Labour: Posturing, puffery, pointless and pathetic

Labour said before the bill progressed that they would support the so-called Foreign Fighters Bill.

But they went to the parliament and started posturing and pretending like they opposed it all along…then proceeded to vote for the bill anyway.

The Labour party launched a series of attacks on new anti-terror laws last night –  but its MPs still voted for it.

National’s “foreign fighters” bill passed into law, 94 votes to 27, with Parliament debating final stages late into the night.

The Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill aims to tackle home-grown terrorism, with the Government arguing the rise of the Islamic State terror group in the Middle East increased the risk of an attack here.

It allows warrantless surveillance for 24 hours, and includes powers to cancel passports for up to three years, when authorities suspect terrorist activities.

Labour leader Andrew Little today said the party agreed there was a security risk that had to be dealt with.    

“When it comes down to issues of safety and security, which is what this bill is dealing with, and a particular security risk involving extremists and fanatics, we’ve accepted that there is a risk but it’s not easy to cover it off by the law as it [was],” he said on Firstline.

But a law that called for an “intrusion on people’s freedoms” needed to be held up to greater scrutiny.

“In the two days that people had available to make submissions, there were 600 submissions,” Little said.

“A lot of people put in a reasonably good effort, but a lot of them obviously were very brief.

“We’ve said to the Government we don’t ever want to be put in this position again.”

Posturing, puffery, pointless and pathetic.

It is this sort of inane carry-on in the parliament that turns off voters.

If Labour think they can posture and bluster their way into the treasury benches then they have another thing coming.

It just proves that their beliefs are paper thin, and their politics are wonky.

People simply don;t care that ratbags get spied on.


– Fairfax


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  • R2D2

    I think Little Andy Pandy just misheard the question. When they said “do you support the Foreign Fighters”, he thought they said “Foo Fighters”.

  • Like everything Labour do. They are a lost party, clutching at straws. No direction and no leader.

    • Mark C

      I think in this case it’s that Andrew can’t bring himself to say the Government is right.
      Leftists seem, also, to be unable to apologise when they have made a mistake; child-like traits, in my view.

  • caochladh

    Its my belief that a governments primary duty is to protect its citizens against internal and external threats. When Labour have control of the Treasury Benches, they have shown they have little interest in doing this.

    • Aucky

      The ‘benign backyard’ myth used by Clark to strip what remained of our country’s air defences and an integral part of joint commitments to our Anzac partner. Never mind the strategic implications, that treasonous move ripped the infrastructure right out of the RNZAF and destroyed it as an effective force.

  • timemagazine

    I am very glad those people aree spyed on.

  • Well, the problem is, Labour mixes up principles with realities. In principle, I’d prefer the Crown doesn’t have unrestricted surveillance powers (even if only for 24 hours). But that simply isn’t practical against certain types of criminals (and that’s all terrorists really are). So it’s fine to talk about principles, freedom, etc. But when you’ve got people who are organised and willing, and have murderous intent, reality invariably has to give way. Until Labour gets this sort of thing into their heads, it’s simply posturing.

  • cows4me

    They are behaving like petulant children. This is simply a cry, “look at us look at us, if you don’t we’ll start crying”. Is it any wonder they banned smacking.

    • R2D2

      And what about: “I’m sorry I’m a man”? Although, to be fair, that has got to be the top pick for “Ironic sentence of the year”.

  • Honcho

    I am interested to hear who that 27 who voted against were exactly, other than enemies of peace. I believe in freedom, but the buck stops at the freedom to commit crime, to go overseas on ‘adventure jihad (holy war)’ … nobody has the freedom to murder other human beings, here nor abroad, and those who support those with murderous intent are indeed just as dangerous.

    • niggly

      Greens, NZF, MP voted against.

    • 14 Green MP’s, 11 New Zealand First MP’s (how ironic is that; this Bill was about putting the interests of New Zealand first!) and the two Maori Party MP’s. All National, Labour, Act and United MP’s voted in favour.

      • Honcho

        Cheers, I’m suprised and not suprised at all by NZ1st’s actions, suprised because it is in line with their parties line, and not suprised because it was clearly taken by Winny as an opportunity to be a stirrer … that man’s selfishness really does defy logic.

    • Dairy_Flat

      Think enemies of peace – so that’s Greens, Maori, and Winnie told his mob to vote against it and this time they managed to vote as told.

  • niggly

    Little whines about there only being two days for public consultations being not good enough etc.

    Little should stop whining and spinning, the facts are the Govt made it known weeks if not months in advance that they would introduce such legislation (and in a bi-partisan manner), therefore the peace-niks and greenies had advanced warning that they better start writing letters against the legislation. So then a two day window of opportunity appeared for people opposing the legislation to have their say – they should have been prepared in the first place!

    Finally NZ First opposing the bill. Oh dear, I wonder whether the likes of Ron Mark and Richard Prosser like Winnies stance of cuddling up to the Green Party and not taking national security seriously!

    • See my reply to Honcho above. If ever there was a Bill that put the interests of New Zealand first, it was this one. But Winston Peters had to invoke Godwin’s Law, and his faithful followers dared not defy him by voting according to their principles, not those of Peters.

  • Dairy_Flat

    Once again Labour miss an opportunity to seem sensible and instead manage to confirm further that they have no moral core. All they had to do was agree to support this with a view to having influence on what’s coming up later, but no, they whine and bluster that the legislation is flawed then vote for it. Shower of unprincipled Muppets.

  • Alexander K

    The modern NZLP has lost any pretence of relevance to any person who actually earns a living. When I think of the men and women of my youth who were not only real workers, in the physical exertion sense, but proud of their support for ‘their’ trade unions, I am sure they will all be spinning in their graves right now at the whiny and irrelevant pretend NZLP.

  • BJ

    Obviously Andy Pandy is happy to mislead the majority while appealing to the very people we would prefer not to be in this country.

    As John Banks would say “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”.

  • Catriona

    Well, of course, the Greens would have vote against this Bill.

  • Nz front

    Typical Labour alway’s double standard. They are so weak and nasty.

  • Bayman

    It’s amazing, they get on their high horses when Andrea Vance gets ‘spied upon’, they receive stolen emails and communication from WOBH which is ok then posture and say we can’t check in on potential terrorists!!

    At least they’re consistant in their inconsistency!!