Kevin Hague plays #dirtypolitics and becomes a stalker


Green Taliban MP Kevin Hague just can’t help himself but dive head-first into the pit of #dirtypolitics like some pimp-whore.

Using stolen emails, Kevin Hague has taken it upon himself to be a so-called public health champion in Parliament on behalf of the“voice of the public” Boyd Swinburn aka Boyd Swingeburn.

In the process he’s become an obsessive stalker.  

The Village People understudy is so upset that Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has batted away his 56 questions about the Health Promotion Board member Katherine Rich and Board chair Lee Mathias , he’s decided to ask the Auditor General to investigate his view that a conflict of interest exists .

Aside from the fact that Hague is obviously so fizzing at the bung about this, he doesn’t even spell-check the spelling of the Chair of the HPA in his media release, questions should be asked about his unavoidable conflict of interest with the troughing NGO community.


And who is Hannah Wignall you ask? She was the 2IC to another well known trougher from the Smokefree Coalition Prudence Stone who boasted about getting laid on the taxpayer while on a holiday, junket, conference in Japan.

Some would see this as a clear conflict between the advocacy lobbying of NGOs funded by the taxpayer and Members of Parliament. Maybe the Auditor General should be investigating this instead.

All this makes you wonder why someone like Katherine Rich would want to be on the HPA in the first place. She was well known as a bit of a bleeding heart in the National caucus, so it’s not surprising she has ended up on an agency that pumps out taxpayer money to a wide range to troughers.

With the Chair of the HPA Lee Mathias saying that Katherine Rich has “been a very strong supporter of every decision made by this agency”, Kevin Hague is now throwing Lee Mathias under the bus in his efforts to back his troughing mates.


Problem for Kevin Hague is that he’s prepared to defame people like Katherine Rich saying that she’s “broken the law”.  That sounds defamatory.

The simple reality is that to Kevin Hague, the hint of big business being involved in policy decisions around public health issues is just too much for him to handle.

Likewise being in opposition for another three years.



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  • The Whinging Pom

    Problem for the Greens is private enterprise being involved in anything.

    If they had their way every little corner of our lives would be regulated by their bureaucratic friends.

    A pity that most of them were too young to take a visit to the ‘Peoples Democracies’ before the 1990s. Then they’d have some idea of what state control of everything does.

  • So, don’t go to the meetings and be uninformed about opinions, feelings or understand the decision process, or go to the meetings and make positive contribution. Hard choice .

  • Des Marshall

    So he only wants people opposed to ‘Big whatever’ on the HPA? Sounds fair and reasonable. Actually they should scrap the whole lot of these toughing boards, because the reality is we’re fatter and more useless now than ever before, so they are failing miserably. Come up with a plan that actually works for once.

  • Second time around

    The fact that Kevin Hague has become involved suggests that these so-called health initiatives, whilst undoubtedly well intentioned, are fundamentally impracticable.

  • Bunter

    Another good reason For getting rid of MMP. Gosh, the evidence for getting rid of this MMP is coming thick and fast

  • caochladh

    The trouble with these unelected MMP Muppet’s is that they have nothing constructive to occupy their time, so they are continually wandering off into the realms of fantasy.

  • Gaynor

    I am the only one old enough to think Hague looks like Alf Garnett?

    • Punter

      Yes my father pointed me in the direction of old Alf Garnett videos on youtube – must watch in this PC world….

    • The Whinging Pom

      As Private Eye used to say : “I wonder if by chance they are related?’

      Of course appearance is where similarities between Garnett and Hague stops.

      Alf Garnet was in no way as bigoted and prejudiced as Hague, and by comparison Alf brought a degree of intellectual rigour to his discourse.

  • hunk4hire .

    This blow-hard was president of the Auckland University Students’ Association when I was a student there, way back. He’s a career mouth-runner who loves the sound of his own voice. Like most former student politicians, he’s a fascist who has political correctness coming out the ying-yang.

  • Catriona

    So, what was Kevin Hague’s claim to fame before he stuck his snout in the trough then? I mean, is a person we need to take seriously or is just another Green lunatic justifying his existence (or not) to the taxpayer of NZ?

  • Wallace Westland

    Every time I read “Understudy to the Village People” I actualy see ” Understudy to the Village Idiot”…seriously..every time!
    As to “All this makes you wonder why someone like Katherine Rich would want to be on the HPA in the first place.” Well she’s a typical politician and when a trough is presented snout must be inserted. Need I say more?