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B4c9UAKCUAAN5D_Prison population per 100,000 people (2012 stats)

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  • Benoni

    China would be coloured red as well if they did not executee so many of their prisoners. The ones they should be executing are the red army officials who are harvesting human organs from prisoners for profit.

  • Rightsideofthebed

    I thought we were second only to the US in incarceration rates – or so the MSM keep banging on. Shouldn’t we be dark brown too?

    • M C Chinaman

      Yes whenever Brian Edwards comes on the radio he says we have the highest imprisonment rate in the world. Peter Williams says we have a ‘lock them away and throw away the key culture’. Yet according to this map we are not even in the top half.

    • M C Chinaman

      The only thing ‘dark brown’ about our prisons is the people in them.

  • Peter Jenkins

    The raw imprisonment per head of population or “prisoners per 100,000” stats we see here are not actually particularly helpful. What is far more useful is the rate of imprisonment per rate of offending, i.e. the rate of imprisonment compared to rate of conviction. If that was mapped we would be yellow or pale green, the US would be that orangy beige and Japan would be dark brown, along with a few other Asian countries