Just waiting for the howls of outrage over rape culture…waiting…waiting


I am waiting to hear the howls of outrage from the left wing over lefty arts luvvie and crap music maker Tom Scott’s mad rant about John Key and discussing raping his daughter and son, on Red Radio.

Still waiting…waiting…sigh

But dare to mention a feral…cue nationwide outrage.

Rape culture from the left is but a trifling issue it hardly warrants a squeak.

The singer behind the controversial Kill the PM song swore and joked about raping John Key’s son before walking out of a live radio interview.

Former Home Brew singer Tom Scott was yesterday on Kim Hill’s Playing Favouritessegment of her Radio NZ show, where guests choose some of their favourite songs.

But things soured when Hill asked about the song Scott released with his band @peace during the election campaign, in which he sang about killing PM Key and having sex with his daughter, Stephanie.

Asked about the the lyrics, Scott said: “I mean obviously I regret what I said. I probably should have said I was going to rape his son.”  

When asked if he had any regrets, he said: “I don’t regret what I said actually. Screw that.”

He also went on a tirade about Key, saying he “doesn’t like the guy one bit”.

“At the end of the day you don’t have to worry about Tom Scott cos him and the working class got f****d,” he said before apparently disappearing during a song.

Nasty piece of work…but not nearly as nasty as me apparently.

Will we see Andrew Little and Russel Norman clamouring for Labour people to stop associating with Tom Scott and Homebrew

This is after all the band who at the Music Awards in 2012v said John Key was a cunt who should suck their dicks.

They are a Labour favourite who plays at gigs to raise funds for Labour. They encourage people to chant “Fuck John Key” at concerts.

Jacinda Ardern in particular seems a big fan of Tom Scott and his rape culture.

Surely they should be disassociating themselves with Tom Scott….to be consistent and all…surely?


– Herald on Sunday


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  • Not being a lefty I don’t know how to get my howls of fury out there, but this little scumbag if he had said the same thing about Aunty Helen would of been public trash No.1. That said, i support free speech and his right to say, but if you say something encouraging criminal activity in a public forum you need to be made to answer it.

    • OneTrack

      But because he said it about John Key and his daughter, that means the left invite him on their radio station, and give him money via NZ on Air. He is a hero of the revolution.

      • I’m Right

        C’mon Cam, Whaleoil readers/contributors…the meme we all use of ‘It’s different when the left do it’ is no more true than when Cunliffe said if he and Collins were the last people on earth “the human population would be extinct”…now I put to you, if Key had said that about ANY Labour female MP the outcry of ‘Misogynist’, ‘sexist’ would be front page news and marching on parliament. It really does seem the faux outrage that females have is solely targeted to the right of politics and never to the left!

    • Pharmachick

      Free speech is not absolute. To illustrate – I raise the “yelling fire in a crowded theater” argument as well as the laws of libel and slander. This half-wit is offensive and I wonder where the police are since they have managed to charge a number of fathers of rape and murder victims in NZ with “Threatening to kill”. That being said, maybe I’m a hypocrite because I owned, and rocked-on to “Fresh out of Compton” back in the day. Perhaps creative license allows pushing these types of boundaries. Doesn’t mean I have to like this Scott guy.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Perhaps you could offer Jan Logie a guest post so she can condemn this guy and educate us all on our so called ‘rape culture’.

    cue: crickets chirping

    • conwaycaptain

      Good Idea Cam why don’t you offer Jan Logie a Guest Post about Rape Culture.
      She could also give her opinion on ISIS etc and Honour Killings in the Islamic world.

      • OneTrack

        We must welcome diversity.

  • Judy Mitchell

    I personally am appalled and disgusted with that comment being allowed to go to air. Shame on Radio New Zealand and Kim Hill. At what point did New Zealand msm cross the line and decide that it’s quite ok to publicly abuse the children of our politicians?

  • louie

    Kim Hill and Radio NZ now promoting ‘rape culture’ ?

    • OneTrack

      It’s ok when the left do it.

    • sin-ic

      I agree totally with most of the rant on this post. The scumbag ought to be threatened with being neutered at the very least.
      HOWEVER …………. I can’t find, and I could be wrong, anywhere where someone feels the Broadcasting Standards Authority, which advertises freqently on TV at least, how to lay complaints if one feels their standards have been breached has done so. I did not hear Kim Hill’s program as I can’t stand her patronising manner, so I cannot lay that complaint. Surely someone who has, and feels as many do about that outburst, has or can do so.

  • Hard1

    Tom Scott . I do hope you are not planning on being a Father.

  • edee

    Why give this feral scumbag airtime in the first place. It serves only to inflate their ego and probably makes them feel important and they are … but only to themselves.

    Shame on you Jacinda Ardern, says a lot about you really.

    • Kevin

      A classic case of JK derangement syndrome on the part of Adern. How anyone could vote for her when she does this is beyond me.

      • I’m Right

        “How anyone could vote for her “…they don’t, tis why she has lost her electorate 3x times :)

        • Kevin

          True. And since she’s apparently one of the high ups in the Labour ranks it’s why no one votes for Labour either.

          • I’m Right

            Or their leader it seems!

  • no bullswool

    What a disgusting way to talk about our Prime Minister and his family. Family is sacred to most New Zealanders even the Left should understand that.By showing no remorse and then ranting on again about John Key’s son Tom Scott has got to be one of the biggest Low Lifes in NZ. What a juvenile way to behave.I am appalled beyond belief. Does RNZ have no standards at all ! I don’t expect any left politicians to condemn.Somehow whatever they say or do is always OK, no scrutiny, no questions, but so much as a sneeze or joke out of place by JK and its a scandal.Bring on FREED.I am so over the hypocrisy.

    • OneTrack

      The left is very tribal. Tom Scott reflects what they agree with – attacking John Key – so they are all falling over themselves to defend him. I am just upset that we still have NZ on Air giving this retard money.

      • Judy Mitchell

        Did some of my extremely hard earnt salary go to RNZ this week, or are they now privatised? And how much did I pay Tom Scott?

        • sheppy

          They should be – publicly funded broadcasting should only be around if it’s for all the public.
          Only broadcasting to leftie losers and wannabe no hopers doesn’t count

        • Aucky

          RNZ will never be privatised because there’s nothing to buy.

  • Judy Mitchell

    The left are failing miserably at bringing down Dad; let’s keep working on the kids in the hope that Dad will withdraw for their sake?

    • OneTrack

      As Jacinda would say, anything for the cause, Comrade.

  • Tom

    Wasn’t home brew nz government funded?

  • Pharmachick

    Can the kid from Avondale stop pretending he came “up from nothing” please. Its tiring for all the kids out there that actually do.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    So I expect during question time the opposition being asked if they stand behind their decision to keep the rape culture alive in NZ by their continued support and use of this “artist” during their campaigns. Their public support of him is abysmal and yet Main Stream Mediocracty say nothing. So we have accountability only if you are in the govt, not in the opposition.

    MSM – standard not achieved!!

    For him to be so openly blasé about raping JK’s daughter and now suggesting raping his son as well (lets not forget killing JK as well), perhaps his “hate Speech” should result in him being placed before a magistrate for a little “chat”.

    • Aucky

      Regrettably the days of magistrates are well & truly over otherwise Scott would have been doing time for his comments.

      I wonder how Scott would feel about someone making similar comments regarding his wife/sister/brother/mother/kids.

    • I’m Right

      Unfortunately question time is for opposition to ask questions, the sitting Govt cannot ask questions…unfortunately!

    • OneTrack

      If we had an MSM worthy of the name, one of them would be asking Kim Hill or her producer what the hell they thought they were doing? Trying to sell more @peace music? They sure as hell didn’t expect him to go off the rails.

      Rape culture? If you are on the left, it’s obviously ok.

  • Eiselmann

    The Left …pro terrorist, pro wannabe rapist ,pro criminal one percenter. Fighting for middle New Zealand.
    Like that’s going to work.

    • Judy Mitchell

      The left still have no idea who the middle are.

    • I’m Right

      Ahhh but it shows their hatred of the voting public for not voting for them by embracing a typical 1%er in Kimdotcom, the antithesis of what they are against but took them into their arms simply because he dislikes JK with a passion…Bomber Bradley/Hone/Sykes/Minto/Harre…the kind of person they despise, but because he hated JK he was ‘acceptable’…they all look like fools now but took the money eh?

  • colin herbertson

    reading this first made me angry. now i just feel sad, it’s sad about how much standards have slipped. sad that in todays political landscape a lowlife scumbag piece of trash like this has some kind of legitimacy. it’s sad that this is our political alternative now. sad that our great democracy will be finished if these idiots ever get into power. The only cause for optimism is there are still a few decent people in the opposition,the same ones who saved us from the clutches of a bunch of criminals in september. The hope is that they will still be there to rebuild once the current crop of muppets are gone. whenever that may be.

    • Judy Mitchell

      I think this mirrors 100% how we are all feeling on here. Thank you.

    • Pharmachick

      I really do feel like you’ve said something important here Colin. That mirrors how I feel too. Times past we could respect politicians from both sides, but that’s just gone so far out the window (with due apologies to Messrs K. Davis, D. O’Connor, S. Nash and R. Mark)

    • kayaker

      I agree with you, Colin. I remember when I was a kid in the ’70s, I made some sort of (mild) disparaging remark about Muldoon. My Dad (also called Colin), was quick to remind me that was unacceptable and that we should have respect for our politicians and those in authority. Sadly, not the same now. Some deserve the respect, though, while others do not.

    • Mark Harrison

      Paradoxically, I think our great democracy is in a spot of bother, not because JK and a National govt are in power, but because the opposition is comprised of fools such as support this feral and his disgusting views.

      • OneTrack

        You mean Radio NZ and NZ on Air?

  • Forrest Ranger

    I have always thought that Jacinda is a special kind of stupid. Her tweet goes to prove it. Who can possibly take her seriously as a potential future PM as a few commentators on the left propose every time there is a leadership challenge?

    • Fat Sally

      To be fair her tweet is over 2 years old, way before any of his idiotic statements.

      Lets give her the benefit of the doubt over this one. I am pretty sure she wouldn’t be posting similar sentiments in recent weeks.

      • Forrest Ranger

        Fair enough I did not spot the date. Still far from PM material though

      • kayaker

        If she has any decency at all, she would be reviewing and deleting tweets of this nature.

    • Billythekid

      Future PM ??? I am sitting on a porcelain bowl with a bucket in front of me. You’ve made me rather nauseous.

  • haysel

    Don’t know if you’ve heard the interview Whale but you copped the blame for the whole fiasco.
    Makes me wonder what PoS Kim will interview next week, the Maori Kings son perhaps?

  • Hard1

    The Herald should change it’s name to “This Muppet World” after headlining Millie Elder-Holmes over Joseph Parker’s phenomenal knockout.

  • Beetle

    Wow- NZ’s version of J-Roc off trailor park boys! Labour really are classy hitching their wagon to a hater who speaks about himself in the third person and uses dodgey grammar. Marriage made in heaven.

    • Pharmachick

      Whenever a person speaks about themselves in the 3rd person, its a clear sign that there are some serious issues there.

  • OT Richter

    Surely RNZ owes JK an apology.

    • Judy Mitchell

      Or he owes them a writ.

      • Pharmachick

        I dunno Judy – one of the wonderful things about the Key family (as separate from the PM himself) is how they hold themselves above all this brouhaha [which is, I ought not to add but cannot help, totally the opposite of “Tarnbabe69”]. I don’t think that the family will acknowledge the gutter sniping, and in denying it oxygen they are not tainted by it. Hence, no need for writs. And they have my highest respect for that too.

        • Judy Mitchell

          I agree re the Key family and they have my highest respect also. I just don’t believe these two really outstanding young people deserve to have this rubbish following them for the rest of their lives. I believe that this type of openly public threat of abuse must cease immediately and not considered ok and the norm for the future. The next leader’s family may not be so strong.

    • peterwn

      RNZ scalped Brian Edwards years ago, perhaps it is now Kim Hill’s turn for scalping.

      • haysel

        Actually Kim did a good job of the interview, she wasn’t having any of TS childish petulance. However recently there has been an intake of leftie exec’s from Maori TV and they are obviously calling the shots now.

        • OneTrack

          But even inviting this goose to be interviewed was a strategic error at best. If he had sung about killing or raping Helen do you think they would have invited him on? No, it is ok when the left does it.

          Sick lefties, real sick.


    Jacinda who???

  • kaykaybee

    Incitement to murder and violent, explicit rape culture music with encouragement from the left wing media luvvies and darling Jacinda is all ok if it’s directed at the right wing. Who cares when a young girl is blatantly threatened with rape when she’s only the daughter of the centrist (could never call him right wing let’s face it)PM.
    Nothing to see here, rather engage in conjecture about imaginary alliances between attack bloggers (sic) and the “new” practice of Political Dark Arts…

  • kayaker

    What these idiots do not seem to realise is, that the more this happens (i.e. the bullying of JK and his family), the more the support grows for JK (refer the last election).

    Decent Kiwis do not countenance this filth.

    Edit: punctuation

  • H. Upmann

    Big mistake Kim Hill having this piece of trash on your program…. Big mistake.

    I actually heard bits of her discussion with this feral creep (it could not be called an interview) and could not believe her still talking him up and continuing to play his selection of songs after he disappeared from the conversation.

    No more KH while driving on Saturdays for me.

    • I beg to differ. A little Kim Hill sunshine applied to the dark recesses of the far Left is a very good thing.

      But where were Jan Logie, Metiria Turei and Julie Anne Genter when this was playing out in the media during the election campaign? Their collective silence was deafening, and does them no credit whatsoever.

      • virtualmarknz

        I agree Keeping Stock.

        I expect the vast majority of listeners on Saturday morning came away thinking Tom Scott was a total drop-kick. His petulance about the outcome of the election clearly showed his immaturity. And the comments about wanting to murder the PM, and the rape comments from the song clearly show he’s feral. He’s no poster boy for a fair-thinking left.

        The disappointing bit was that Kim Hill thought he’d be any other than that. But I suspect she was hoping for exactly this kind of controversy.

    • kayaker

      I was listening to KH’s program yesterday when I heard the name Tom Scott mentioned. My ears pricked up because I thought it was Tom Scott the cartoonist. Then when I heard the theme of the interview and that song, I switched it off. I’m going to follow up with RNZ on this – according to them, they’ve had lots of feedback, but no complaints (as at this morning). Not sure I believe that, though.

      • H. Upmann

        Same here on the cartoonist. I have lodged a complaint

  • haysel

    BTY.. FYI Tom Scott has stated on NatRad his father was a communist party member and both his parents were Heroin addicts…(for contexts)

    • Imogen B

      Not surprising. That special kind of stupid is not usually natural, it comes chemically assisted.

      • haysel

        It’s their family culture…the lefts culture, F**k your life up badly then look the the Government to see you through..this is the culture Jacinda Ardent ‘hearted’ in 2012

    • intelligentes candida diva

      That is so sad, now society bears the brunt of their childs hurt and anger

  • Rachael Membery

    I am not sure that it is fair to ‘slate’ Jacinda for a comment in 2012 before this toxicity. Has any one asked for her current stance? That I would be interested in.

    • haysel

      Yes good point, what is her stance on the lefts support of NZ’s rape culture?

  • Jono

    He sounds like he’d rather throw a tantrum first about his circumstances rather than better them himself and then fire barbs at people he envies because they’ve done something better with their lives. I have no time for this silly, puerile, little tantrum thrower.

    Edit: my response if he has any defence on his part of ‘artistic licence’: my backside.

  • sin-ic

    well forgotten

  • Michael_l_c

    Kim Hill did very well. A thoughtful interview & he insisted on mouthing off & showed himself up for what he really is.
    If the left support or use him they have learnt nothing from the election. Even yoof only went to KDC’S gigs 4 the free beer.How do weomen of the left support him & claim a problem with a rape culture? Oh, hypocrisy, of course.
    I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I only heard of him here on WO pre election, and now this is the first image.
    Anyone wielding a broken jagged edged bottle I find intimidating and question the core of their humanity.
    Why, why, why?

  • OneTrack

    She condoned having the guy on her program, and his original comments were well known months ago.

  • Maarty1961

    Life is too short to listen to Kim Hill any more, but I played this back and yes she did well but could have twisted the knife a bit more.

  • Doc45

    Many of you are missing the point. Kim Hill and her producer knew full well what was likely to happen. The knew the Key family and right wing politics would be on the receiving end of evil vitriol. He wasn’t just whisked off the street to appear. Kim Hill covered her backside by trying to thwart the rotten little twerp.
    The point is WO is still being hammered for a few remarks about another moronic twit and he did so on his own blog on his own dime. Kim Hill and her team use publicly funded National Radio to allow indecent, shameful ranting and the evil promotion of rape and killing and there hasn’t been a murmur from the usual leftie hypocrites.

  • PaulyPM

    right because a trashy song is so much worse than a slanderous fat blogger with a nasty writing style.