How long before Len tries this here?

Len will be looking for something else now to control us and to raise even more taxes..

What better way than to have a congestion charging and add on a special tax for diesel vehicles….so he can tax his own buses he will try and force us onto.

London will follow Paris and introduce an outright ban on diesel cars which are causing “serious health damage” in the capital, campaigners warn.

The Mayor of Paris has announced radical plans to ban diesel cars from the French capital by 2020 due to concerns about how much pollution the cars cause.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, is also grappling with the issue of how to tackle pollution from the fuels fumes which contain tiny particles and nitrogen oxides and have been increasingly proven to be seriously damaging to health.

France, which has the highest number of diesel cars on the road, will now ban the cars out right with Anne Hidalgo, the Parisian Mayor pledging “an end to diesel in Paris in 2020”. 

She also said the city would have more semi-pedestrianised areas with special zones introduced at weekends.

Boris Johnson currently plans to raise the congestion charge for diesel cars by £10 in a move to cut air pollution.

The change would mean diesel drivers could have to pay a total of £20 to get into Central London.

Under the plans petrol cars registered before 2006 would also have to pay extra under the plans which the Mayor wants in place by 2020.

However campaigners say this will not be enough and London will still be following the Parisian example with an outright ban.

Of course it won’t matter that we don’t have pollution issues in Auckland like they do in London or Paris.

They will simple say that it is best practice and after a long junket or “fact finding” mission to London and paris they will declare this the solution for Auckland.


– The Telegraph


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  • conwaycaptain

    Wasn’t it the Greenies et al who were pushing for Diesel as it was more economical, did more mpg and also caused less pollution???

    • JustanObserver

      That was yesterday … don’t dwell on it … get up with the now … Sand-hole-heading is the way forward …

    • Kevin

      Something like that. They wanted everyone (except them of course as unlike the rest of us what they do is so important they *need* their cars) to stop using cars and use diesel buses. Now of course since diesel buses are a no-go they’re going to have to try and force us into electric buses or something like that.

    • The Greens will never be happy.
      They are NZ’s biggest group of moaners out there.
      They beat me by a country mile.

      • Wahbonnah

        they even give RantyKiwi a run for his money!!!

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Haha yea until they realised the diesel fumes were killing everyone. Maybe it let out less of that evil co2? I’m sure diesel vehicles were exempt from the tax to drive into Central London until they noticed it was so toxic.

  • LabTested

    Its hard enough getting a plumber or other Tradesman now let alone banning the ones who drive Diesel vehicles.

  • burns_well_eh

    Actually we do have air pollution problems in Auckland but the solution is not to ban diesel or other vehicles – it’s to work with the manufacturers to reduce the levels of particulates emitted from the vehicles.

    In France and England they’ll be highly motivated to do this, otherwise their sales will plummet faster than a Frenchman lifts his hands in surrender.

  • Graeme

    Fishing out on the Waitemata in the 60’s and commenting on the smog hanging over Auckland until a gust of wind blew it away and cleared the air. Never any mention of the air pollution caused by the numerous aeroplanes traversing our skies daily and the massive cruise liners and other shipping which no longer use sails but have engines powered by fossil fuels.

  • sheppy

    The problem in London is the many ancient Black Cabs and older buses that they leave ticking over for hours on end to keep the heater running. Older worn out Diesel engines belch out way more black soot than modern ones. A 10 year old properly maintained diesel is way cleaner than most buses and trains, and the later ones with particulate filters are even better although they cost the owner heaps when the filter dies.
    As usual none of this will of course get in the way of any tax grap

    • xennex

      Yes, I wondered why there was no distinction between older diesels and those newer models with particulate filters.

  • All_on_Red

    I really wish someone would take an in depth look at Auckland Transport. If ever there looks like an organisation captured by zealots and out of control, it’s this one. I see in Devonport they are proposing spending $350,000 to investigate the construction of a bike shed by the Ferry for 80-100 bikes. Yes, that’s just to investigate, not actually build. $3,500 + per bike just to stop them getting wet!
    It’s outrageous. It would be cheaper to have someone standing there giving out plastic bags with rubber bands for the next ten years. Surely if a cyclist if concerned about a wet seat, they could use a small hand towel?
    Looks to me like a “make work” scheme by a group of policy analysts trying to justify their jobs.
    The fact they completely disregard that the Council HAS NO MONEY shows that axe needs to be taken to their staff numbers.

    • Kevin

      “they are proposing spending $350,000 to investigate the construction of a bike shed by the Ferry for 80-100 bikes. ”

      The Mafia would be green with envy.

      • All_on_Red

        Hahaha, I suspect the “Green Mafia” are the problem!

      • R2D2

        They put up shiny new stainless steel bike racks all around the Valley Road shopping area years ago. The good thing is, never having had a single bike in them to scratch the stainless steel, they should last for years yet.

    • Win

      Auckland Transport spent $70K on the creation of a Bike Parking Palace at the Birkenhead Wharf for over entitled cyclists. Its usage varies from zero bikes per day, to maybe two. This is of course contrary to the spin and hysteria reported in MSM that there is insufficient parking for communing purposes. If cyclists are concerned about a wet seat, why not tie a recycled ex-supermarket plastic bag over the seat?
      What is it that the cycling lobby has over Len Brown that allows the proliferate overspend on parking palaces for cyclists?

  • John1234

    Modern diesels and low sulphur fuel are much more economical than petrol cars and diesels with DPF filters and EGR are very clean. These idiots are going to allow dirty uneconomical old petrol cars but ban clean efficient diesels?


    • rangitoto

      The worst diesel offenders are usually buses. Badly maintained clapped out engines.

  • So the Europeans, having spent the last 30 years developing diesels to the point where they are now good alternatives to Petrol Engines in cars, are now leading the charge to have them banned too. Anyone heard the phrase “one hand doesn’t know what the others doing.”.

  • Greg M

    I feel vindicated at last. It seems my decision to drive a big grunty petrol V8 was the correct one. Suck on that greenies.

  • CheesyEarWax

    I drive a Hyundai Santa Fe diesel which has a Diesel particulate filter (DPF) fitted to reduce the nasty stuff in the exhaust emissions and its very fuel efficient. Having a DPF cost more to service the car. DPF or no DPF the Greenies doesn’t want cars on the road, first diesel then it will be 95 Octane cars, V8, V6, V5 etc…

    • Wallace Westland

      Correct. Until your only form of locomotion is the sandle they will never be happy.
      And God help you if it’s a rubber one.
      ….or a leather one!

  • Gladwin

    How can the Europeans ban diesel vehicles that comply with their own emission regulations? Very strange.

  • kloyd0306

    The left’s answer to EVERYTHING:

    First – TAX it
    Second – BAN it

  • Bryan

    electric trains the long term answer just about every major city in the world has them as the only way to really shift a lot of people quickly wait Auckland till they take the last old diesel engine pulled trainset off and you have only the new electric spanish sets running then you will see the change,as they have to run the whole network to the speed of the slowest train at present but that’s not far away now the next shipment is due

  • FredFrog

    ‘London will follow Paris and introduce an outright ban on diesel cars
    which are causing “serious health damage” in the capital, campaigners

    Good luck with that. Black cabs are mostly diesel.

    They’ll also have to look at banning the Thames Turbo and Intercity 125 trainsets too.