Maori Mafiosos coming for your money

Remember Democracy Action, the group set up to oppose Auckland Council’s iwi consent regime that extorted required Bob Jones to cough up to 13 iwi just to let him replace a window in his own building?

It looks like they’re finally getting organised and taking on Len Brown.

We’ve launched an online tool for Aucklanders and other concerned New Zealanders to tell Len Brown and the Council what they think of the radical Mana Whenua provisions that affect up to 18,000 Auckland property owners.

These Mana Whenua provisions have not gone through the standard submission process and infringe on every Aucklander’s basic property rights. They establish a significant financial burden on property owners and provide another obstacle on future land development.

Even if you don’t own one of the 18,000 properties, expect to pay more for major infrastructure when taniwha and other made up spiritual creatures are discovered…

To email Len Brown use this link, or their embeddable tool below.


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  • The Whinging Pom

    It’s amazing that we’re told that we need to get rid of the traditional prayer in parliament because it’s outdated, not in step with majority beliefs and we need to move with the times. And that we should drop the Union Flag from our own flag for similar reasons. And so on and so on.

    Perhaps someone should stick their head above the parapet and suggest that the same standard should be applied to all relics of earlier societies which are now only relevant for a tiny proportion of modern NZ society.

    • nickle

      The problem is the schools are further encouraging the dominance of Maori Culture in our society. Local primary school has offered a total immersion class for years, next year there is a kaupapa class

      • Damon Mudgway

        Kids embrace, even love, the cultural aspect of Maori. It’s not till the wee tots get a bit older that the cynicism and resentment creep in.

        • Curious

          Don’t believe that for a second. My daughter’s school is full on into Te Reo and you should hear the kids they all hate it.

          • Hoani Toa

            Well whos making them hate it. Would they hate to learn any other cultures as well? Why do ethnic people enjoy learning each others cultures and teachings yet it seems europeans don’t want to know any. What empty lives they lead and hand down to the kids.

          • The Whinging Pom

            Why do you assume that anyone is making them hate it?

            Can you not conceive that for a lot of non-maori kids it might just be an annoying irrelevance which they perceive is stopping them from getting stuck into stuff that is either (for them) more interesting or more enjoyable?

            No one sets out to make any kids hate maths, but a lot do!

            I get it that for you the maori language and culture is beautiful and meaningful. But you need to open your eyes and understand that for many many people in NZ (and not just recent imports like myself, lol) they’re not that important at all.
            And whilst they’re given artificial prominence over the majority culture, largely for political reasons, disinterest (and perhaps resentment) will grow rather than decline.

            Forcing people to be immersed in a minority culture, and abusing them when they tell you they’re not that interested, thanks, is a way to assist your culture into long term decline rather than making it more healthy.

            Stop living in the past, and move into the 21st Century.

        • kayaker

          I concur with that. My 3yo granddaughter (at an Auckland kindy) is learning a bit about Maori culture (she may not know it yet), but comes home with some knowledge which is a good thing.

          • Timboh

            problem is that the knowledge is probably based on someone else’s opinion.

          • kayaker

            Not entirely sure of that. She’s coming home with a few Maori words and other bits and pieces – none of it seems to be from an opinionated source. I went to an all-Maori primary school in the ’60s (200 pupils, 20 of whom were European NZ). The irony was that the Maori elders didn’t want Maori spoken in the school, they wanted their kids, grandkids to have a European education. But we were all one, we just merged – I learned a lot that way. I have the utmost respect for Maori culture, but not necessarily people’s opinions. I have my own.

          • Rocket

            Just for balance: I have close to zero respect for Maori Kulture – their violence, their greed, their bleating.

          • Hoani Toa

            And there goes another extremely ignorant comment.

          • kayaker

            That’s to do with the actions people who can spoil it for any culture.

          • Hoani Toa

            Yes, NZ has been taught false history.

          • Hoani Toa

            Very nice, lets hope this next generation are more open to learning different cultures to enrich their lives.

        • The Whinging Pom

          A bit the same as learning the bible stories either at school or Sunday school I expect.

          All put over with a good dose of sugar syrup – who could but be transfixed by the stories/legends etc?

          Yet those who support the passing on of maori myths to kids are often at the front of the queue when it comes to trying to stop any Christian teaching in schools, even when it’s voluntary.

          But somehow the MSM never seem to pick up on these double standards.

          • Hoani Toa

            What a load of rubbish. Alot of the maori myths are incorporated with the land etc which you obviously know nothing about (I feel sorry for you). So whats the harm in learning about that considering the kids live here. You would do that in ANY country you visit. Goodness me culture and religion are different so no double standards there. Go to a country that is’nt free like NZ and see if your petty comment is still relevant.

          • The Whinging Pom

            I see no harm whatsoever in kids learning the maori myths. But neither do I see any harm in them learning the bible stories either.

            But with maturity comes an understanding that myths are just that, in the same way as the parables aren’t to be taken literally.

      • Hoani Toa

        Because its actually a beautiful culture and when you learn about it you will see why. There is no problem but YOU. Hello nickle but you are in NZ and this is where Maori are so you WILL be around maori culture, why live here if you don’t bloody like it.

    • Wahbonnah

      Holy hector man, well said!!!
      That perfectly sums out how a lot of us are feeling.

      • Hoani Toa

        Only the ignorant people.

        • Wahbonnah

          Why would that be HT?

    • Hoani Toa

      Typical comment for ignorant narrow minded people like yourself. A “tiny proportion of modern NZ society” is what YOU think not what you know. Educate yourself and get some facts before you post your garbage on here you Whinging Pom. Who are you to say what ANY indigenous people “should” do. Its disgusting to know there are still people like you around. You lot have already lost the UK to radical muslims, how do you like that for a modern UK-now that you lot will be a minority. Goes to show the wrong history the British people taught in NZ schools, no wonder NZ does not know TRUE Maori history and culture. We end up with people living in NZ with views like you…..and you think you’re views are modern?? Nothing but pure ignorance.

      • The Whinging Pom


        Sorry, but I can’t see how the small relative percentage of any racial grouping in NZ other than pakeha could be described as anything else than ‘a tiny proportion’. It’s a matter of simple arithmetic.

        I’m not saying what any people should do, as a people. What I’m saying is that NZ as a society needs to treat all its constituent parts with equal respect, and that if it expects one grouping to ‘move with the times’ then it should expect the others to do the same.

        On the marae Maori can do whatever they wish. In the churches so can the Christians. But within wider society all groups need to understand the nature of a modern democratic society and not assume to impose their minority cultural foibles on the majority.

        Radical Islam in the UK – yes a very real concern for my old homeland. Let’s hope that somehow the brits manage to pull themselves together (and the presence of UKIP does seem to be sharpening the game of politicians across the spectrum there), and don’t end up being overwhelmed as quickly and comprehensively as were the various Iwi in the 19th century.

  • Just a thought….

    Letter sent and also took the opportunity to enquire if the ” local IWI ” had signed off on Uncle Len’s new ” hidden ” rooms ………..

    • Dr Wang

      If Len’s “hidden room” ensures that he won’t be caught masturbating while having phone sex sitting at the Mayoral desk – I think that makes it a valid expense as part of the refurbishment. Local iwi weren’t concerned about Uncle Lenny defiling the sacred table in the NgatiPhatua room, so this should be of no concern to them either.

  • So should we call him Dom Brown now? I mean, between the council and Iwi protection rackets, he seems to be pretty ‘large and in charge’.

  • LesleyNZ

    Done and sent to all councillors and all Local Boards. That was so very easy. Now I have got to get hubby to do one, the rellies and mother-in-law and friends.