Labour’s Dirty Politics by cowardly David Parker continues


Labour’s Dirty Politics tactics continue today with coward David Parker now trying to pressure the Police into picking up allegations he’s too scared to repeat outside of Parliament.

Here’s his latest attempt at politicising the New Zealand Police force for political means. Question 11 today reads:

Hon DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Police: Does he know whether or not the allegations in Matt Nippert’s 31 August 2014 article in the Sunday Star-Times that Cameron Slater and Carrick Graham were paid to undermine the Serious Fraud Office are correct?

This follows on from last week when David Parker abused the protection of Parliamentary privilege where he defamed and smeared Mark Hotchin, Carrick Graham, Cathy Odgers and myself on the basis of hearsay.

A week on, and David Parker has clearly not even bothered to actually read Justice Chisholm’s Report about the issues he’s banging on about.

He’s also clearly not read WOBH otherwise he would see the answers to his questions and those of journalist Matt Nippert.  A journalist who now works for a newspaper where Justice Chisholm found the only people  other than SFO staff paid to undermine Adam Feeley were their own journalists.

No, that would be far to inconvenient for David Parker. Instead David Parker is keen to waste Parliamentary time and sink into the pit of Dirty Politics.

With Andrew Little failing to call on David Parker to repeat those allegations outside the house, Labour is right back in the thick of Dirty Politics – a place they know so very well.

Meanwhile,  the tipline has been buzzingabout a little known politician called David Parkers.

Even today shocking new information was forwarded to WOBH, including hearsay comments reporting goat sounds echoing along certain Parliamentary corridors.

One thing is for sure, Labour’s Dirty Politics tactics reinforce the view that their  “Vote Positive” slogan was nothing but a throw away line.


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  • john Doe

    It has taken “the goat” one week to pluck up the courage to have another say in parliament. This time a stupid and defunct time wasting question on a subject that has no relevance to the governance of this country.

  • Monty

    I wonder is David Parker has stopped taking the women off his best mate yet?

    • Honcho

      It’s a love not given lightly …

  • Alfred

    It seems demonstrably unfair that MPs can mouth off in Parliament, make allegations against people whether right or wrong, yet those potentially defamed have very little recourse. Parker looks as though he knows making those allegations outside of Parliament would see him lose his house, but what the heck, make them under privilege anyway.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Alfred, the idea of privilege is necessary as it ensures absolute freedom of speech in Parliament. The issue is that MP’s from time to time abuse it. There is a sort of remedy for the public, “If a member of the public considers that their reputation has been damaged by a reference to them in the House, they can ask the Speaker to include a response to it in Parliament’s official record”.

      • Alfred

        Gee that’s an effective way to repair the damage done by an MP smearing people. So if you took offence at an MPs comment, your response would appear buried in Hansard that no one reads, yet the media have taken the allegations and run with them giving this MP air-time at the expense of the person potentially defamed. Sounds like all care and no responsibility by MPs.

        • In Vino Veritas

          I’m not saying I’m agreeing with the remedy Alfred, just saying that there is one. For mine, I think Parker is an imbecile. I’m also of the school of thought that what goes around, comes around. Sooner or later it will be Parker who will squirm.

  • Dave

    and the answer from the minister of police should have been, David, please go straight to the local police station, make the allegations public and fill in a complaint form, then call a press conference and make the allegations in public. This government, unlike Labour does not support meddling in police matters. put up or shut up David. PS: tell us what is going on with the Goat stories we have herd.

  • Alexander K

    Parker’s juvenile and reckless questions in the house are similar to that of a teenage boy who has discovered sex and can’t stop boasting loudly behind the school bike sheds. Not very adult or dignified and quite unethical in a the parliamentary context. Grown-up behaviour seems beyond the reach of most current NZLP politicians.

  • timemagazine

    DP is probably reading WO, but that doesn’t stop him from playing with hores manure in parliament. He still hopes something will stick in the end.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    So what was the answer to his question? Anyone got a link to the vid?

    • colinrippey

      The Poisoned Dwarf’s last supplementary to Woodhouse got smacked out of the park.

    • Second time around Q11

      The speaker almost disallowed the question because of a lack of ministerial responsibility and then seemed to be contemplating throwing Parker out when he started to argue with him. Overall, not one of David’s better performances, he should have stuck with Finance and the big tool he was honing before the election.

      • danielnz

        Parker does better in a 1v1 when the other person has just had a stroke.

    • Billythekid

      Have a look at the clip in the house when the camera angles in on the idiot Parker raising the questions. Like me do you see nothing of consequence ?

      • BlitzkriegNZ

        Haven’t had the chance to yet but I’ll try find it tonight.

  • cows4me

    Don’t worry WO he’s just kidding, David is always acting the goat.

  • Greg M

    This is starting to get on my goat. Mr Parker needs to put up or shut up, and stop smearing people. He’s too thick to realise the majority of voters voted against this type of behaviour.

    • Dave

      You have a goat? Some advice Greg, best to hide him from this Parkers chap and all his mates he hangs out with, the lot of them concern me, rumour has it not one of them can be trusted.

  • coltheman

    Two Labour Party MP’s were in court. One was charged with shagging a Goat. The other was charged with acting the Goat.

  • Curly1952

    I think he is too thick to understand how to play dirty politics hence his fail everytime he opens his trap. With him in your team you’re as good as a man short.

  • OneTrack

    When is Little going to start “leading”, tell his troops to pull their heads in, put their game of “Gotcha” away, grow up and start acting like a real opposition.

  • Rick H

    David Parker – yet another “Lister” – who has not been elected as an MP for over 12 years.
    Troughing Listers.