Like a rat, finding another drain pipe

A Soundbite A Day Keeps Critisism At Bay

RNZ report

At the time of the internet entrepreneur’s arrest in New Zealand three years ago, the Hong Kong court froze $HK330 million of assets that were linked to the now defunct Megaupload website.

The United States is attempting to extradite Mr Dotcom to face copyright and money-laundering charges related to the Megaupload business.

Last month he told the Unbound Digital conference he had spent $10 million on his legal battle and was broke.

His legal team in Hong Kong filed an application in April this year seeking to lift the restraining order on his Hong Kong assets, as the US had never tried to lay charges against Mr Dotcom in Hong Kong.

The court has scheduled a full hearing, when Mr Dotcom will be able to argue that he should get his assets back.

He has said that he has run out of New Zealand funds due to mounting legal and other costs.

As usual, the truth comes out.  He’s “broke in New Zealand”, but still has enough money to pay for legal action in Hong Kong.

You know what?  I’m fairly broke in Wellington.  And Dunedin.  Don’t have money there either.

Dotcom is cornered, and is now exploring all possible options to try and find a new wedge.

I wish we would just extradite him already.  Surely the NZ law profession is OK with this now?  I mean, there’s nothing left to extract from Dotcom – you’ve drained him dry…. of New Zealand funds.   Surely you can release him to the States now?  Please?



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  • Crookednose

    How can those weasel words NOT be in breach of “Disclosing all assets”?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Why don’t the yanks send over Seal Team 6, grab him at the mansion then fly him out. They don’t mind doing it in other countries.

    • A bad precedent, but I think we should be flexible and be willing to take some things on the cheek. I mean, would anyone but the Greenies really mind?

      • Sooty

        Wussel still ain’t said what he was up to on all the visits to the mansion?

        • He claims he was trying to talk Kim out of his Internet Party plans.

          • MoggieManiac

            Maybe he was trying to talk him into bankrolling the Greens instead of Mana.

          • Catriona

            Russell aka txt Buster needs to fess up and tell the nation what was discussed. Come on Russell – we demand it.

    • David Moore

      Because the true test of freedom is how far you will go to protect the freedoms of someone you find nauseating.

    • Wahbonnah

      because they’ll need Seal Team 7 and 8 to extricate and carry him out!!!

  • Plus the $2 Billion in punitive damages he is claiming

    and a laser-beam on a dolphin – bwahahahaha

  • Wheninrome

    I prefer him in black, although orange has a certain appeal and is less “dull” and of course would suit his personality.

  • Catriona

    Well, he’s gonna need to find an extraordinarily large drainpipe me thinks. Even if he does find it, he’s going to get covered in excretment in the process.

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      The new tunnel in Waterview may just fit him

      • Catriona

        Ha Ha. I forgot to add that he is covered in excretement already.

  • Positan

    Interesting spellings of excrement.

  • Lets do an experiment to see what happens and put him on a plane to China.