A little boy waits

Remember that advertisement from the 90s…

Every time I saw a picture of a prominent politician during the past year I was reminded of that advert.

He was as forlorn and as pathetic as the little girl in the advert.  

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

And finally, his latest one:

A little boy waits

A little boy waits

And still the little boy waits…he is the little politician who couldn’t.


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  • steve and monique

    David who??.

  • john Doe

    “The Peoples” choice loser of the year goes to ……David “a little boy waits” Cunliffe.

    • Rick H

      David “I’m too sorry to be a man, so now I’m a little boy who waits” Cunliffe

  • Pete

    Those plasters would have been put on deliberately..as would the pastor pose.

  • Nige.

    I wonder how many times he said “when I am prime minister after the election” and alsohow many people he talked himself up to……might be easier to count how many people he DIDNT talk himself up to.

    So full of himself. Kiwis really don’t like that.

  • Day Day

    He still polls higher than Andrew Little.

    • dgrogan

      And I’ve a feeling he’s not done yet.

  • Toothbrush76

    When does the little boy grow up and realise he needs to find a real job? Preferably one where he can practise his humility and do something worthwhile.

    • Rick H

      Instead of sitting a row or two back from the “questioner” during question time, making silly faces and looking like a big tool.

  • caochladh

    If he thinks that the age old “time out” and suitable penance in the wilderness trick will effect a return to favour, he has not counted on Angry Andrew the evil Union man who is right on to that sort of nonsense.

  • Ilovelife

    That first photo of him on the beach is down right embarrassing…so carefully, stupidly posed. If his followers were sucked in by it they are more stupid than I thought.

    • Rick H

      At least he wasn’t one of those fools with their heads buried in the sand.
      But, I reckon he wishes he thought of that one first.

  • A prime example of “careful what you wish for…”

  • Tom McKechnie

    Please. No more photos of the DC.
    Every time I see a picture of the fallen messiah, I hear the words ” I’ve only read a couple of chapters and I feel like I need to go & have a shower “.

  • Sailor Sam

    The only thing misssing from the first photo is the knotted hankie on his head.

  • Cadwallader

    What about the silly snap where his wetsuit was back to front?