At least he’s got oxygen now

Caution:  Raw footage / langauge


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  • cows4me

    Something similar happened to the wife and myself on the Queenstown gondola. A lady about 35 got in with us and the gondola left the bottom station. A bit of wind blew the gondola and this lady started to freak. She went crazy, nothing we could say could calm her, she thought she was going die, she just about did I was going to plant her. She tried to open the doors, we managed to sit her down. They had to take her down in a car.

  • LabTested

    My office in europe is in the same building the Mormon recruiting centre. 2 months ago one of my staff got stuck in the elevator for over an hour with 3 Mormons. He refuses to use the lift anymore & walks the 5 flights – just in case it happens again

  • Wahbonnah

    It could be worse….
    You could be stuck in there with Martin Martins