I love this new name suppression trend

Allan Neil Rosewarne, via SMH

“Monster” Allan Neil Rosewarne, via SMH

A woman who suffered violent physical and sexual abuse for 17 years at the hands of her partner wants her name made public, saying she has nothing to hide.

Katrina Jones, former partner of sex monster Allan Neil Rosewarne, 48, has successfully applied to have her name suppression lifted by High Court judge Susan Thomas.

Name suppression for her two adult children with Rosewarne, Shoshoni Jones and Cheyenne Jones has also been lifted.

Rosewarne was sentenced in October in the High Court at New Plymouth to preventive detention for 18 charges including extreme cruelty towards Jones, her children and another partner that spanned 1990 to 2008.

He has a minimum non-release period of 10 years.

In an affidavit obtained by the Taranaki Daily News, Jones said having her name suppressed made her feel like she had done something wrong and had something to hide.

“I have done nothing wrong and neither have my children.”

Courts have provided name suppression to victims of sexual abuse, especially involving children.  And that’s really where suppression laws work well.   But there is now an ever-increasing trend for victims to want to have the suppression lifted, especially as the children involved have reached adulthood.

She felt the only way to make her children look up to her and be proud of her was to tell her story.

“I want other victims of extreme domestic violence to know there is a way out. I want to help them.”

Publication of details of Rosewarne’s offending against her has meant she and her children had received much more support, kindness and understanding than they had in the past, she said.

This leaves the case of the “Prominent New Zealander”, aka New Zealand’s Rolf Harris, who is cowering behind name suppression because his victim wants it removed so other people may know him for who he is, and other victims get a clear signal the law is there to protect them, and not the sex monsters.

Name suppression continues to be a tricky beast, with penalties having increased to fines up to $100,000 and/or jail up to 6 months for individual breaches.  A former MP has been charged in relation to naming “New Zealand’s Rolf Harris”.

As I found myself, the law doesn’t have a sense of humour.   Which is why we all need to continue to campaign for changes in name suppression so it can never protect the guilty, put future victims at more risk, and make existing unreported victims feel there is no point in coming forward.


– Isobel Ewing, Taranaki Daily News


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  • Crookednose

    Amen to that. If the victim(s) want THEIR suppression privileges pulled, that’s the end of the story as far as I’m concerned.
    I know who our “Rolf Harris” is thanks to a well known media type that has been on a crusade against this very thing.
    Does name suppression apply to an MP using parliamentary privilege? Sadly I’m guessing it does.

    • STAG

      No an MP could name Rolf in the chamber under parliamentary privilege.

      • kayaker

        Perhaps the one who had lunch with him could do it.

        • ShoreRight

          Then apologise for being a man again …why not !!!

          • kayaker

            In for a penny…

      • Stuarts.burgers

        Would or Could?
        After Parkers attack on Cam this week it shows they can say almost anything they like under the shield of Parliamentary Privilege

        • Nige.

          MPs CAN say ANYTHING they want…..and carrying on like Parker has, will lead to parliamentary privilege being reviewed and ultimately changed, most likely for the worse.

          He is not in keeping with its intended purpose which is to have free and even debate about anything without fear of legal repercussions.

          Same thing that we are used to, but on a parliamentary level…everyone suffers because of the actions of one or two STUPID people.

  • Michael_l_c

    Katrina & her adult children have done well. They deserve to be proud of surviving & I hope ‘prospering’.
    A victim of abuse has nothing to embarrassed of.
    I hope they can now have meaningful lives& that their suffering recedes in their memories, easier said than done.
    Good luck to you all.

    • Stacy Malthus

      this is unless she came forward under false pretenses and the only reason she is airing the story is actually for money sake to get paid out. She has openly admitted that she can’t wait for the money. I find that makes it more bout getting money than generally suffering. She is all over the dating sites looking for casual hookups I would think a victim of extreme sexual abuse wouldn’t be so quick to be doing that or expose her children to these men either?! I heard she had a stuffed leg and that is why she couldn’t work, suddenly she is now saying its cause she has brain damage from him and that is why she can’t work. Seems to be she doesn’t know the truth and its whatever has more impact for attention. Sad really.

      • Wayne Baker

        LMFAO classic.

  • Jim460

    “Publication of details …. has meant she and her children had received much more support, kindness and understanding…”
    This, this and this. If name suppression denies victims their potential, then it must end.

  • phronesis

    I’m curious why the former MP who has been charged with breaching name suppression hasn’t been named? I doubt they have name suppression.

    • Jared

      Because the tweet is still on his feed. Therefore telling you who the mp is would be telling you where to find the “prominent nzers” name.

      If I may be so bold, it was the first mp I guessed.

      • Rod

        He was actually named on Newstalk ZB when he appeared in court.

  • Albert Lane

    So when are we going to hear from an MP who has decided that enough is enough, and they’re going to submit a piece of draft legislation to remove all name suppression? Yes, I’m waiting. We’re all waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting………..

  • Wahbonnah

    “As I found myself, the law doesn’t have a sense of humour.”
    Ummm, well in fact the law does have a sense of humour. Remember it let the comedian off for fiddling with his kid, because he made people laugh.

  • Stacy Malthus

    I find it interesting that the story fails to mention how she took him to court because in doing that she could now claim for compensation payment.. The “helping others” is just a way to make it like that is what she is about by bringing it to air. Why a mother would choose to publicly name the children involved in this is beyond me, they didn’t need to be named at all. Her quoted comment “i want victims to know there is a way out” are u kidding me.. it took you how long to walk away and do something.. that is a stupid thing to get quoted on. She can’t be that screwed up known fact she has slept around numerously in Hawera is commonly known to be a town bike so to speak..

    • Wayne Baker

      spot on chick couldn’t of said it better myself she is false as they come. Town bike and then some !

      • Stacy Malthus

        ha yeah I seen her on fb bout a month ago acting like a right tart, I couldnt help but think if her story was so true why would you be chasing males so easily and letting them stay the night when you have your kids who were abused too in the house? bad mother or what!! Her story airs in womans day tomorrow she will get slammed by new zealanders not to mention her 3rd degree tv stunt some people are pathetic and she would be one of them

        • Wayne Baker

          Trust me mate I know I sadly speak from experience that I ever bothered with this one I pity any guy that ends up in her games she needs some crazy pills and then some. I’m glad others know the truth to this and she is out for money. I feel for the kids I don’t get it either why you would lift name suppression on them that is cruel. But that is her all over, all about herself

    • pasley

      Do u understand why people become so called “town bikes” I’ll tell u why.. It’s because that’s all they know that’s the only way some people that have been mentally,physically&emotionally abused know how to feal loved… After your teenhood was ripped away from u for soo long my bet is u would be the same if not worse! Money is a factor in everyone’s life but to speak publicly that takes guts the money is a bonus

  • Caro Cragg

    I find the negative comments on here both thoughtless and heartless.
    It is so easy for people to say”oh she only wanted the compensation” — “oh she was a tart”
    Excuse me, but how can someone who has not walked in her and her children s shoes know what emotional and physical harm has been done!
    I wonder if the boot was on the negative posters foot, weither their life would be “normal” , if they did not act out in ways others judge.
    Funny how much tall poppy syndrome surrounds us eh? because she has stood up, nobody sees no matter her motive, which she is free to have as a victim not a perpetrator, after all people are supporting Phillip Smith, but lets run this woman down , but lets just fid the negative, eh– not the fact that Katrina’s story will give many victims the courage to step forward and ask for help.
    Try being one of them for just one day, then see if negative comments are merited
    Good on her wanting money, she has earnt it in ways not one of us could imagine .
    I hope this family recover to the best ability they can