Kevin Hague’s creepy stalking of Katherine Rich has a logic problem


Kevin Hague continues to creepily stalk Katherine Rich but it seems his logic is somewhat flawed.

Quite apart from the fact that there is no pecuniary interest to Katherine Rich personally he is basically saying that if ANYONE who makes a “profit” in any way should be prevented from being on a board…except his health trougher mates.

There is a problem with his logic though as Eye2thelongrun point outs.

Green “healthy food” spokesman Kevin Hague says he has a problem with Food and Grocery CE Katherine Rich’s “conflict of interest” in being a member of the Health Promotion Agency  which, amongst other things, promotes healthy food while at the same time heading an organisation whose members make a profit out of distributing and selling food.

He’s right. He does have a problem.

Like the numerous others who still some 5,000 years on from first ever production, do not understand what a profit is.  

At the simplest level of course, people selling healthy food make a profit. The production of muesli, St John’s Wort, mescaline weeds and all things green and vegie is undertaken for profit – just like the production of pies, potatoes and steak.

A profit is the cost of risk. Risk is an input to making healthy and unhealthy food. Without that input there is no production – healthy or otherwise. Just as a car will not provide transport without fuel so a food business will not provide food without the input of risk.

The cost of providing that risk input (the risk the business will lose its shirt) happens to be called profit. Profit does not come from the devil, thin air, nasty CEs, National Party voters, Labour Party Voters, Kim Dotcon, people who with Commerce degrees rather than BAs in literature or from people who don’t like Morris Dancing.

Profit is the cost of risk pure and simple. If you want healthy food you must pay for the risk involved in producing that food. Just as you must pay for the risk involved in producing unhealthy food. The cost of that risk is called profit.

Sending Katherine Rich out of the room, or asking the Minister of Health to fire her or asking the Auditor General to dispatch her to the corridor will not eliminate the need for profit.

It might though, hinder production of healthy food because the Food and Grocery Council members know more than a little about how to manage risk and profit in food production.

This is the problem with Communists masquerading as Green party politicians…logic escapes them but their jihad to cleanse our country of any opposing thought and speech continues.


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  • Charlie

    You only have to look at the guy to see that he is a dunderhead, imagine the nightmare if these chumps ever weaselled their into power. I assume he is just another politician who hasn’t got the foggiest idea what it takes to run a business and survive in the real world.
    I spoke with one of these academic theorists once and he described to me how all the tourists were being ripped of on a sightseeing boat. He was shocked that they only put in $300 worth of fuel but charged all the 20 or 30 passengers $100 each for the trip.
    I reminded him that they still had to cover all the operating costs, wages, food, capital outlay etc. etc.His reply ” What’s that got to do with how much they charge”.
    Probably ended up as a Green party advisor!

  • NotGandalf

    or: how to look like a gloryhole lurker…creepy pic IMO

  • James

    I assume that everybody who is sitting on the Board is volunteering and only charging for their expenses; we wouldn’t want them to be profiting from their labour and know-how as that would be dirty and capitalist profits.

    Obviously the same goes for nursing and teaching as we can’t have anybody involved in these essential industries making a profit.

    • peterwn

      except that Mercy stakeholders want a return on their investment, and Kings, Dio, St Cuths etc need to make a bit of profit to stay relevant and in business.

      • James

        Terrible – these institutions should be nationalised and brought safely into the bosom of that nice nanny, the State, before their wicked capitalist propaganda infiltrates further minds. Return on investment? Pah, investment is what the State does when it spends your money, gladly given to it, on West Coast angels with gorgeously alternative first names.

  • JC

    So what is Hague doing with his Jihad.. he’s conferring not a profit but a benefit or advantage to the people who want to get rid of Rich so as to more easily sell their ideas to the public. They perceive that to be in the best interests of themselves, ie, for continued employment, for the grant money to keep rolling in, to reduce the perceived risk to their reputations if contrary opinions are allowed to be aired.. oh.. and its all being done because they perceive a benefit to the public of course.

    Hague likewise receives benefits in political advantage in his Marxist aims to remove private profits and control of the population.. he believes all “profits” are Govt property.. oh.. that’s also in the best interests of the public of course!

    Does Rich have a conflict of interest?.. yes of course she does but its better known in democracies as getting a range of opinions.


  • i have a simpler definition of profit, profit is the incentive to do something. A farmers not going to grow a crop of spuds unless she can be reasonably sure of selling them for more than the cost to plant them with enough leftover to live on herself. just as I won’t sell you a phone case unless the proceeds from that sale will replace the goods and buy my lunch.

    I too have noticed that misunderstanding of profit, I got the occasional dummy that went off the deep end when i was on Trademe about how i was just trying to gouge people, that they knew what i bought it for in China and because i was selling it for higher than that I was an a***hole.

    Personally, i think somebody thats making money in the healthy foods game is the exact type of person we want on the Health Promotion Board, who else is going to have the experience to discuss the logistics and commercial viability of their plans

    • jonno1

      That’s a great practical definition of profit Damian. In my game (a nasty consultant) my hourly rate reflects exactly the same thing. If I’m not keen on an assignment, or too busy, or can’t be bothered, I whack up my rate till either it’s worth it to me or they stop asking. Works a treat. OTOH, if a client wants me full time for say six months, they get a deal (and it always turns into 12 months or longer). :)

      As for the Trade Me thing, I’m more than happy to buy goods from a local trader who has gone to the trouble of importing it for me. The price I pay reflects its value to me, regardless of the direct cost to the trader.

  • Wallace Westland

    Profit DOESN’T come from Morris dancing? Christ! Where’s my bl***y accountant?

  • unitedtribes

    It is nonsense to suggest that someone with expertise in a particular field are prevented to sit on an industry body in that field by suggesting a conflict. They are on the body because of their expertise. I have run into this attitude quite often and it always comes from those who attend only to disrupt.