Me, singing to piano CD

Somehow, I don’t think he hears what we’re hearing.


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  • Betty Swallocks

    Hey! He can play the piano too! Well, sort of …

    • dgrogan

      God help his neighbours if he lives next to them in a semi.

  • Reid

    Crikey. You’d have to be massively self-unaware wouldn’t you not only to tape yourself doing that then presumably listening to it to see how it turned out but then posting it on YouTube. I wonder if his name is Wussel something?

  • Rick H

    I’m surprised that firstly, he knew how to record himself – and secondly, how to upload.

    • mommadog

      That lack of awareness is actually quite sad. He does look like he belongs in an independent but assisted living facility where those of lower mental capacity get oversight and help where necessary. If not, then he is completely deluded. Even want to be stars using You tube to try for fame and fortune don’t usually stand in the middle of a kitchen to record.

      • Rick H

        He looks a bit like the one who drunk the milk.
        Didn’t understand Do, Not nor touch

  • Damon Mudgway

    Lives alone?

    Works for CERA?

  • dgrogan

    Let it be e, let it be e ee ee e. That is one cover I could not listen to twice. Even Paul would apologise for having a hand in that one.

  • Tom McKechnie

    I heard The Beatles doing ” She Loves You ” in 1963 and that was it for me.
    My favourite song is the version of ” Let It Be ” without Phil Spector’s fluff.

    20 secs of the video and our dogs started howling in unison.
    It will me take some time to recover from this video nightmare.

  • Wasapilot

    If the CIA want to get really serious about torture, they need to forget water boadrding and play this to the mongrels for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

  • Chris

    As I started to watch after the first line my internet went down, perhaps in sympathy. this is ruining a perfectly great Beatles song

  • Isherman

    Jeeeezus, only the MC at a Green Party convention would be able to concoct any words of praise for that effort, and if mother Mary came to him while was in the middle of it, she wouldn’t be stayin very long either.

  • Morgy

    Looks like it hurt

  • Imogen B

    for goodness sake man, Let it Be!

  • ShoreRight

    Is he having a laugh ?

  • damm good thrashing

    57 seconds….I could only endure 57 seconds.

    • Bafacu

      17 was the maximum I could stand. I’ve got a voice like a navvy shovelling gravel but it’s still better than that!

  • Sunshine

    Just Why? Why would you post that for the world to see?