Little Angry Andy PR crusade continues


The Taranaki Daily Times has joined in on the Little Angry Andy PR crusade.

Or have they?

The image used in the article above makes look cartoonish, with the body of a half sucked throatie and a face of a loon.

But the article goes on to try and turn around he image he has crafted for himself of being an angry, hard, union boss.

Labour leader Andrew Little serves up some tasty ham at the New Plymouth Community Christmas Charitable Trust’s lunch yesterday.

Andrew Little may be the leader of the Opposition in Parliament but it didn’t stop him rolling up his sleeves and helping out at New Plymouth’s community Christmas lunch yesterday.  

More than 200 people packed St Joseph’s Hall for the annual midday meal, which has been put on by a charitable trust since 1988.

As an army of volunteers laboured in the kitchen preparing the meal, the sound of laughter and chatter echoed around the hall while Tim Hall and Ryland Sheard played Christmas-themed music.

Little said he usually contributed financially to the lunch but he didn’t receive a letter this year.

“When I asked about it I was told ‘we didn’t want to bother you because of your new job’.”

But Little grew up in New Plymouth and said the region still held a special place in his heart.

“It’s always good to give something back to the community.”

Although the former trade union official holds some status in politics as the leader of the Labour Party, yesterday he was just one of the many volunteers helping to make the day a special occasion.

Before lunch Little mingled with the crowd.

Colleen Warren was impressed with Little’s approach.

“What a lovely man. it’s nice to see him walking around and shaking hands with people,” she said.

The best thing he could do after losing twice with increasingly large defeats is bugger off, it matter not that the bewildered old dears think he is lovely. They probably say that about the nurse who gives them their suppositories.


– Taranaki Daily News


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  • STAG

    Fish eyed lens has done him no favours.

  • exactchange

    The portrait of a Prime Minister in waiting? I think not.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I’ve been noticing a determined effort by the MSM to market Little as a really nice guy, the dawn of a new (NZ) world order etc etc.

    So I am left with the question:
    How much are Labour paying media to sell him to the masses?

    • Wheninrome

      Are they paying, or is it “donated” space from MSM, in which case does it fall within the donations not declared.

    • OneTrack

      They are doing it for the love. And a future chance at a Labour Party public relations job. They need to show now, how good they would be in the job.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    The Daily News has been sucked in by the story of the ‘local lad’ being leader of the Opposition despite those massive thumpings he’s taken at the hands of a relative non-entity like Jonathan Young….

    And to think that seat once had the biggest Labour majority in the country with Duynhoven. Of course Hulun shafted him because of that

    • Blue Tim

      These “stories” should have a disclaimer identifying if the “reporter” is a member of the EPMU

      • BigDes

        Totally agree. It would be only fair given the level of clamouring over any one else talking to new media.

  • Nechtan

    The article may have tried to talk him up, but the photo has me thinking Mr Bean crossed with David Bain.

    • PhantomsDoc

      I just keep thinking “Beaker from the Muppets”.

  • Effluent

    If you ask me, he looks like a demented garden gnome. Certainly enough to put me off my Christmas pudding, if I was one of the bewildered elderly residents.

  • timemagazine

    Somebody in the media has to prop up little Andrew.

  • johnnyB

    “we didn’t want to bother you because of your new job’. Nice bit of softening up for his excuse of why he isn’t standing in the electorate next time – he might become the only Major Party leader to not win his electorate if he does stand. I guess the ‘workload’ is a bit of a shock though due to the last six years being a Opposition list MP.

  • Sally

    Fundraising letters are sent out well in advance so in was more than likely he was taken off the list at the stage it he looked like he mightn’t make it back into parliament and became just a failed MP. Also he doesn’t represent New Plymouth, he is a list MP that squeaked into parliament.

    • Monito

      I agree why would he need to wait for the letter if he voluntarily gave a donation?

  • Aucky

    Interesting that he has to wear a name tag. I bet the PM wouldn’t need one.

  • Cadwallader

    Disney could patent that face!!!

  • Rick H

    So, what type of person would be part of this 200-strong bunch of free-loaders sharing this meal?
    The poor, beneficiaries, the down and outers?

    In effect, then, this is really just a labour Party get-together.

  • Mad Captain

    Is it just me or does Andy bear a striking resemblance to Woody Allen?

  • steve and monique

    About as attractive as that ham is to Muslims.

  • Betty Swallocks

    It’s a bit sad that, considering he grew up in New Plymouth and the region holds a special place in his heart, that the region doesn’t appear to reciprocate the feeling going by his efforts to become an elected MP there.

    • Rick H

      Probably as popular there, as the Cunliffe is back in Pleasant Point.

  • coltheman

    Only a Labour MP would go to a public Christmas dinner in their pyjamas.

  • MAWG

    Tasty ham? So much for the Muslim vote then…….

  • Eddie Nunns

    err “Rolled up his sleeves” they looked Buttoned down to me Just saying

    • Ratchette

      Angry has no apron ? This is a blatant photo opportunity.

      What a joke.

  • Teletubby

    It annoys me to see him using the occasion for the photo opp. A team of people have been working diligently in a kitchen for several hours with no fanfare and then Little rolls up, chats to a few people, puts a few slices of ham on plates and makes out he is the volunteer of the year. Reminds me of Goff with his shovel a few years ago if you are going to volunteer then get in and get dirty with thr crew. Don’t just waft about shooting of your mouth and posing and then chip half an hour of simple work

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Seeming again like native advertising. Rolled his sleeves up? Perhaps they got the wrong picture in the manner of the Herald where that is becoming the norm.

  • Hard1

    “it didn’t stop him rolling up his sleeves”

    For a start he didn’t roll up his sleeves.

    “It’s always good to give something back to the community.” So why does Little hardly ever do it?.

  • Ratchette

    I notice Angryandy’s Elves – left & right appear bored ratchette-less

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I can see a concentrated effort by the deluded left wing MSM of this country to project Angry Andy as Christ V3.0 (2.0 being Cunliffe). This crusade is led by John Moonman Armstrong, Fran O’Sullivan, Award winning Aunty Andrea Vance and the very old Audrey Young. Sucks really…..I think most of them will be sulking over the break that National is still enjoying more than 50% support in the polls and despite all their smears John Key is still extremely popular….

    • Ratchette

      Over twelve months ago opinion writer Armstrong worshiped King David (Armstrong’s words) as the savior of the left wing. This year Armstrong and the herald cabal worship angry andy as the new messiah. Kiss of death I think.

  • Eddie Nunns

    Could be he has his sleeves buttoned up so the Straw doesn’t fall out

    • hookerphil

      My first laugh today, thank you.

  • Sailor Sam

    Looks like a long string of fat hanging from the slice of ham he is holding.
    Not a good look when decrying the prevalence of KFC and Maccas in low socio-economic ares full of obese people.

  • Wendy

    Do these idiots have so little imagination that the only thing they can come up with to “give back to the community” is putting a bit of ham (that someone else has prepared) on a plate? Giving back, my ass. Photo op, and nothing more.

  • dgrogan

    He does look like one of Santa’s little helpers though doesn’t he.

    • Tom

      Well Satans actually.

  • taurangaruru

    wooohoo he mingled with the crowd – what is he, some sort of royalty?
    A kiwi that didn’t mingle with the crowd would be called a “Richard Cranium”

  • Nige.

    msm falling allll over the new leader. How can they or anyone at all get excited about the (what are we up to?) 5th/6th opposition leader to face John Key? hes just next in line to a spanking.

  • Korau

    Now there’s a face not used to smiling. More of a grimace!

    But he’s in socialist heaven. Giving away stuff that others have produced and others have paid for. And no doubt only keeping up the effort until the photo was taken.

  • The2Game

    I am astonished that Angry Andy can even hold up that heavy-looking slice of ham.
    He’s still recovering, surely, from the RSI all that individual Christmas Card writing he did must have given him…

  • Tom

    Little is he still there ?
    I imagine the guy will last at being leader as what he is of getting voted in a electorate.

  • Monito

    Angry Andy sure looks a little nutty in this photo isn’t there someone managing what gets into the press this is doing him no favours at all.

  • tex pistol

    There was a man called Little, little are his needs, little are his deeds and little by little he will f…k the Labour party.

  • Dave_1924

    This is just valid political behaviour by a Leader of the Oposition running a “the government is arrogant” meme. Where is JK? He is in Hawai’i on holiday isn’t he? So the contrast is valid and good PR. As much as you denigrate it its just sound political management, though the photo is a poorly chosen as it makes him look just a tad silly…

  • seismac

    Why doesn’t Grumpy go down to Lyttleton and sort out the union yobs with their stop work and containers ships go slow

  • Asian_driver

    Angry Andy goes to the buffet and serves himself another big helping