is a conspiracy at play here. They want to starve, enfeeble and exhaust our people so they can justify the shattering of its honor. No! We will never allow this to happen.

King Faisal said, “Even if we have to be naked and barefoot.” I will use firewood or even set myself on fire, but I will never import Israeli gas. Let us stop seeking pretexts.

Another panelist tried unsuccessfully tried to present his opinion, “I would just like to say..,” but was immediately cut off by Al-Fayez.

Al-Fayez:  Just one last thing. The boycott spells Israel’s death. You say that if we do not sign the deal with Israel, it will sign with another country but Israel is hoping to blend in the Arab world. However it will remain an unwanted, parasitical plague. We do not share a common language or religion with it. It will remain a plundering occupier. The boycott spells its death.

This is just stupid behaviour. Who is suggesting they deal with? Jordan’s neighbours?

Oh look Syria is in civil war, Iraq is the same, Saudia Arabia? I suspect they’d need a brand new pipeline for that, which would make Jordan’s deficit even worse. Egypt isn’t technically a neighbour, but is close.

The reality is Israel is the best and most stable option. But no this fool wants to keep Jordan in an energy and economic deficit because of religious hatred.

On top of theat the only reason she is even in the Jordanian parliament is because of a quota of just 15 female MPs out of a 150 MPs. So generous of them.

No such quota is needed in Israel where there are no restrictions on what women can and cannot do.

She wants to deny a deal with the regions only true democracy because of hatred.



– Truth Revolt



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  • Korau

    Forget ebola. What the world needs desperately is a vaccine to cure stupid.

    • Chiefsfan73

      Well when it is developed, there are plenty here to do the human trial phase on.

    • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

      Duct tape is as close as we get to a cure for stupidity. It wont fix it but it does muffle it somewhat.

  • Chris EM

    Set herself on fire? A very noble gesture, but very silly. I very much doubt her body would have enough BTUs to warm one household for very long at all.
    This stupid woman should stick to advertising.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Well, I guess advertising was where she learned to believe lies – – or was that in her koran primer?

  • Greg M

    I actually despair a little bit when I see that certain countries haven’t shaken off the ignorance and hatred from centuries ago. It’s about time they grew up.

    • Hard1

      Like this beneficiary yob that cut the sticky-up-bit off the shipwreck? Ignorance and hatred is seen all over. The despair is here with us, and well fed too.

      “”People demand to know why they weren’t consulted about the decision to remove the remnants of the old boat post,” Rueben Taipari Porter said yesterday.

      “Where is the anger at this government ignoring the rights of hau kainga and desecrating our spiritual pathways that return our spirits back to Hawaiki nui, Hawaiki Roa, Hawaiki Pamamao? Where is the anger at the danger that Simon Bridges has posed to the precious seafood gathering areas that have fed our communities for thousands of years…..

  • Vera Fayed

    Burn Baby, burn.

  • Isherman

    She’s got form this one, the daughter of an activist no less. The clip in the link shows what she is apparently often like in parliament, even Winston and Mallard look tame in comparison. Her rant starts at about 50 seconds in and just escalates.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      An attractive looking woman, whos attractiveness diminishes when she opens her mouth. Unfortunate situation for Jordanian womens political equality with her as one at the forefront.

  • Iva b ginn

    What amuses is that it appears that she is wearing a star on her lapel???

    • Isherman

      Er yes, but its a seven pointed star you will notice. It represents the seven verses of the first Surah in the Quran, and unity of the Arab people. It also is used as a symbol of the seven hills in Amman, where the capital was founded, and is found on the national flag.

      • Iva b ginn

        Thats interesting I wasn’t aware that, I’m not much of a scholar when it comes to the middle east.

      • Albert Lane

        Gosh. It definitely looks to me like it’s six-pointed. But it can’t possibly be. Or was she acting in a satyrical review?

  • cows4me

    I bet she’s passed with honors at the suicide bomb school.

    • RightofSingapore

      I wonder what the instructor says “Pay attention, I’m only showing this once”

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    Hate speech typical of that from a people who are bred to hate. No cure for that except generations of co existance and tolerance. No chance with people like her there to keep fueling the fires.

  • John Dodd

    Until she opened her mouth she appeared quite normal. No habib, no acid scars, possibly no genital mutilation but then out came all the fundamentalist hatred. Makes you wonder how many are living here dormant in NZ

  • Karma

    So Satan is actually a country. Wow, the things you learn on WOBH!

  • tinfoilhatguy

    A fine example of the twisted hate of the islamic world. While Israel is a prosperous, modern, free and tolerant society almost every muslim country (apart from the ones flooded with oil money) is a total disaster.

    They have their hate to keep them warm.

    • OneTrack

      And Jordan is supposed to be one of the advanced Arab countries.

  • Albert Lane

    This hateful diatribe is probably the result of indoctrination from birth by religious leaders, family and schools. We hear that kids in Arab countries have text-books that espouse religious hatred. If there is an international court that prosecutes for war crimes, why isn’t there a court to prosecute those who use hate language? After all, such people are actively encouraging others to murder and destroy others.

    • John Dodd

      Such crimes do get prosecuted in some countries, but are generally used as a cudgel to free speech

  • Sailor Sam

    Call her bluff!

  • Andy Brown

    Wasn’t it Jordan that shot Iraqi refugees at its border about a year ago?