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  • andrewo

    Don’t tell Len – he’ll want me to fund it!

    • Len will want to build a trench and put it underground! and toll the sea-link!

  • Pete

    London New York would be a good trip.

  • Unless this is a modern 500km/h line all the way or possible maglev this will be a freight only project within a decade of completion. That said, if they build it to such a standard it would be a very impressive infrastructure project on a par with the panama cannel.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    First time I have seen a Scotsman turned up side down,and still no money come out of his pockets.

    • You know why they used that orientation on the map so that scotland is upside down don’t you, becauses Americans are so ignorant they wouldn’t be able to find their country unless its the right way up.

  • Caprice

    This would follow the route the first occupants of the Americas took. Maybe the line could extend right down through South America. Then if Thor Hyerdal had his way, to NZ via reed boats.

  • Anthony

    But what about the polar bears?
    Train line to Russia, that worked real well for Crimea and Ukraine.

  • danielnz

    I can’t help but think how short and hassle free a line from New York to Paris via sea is