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The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 areas where they publicly admit to having surrendered control to the criminal gangs. These areas have long had problems with mailmen, fire trucks and ambulances being attacked when trying to enter, which has led to them routinely requesting police escort. Now it’s the police being attacked outright.  

These no-go zones are primarily so-called “exclusion areas” which is the politically correct term for the 186 ghettos that have sprung up around Sweden in the past two decades. These areas are predominantly populated by immigrants from muslim countries with low education and even lower employment rates.

H/T: idbkiwi

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  • Same senario in the UK.

    • thesilentmajority

      And eventually the same scenario in any country that allows mass Islamic immigration.

  • Dog Breath

    This would be our future if the Greens had their way with their views on refugees.

    • Boris Piscina

      Um, I hate to be picky, but the Nats are every bit as PC and apologist about letting in the dross under the guise of tolerance as the Gweens.
      In fact the only party making “keep them out and send them home” noises is Winston First.
      Just saying.

  • Kip_Dynamite

    This is the thin edge of the wedge – the UN’s dream of a borderless, dystopian refugee camp Europe. Destroy nation states from within. Divide and conquer. One government to rule them all.

    • Salacious Crumb

      The only mistake then by the UN is their assumption that they would have the reigns.

  • jay

    I was brought up in a smallish town that was half Polynesian – Maories and islanders. I learnt that Islanders in particular are genuinely very very hard, and if any Muslims get uppity in poor areas here I firmly believe that the local islanders will open a can of whup-ass. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

    Some years ago Corrections recruited a whole lot of prison officers from the Netherlands to work in our prisons. A great many of them resigned – our criminals were just too tough for them. Good luck to any Muslims wanting to run ghettos here is all I can say.

  • Crookednose

    Sweden needs to roll the tanks out and sort it. Neutral countries have very strong military, with most citizens serving some kind of compulsory service.
    Good for an invading enemy, but when it’s coming from within…?
    France have had this problem for years. The UK is fast on their way too. Insidious indeed.