Just some pre-Trivia from QI


· The lawnmower is the most dangerous item in the garden. The second most dangerous is the flowerpot

· Sir Bruce Forsyth is four months older than sliced bread

· Iceland has 25 puffins for every person

· On D-Day, J.D. Salinger fought with six chapters of The Catcher In The Ryein his backpack.

· In space you can cry but your tears won’t fall, they just puddle up under your eye

·A cat’s brain can store 1,000 times more data than an iPad


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  • Carl

    So would that mean cats are smarter than dogs?

    • Chris EM


      • MrBarrington

        Cats are evil

    • It means cats are smarter than a lot of humans.

  • GoingRight

    Bruce Forsyth’s first wife used to come to our first school to drop her kid(s)? off in 50s and sometimes had a black eye.

    • Rick H

      “Nice to see you”.
      “To see you _ _ _ _”.

  • MrBarrington

    heh… got the new QI bumper fact book for Xmas… 1,411 Facts To Knock You Sideways