Nor is being Mayor one of your strengths

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‘Juniper’ Bill Dalton is a repeat winner of New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government spending competition, and well known for trying to become the next Andrew Williams.

He also doesn’t know when to shut his gob and stop saying dumb things.

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton admits he prefers tinkering with engines to swinging a hammer.

“Doing renovations around the house is not one of my strengths, as my wife would attest,” he says 

But he was taken out of his comfort zone yesterday, wielding a nail gun and performing other building site duties along with a group of Napier City Council staff and councillors who volunteered to help build a Habitat for Humanity home in Maraenui.

“I was certainly very useful when it came to handing out lollies,” the mayor said.

Some politicians don’t realise they are better off staying out of the media.

Especially ones who talk about handing out lollies…what is he going to do next buy himself a seedy looking raincoat?


– Hawkes Bay Today


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  • Shane M

    How’s the silliest spending competition going?
    Will you announce a “grand winner” at some stage?

    • Teletubby

      It would have to be hard to beat the state house on Auckland wharf. I struggle to think how they could possibly have thought this was a good idea. It will be a monument to stupidity and an object of ridicule for many years to come. The only upside to it is that if Len doesn’t get his train set this pathetic joke will be his legacy.

    • Vlad

      Silliest Spending is a great award, but we should always remember that this will be second prize as Len Brown, the most spectacularly loon money burning wastrel of all time holds the top prize in perpetuity.

  • East Coast Credibility Control

    Interesting post.