Do the left wing actually believe their own spin?

Do the left wing actually believe their own spin.

I say this because if you believe every utterance before or since Nicky Hager colluded with a criminal to hack and publish a journalist’s emails the following list of claims have been made.

In no particular order;

  • I am irrelevant
  • I am mentally unstable
  • I am a criminal
  • I control the Prime Minister, either through blackmail or some other artifice
  • The cabinet is under my control too…for the same reasons
  • The SIS is effectively my stooges and I use them to spy on political opponents
  • Same with the GCSB
  • But, it is actually the Prime Ministers Office that controls me despite all of the above
  • No its Carrick Graham
  • I am beholden to big business (They say that like it is a bad thing)
  • Andrew Little says I am a sociopath
  • I consort with gangs
  • I control one gang in particular
  • I can and have arranged hit-men (this was even attempted to be raised in court by one particular vexatious litigant)
  • Did I mention I am a sociopath according to Andrew Little

I’m not sure I have remembered everything…it is possible I have left some out, please add the missing ‘crimes’ and ‘sins’ in the comments.

As you can see it is mostly contradictory but those are the lies, smears and claims that have been levelled at me over the years, and most of them this year.

A man so irrelevant that a conspiracy was organised with a veritable star cast of the left in order to bring down someone they have claimed for years is irrelevant…a whole book and the focus of most of this political year on an irrelevant blogger/journalist?

Still if you believe all those things they have said about me…that I control the PM, SIS, GSCB, gangs, Police, hit-men, big business…sociopath as well…all of it…you do have to wonder why it is they are risking even speaking my name?

About the only thing they haven’t yet accused me of is being a drug dealer…


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  • Kevin

    What about being a puppet of Israel and the Joos? I’m sure they have but if not it’s just a matter of time.

    • yes good point…Mossad is in my pocket too…again why do they speak my name?

      • Carl

        You also were the driving force behind Frankie in Fiji and his coup so he is another in your pocket.

        • Yeah, so I hope none of them go on ‘holiday’ in Fiji…and still they mention my name

  • sheppy

    Being a shapeshifter so you seem like a normal person to those on the right?

  • Tom

    Well then: you control a certain gang, the big accident yesterday involved a couple of members, therefore you caused the traffic snarl up. Too easy right?

  • mommadog

    I do believe the left wing believe their own spin. They are so into believing the spin that they are not capable of seeing the contradictions of it all. Some are trying to be the Jim Jones’s and leading the pack with the stories and untruths for their own purposes. Many others including many in the MSM are happy to follow, reporting what they have been told because they cant and don’t investigate for themselves. Why should they when a) the leader told them its all true and b) investigating is disloyal to the leader(s). They are happy to go along, do what they are told while believing it is their choice and will happily drink the cool aid in all its forms when told to. There really is something cult like by those in the thick of it – whether politicians, media or public who burn effigies and deface billboards.

  • rantykiwi

    I’m sure they’ve banged on about you murdering innocent animals too.

  • That kind of inconsistency is a sure sign of amateur “analyse” and small group strategising. Where are their experts? Where are the leaders that keep them on message?

  • Cam, you forgot:
    -too big for your own boots
    -lie at the drop of an oily rag (showing my age with that saying)
    -support National like a slave
    -vote National
    -clean Judith Collins boots
    -support anti-global warming (you pig!)
    -call a spade a spade (major criminal offence these days)
    -manipulate your supporters via mind control

  • Nige.

    no disrespect to church goers of today, in fact modern christian churches are more tolerant than I ever expected them to be, but the parallels and similarities between the church of say 50 years ago and todays modern leftist groups (unions and tree huggers included) is incredible.

    -Make there own rules,
    -change them to suit themselves,
    -deny deny deny when accused of anything,
    -utilize the “ends justifies the means” defense,
    -point the finger at everyone but themselves
    -rewrite history where ever possible to cover up any “skeletons”

    The leftist parties have become everything they claimed to hate about churches and hierarchy in general.

    Well thats how I see it. Please correct me if im wrong.

    • dgrogan

      Fortunately, the left is a very narrow church.

    • Hard1

      I think everyone’s doing it, learning what works and getting better at it. Let’s call it “Hermit Crab Syndrome”, when you only come out to scurry or bite.
      Whether it’s the Police, Councils, the Red Cross, Politicians, Criminals, Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, you name it, they’ve all perfected the art of denial and deflection. The MSM are right in there with them, enabling the whole stinking cabal to get away with it by not asking the right questions, having been bought and paid for for many years.

  • Billythekid

    Just look at it as priceless marketing for your future endeavours ? The likes of Saatchi and Saatchi would be drooling with envy at a marketing campaign so favourable.
    In my circle of friends and colleagues there was neary a mention of WO prior to the rotten rooting ratbag breaking story about boil head Lenny. Now it’s a daily read, discussion and debate.
    I relent respecting left polis, however their daily marketing campaign for Cam and WO has allowed me a 1%’er show of respect !

  • Davo42

    You forgot the one about you supporting the apparently rampant NZ rape culture. Man how do you sleep at night?

  • Ratchette

    Truth always hurts. You certainly have the left ‘on the run’
    Don’t respond other than report more of their lies.
    If you respond they have exercised some control.
    There is nothing so infuriating (to these people) than to ignore them, make them feel they are irrelevant, they do not exist.
    Simply keep on keeping on. Live by your conscious.

  • Cadwallader

    I had thought of suggesting a competition here as to who can make up the most outrageous lie about WO. Then I thought no matter how bizarre the lie could be, the msm would take it as authentic then their disciples in the Lab/Green zoo would be gabbing-off about it!
    (My entry would’ve tied Cam into sexual misconduct with numerous members of the North Korean government with $$$$ changing hands…undoubtedly Mallard or a similar idiot aided and abetted by the likes of John Campbell would’ve drum-rolled it into the national psyche.)

  • cows4me

    Disillusionment is all they have to explain their failings. When you continue to lurch from screw up to stuff up and you obviously have the best policies and people then the game has to be rigged against you, what other reason could there be.

  • KGB

    If I had control of the PM, Gangs, Police, SIS, GCSB, Hit-men and Big Business, I’d be obscenely wealthy. No need to dabble in drug dealing.

    • peterwn

      I wonder how much J Edgar was worth when he died.

  • Wendy

    Well on they up side…they are crediting you with having some serious power.

    • Dave

      Which is more than Labour, the Greens or Angry Andy, or NotNormal Norman have, they are just jealous!

  • friardo

    Interestingly, the essence of what has happened and continues to happen by continuous demonisation of Cam is that more and more people who might have believed some part to be true are now completely put off because all of it couldn’t possibly be.

    Even better, whenever they have concentrated on any issue so much that it has actually been investigated Cam has been shown to have come out clean. So back to inventing more claims with the corresponding backlash of disbelief.

    They used to say that business was the only game in town, but this politics stuff is way more fun. To bad that the left don’t enjoy it isn’t it.

  • GazzaNZ

    The Left Wing claim Cam is “irrelevant” but we’ve already lost count of how many times his name is mentioned in Parliamentary chambers at question time? On that basis I bet Andrew Little wishes he were as ‘irrelevant’ as Cam!

  • oldmanNZ

    You are also, according to the Greens.
    Toxic and Vile.
    Spread hate and abuse.
    Laugh at dead babies?

    funny thing is, all these almost describe KDC?
    He said his brand was Toxic, he make rape jokes, and have collectables belonging to a hate regime.

  • PhantomsDoc

    I would swear that Shape-shifting Lizard Skinned Alien has been mentioned in the past.

  • Michael

    Both personally responsible for global warming and simultaneously denying it exists!