Would you live here?


Would you live here?  

Someone bought this property and turned it from a dingy old garage into something you probably like.

Here’s how it looks now, when the front is all closed off


Looks a bit better, eh?  Watch what happens when the door is opened.


Welcome inside





That would make an awesome little bachelor pad somewhere.  Or even if you’re just there for the week days working in the city, and then fly back home for the weekend.



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  • Ilovelife

    I want one! Now to find a really, really cheap bit of land.

    • Albert Lane

      I believe you could find a really cheap bit of land in Ruatoria, but the grand-children of the owners would probably claim it back in a couple of generations time, on the grounds that it was stolen land, and the Waitangi Tribunal would rush to approve the claim plus the award of monetary compensation with a state forest thrown in for good luck.

      • Huia

        Having fire insurance is a must if you head up that way.

        • RockinBob625

          That comment is out of date. All that behaviour ended over 20 years ago.

        • Tom

          Yeah thats right. They had all that trouble with those locals up there. Weren’t they Asians or something. lol

  • Punter

    What City is this in?

    • El Jorge

      Paris from memory, was the only way a young single female could afford to buy there.
      Beats whinging to the local paper about how life isn’t fair….

  • James Growley

    George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces – BBC program well worth watching where George Clarke explores the extraordinary world of small builds, where people turn tiny spaces into the most incredible places to live, work and play.

    • mommadog

      I was thinking the same thing. I love that Show. I was also thinking how the front would be tagged regularly in NZ and lots of time cleaning it up – or at least it would in my neighbourhood.

      • James Growley

        Yes, it gave me lots of ideas that otherwise I would not have thought of. If I owned the property in the article, it would be festooned with CCTV and motion detecting flood lights. As an aside, we have a building in South Auckland that was subject to all manner of abuse until the aforementioned measures were taken. Since then, we have not had issues.

  • Guest

    Looks very swanky.

  • LisaGinNZ

    Yep, nice inside. But depending on neighborhood: one can get mugged walking down a city street in down town ‘anywhere’. Unless a girl has self defense tactical awareness, this pad could only work for a guy.

  • Nige.

    oh i would love a place like that right about now.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Where is the beer fridge?