Merry Christmas from the religion of peace

Here are the headlines you will never see in our MSM but are the news headlines currently from around the world.

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  • Damon Mudgway

    I was trying to have a nice lazy lie In after a hard night SB, but now you’ve gone and done it….
    Interestingly I was having a chat with an ex girlfriend the week before Xmas. She is married, two kids, lives in AK. She is the CEO of a large company and is a very intelligent woman.

    I asked her if the Muslim ‘faith’ concerns her. She replied “not at all”. She highlighted the recent Sydney murders as being committed by a lone nutter. When I told her all Muslim faith was anti infidel (ie: us) and that Islam was already entrenched in NZ, her honest belief is that they are all moderates and there is nothing to really fear.

    I am gobsmaked by the thoughts of intelligent people in this country who believe in a live and let live mentality.

    I am concerned for my children and their children. If we don’t stop the Islamic onslaught in this generation, we are doomed to losing the way of life we now cherish.

    • Albert Lane

      I hope John Key reads this.

      • papagaya

        He’s already thinking of a comfortable life beyond NZ politics. He won’t be touching the Muslim issue.

    • The Majority are moderates and we do have nothing to fear, until they get the numbers.

      • Hans

        It was only 9 men that grounded every plane in the US. Think what 100 could do

    • Intrigued

      I used to think similarly to the way your ex does. I’m an educated woman who has travelled widely including the ME and have held senior corporate management roles after many years practice as a lawyer. I consider myself well read, a Christian who is tolerant of others and their faiths. Hitherto I embraced multiculturalism in this country as a good thing for the “richness” it added to our society and yet I realised one day after reading one of SBs posts that I really knew very little ACTUALLY about the Islamic faith. I’ve downloaded many books on the subject since and although I’m only part way through them all, from what I have learned from the many first hand accounts of people growing up in the Islamic faith, Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a cult of fear and terror and that so-called “lone-nutter” in Sydney EMBODIES all that Islam is promulgating throughout the world and what it expects of its followers. We are doomed if we don’t open our eyes and acknowledge that.

      We must educate ourselves on this religion and all that it stands for. Otherwise our society is at risk of allowing the same Islamification that now exists in many other Western countries – and it all starts with allowing Shariah practices to take place within their communities in our country under the guise of being “culturally sensitive” and “religious tolerance” to them.

      If female mutilation/circumcision for example or sexual abuse/rape or domestic violence is a crime in our country then let’s not turn a blind eye and allow it because the victim is a Muslim and they are so called “honour crimes”.

      Similarly if calls to “kill infidels” or hate speech against non-Muslims occurs in our society whether in a mosque or not – prosecute them. Let’s not make any excuses for it by labelling the perpetrators simply as “nutters” as if they have no mens rea, understanding or awareness of that which they do. For these people – yes they are indoctrinated but it is in an ideology that says it’s ok to hate and persecute Jews, Christians and non-Muslims. In the prayers they say five times a day they must repeat these words of hate in Arabic. That is then extended by some imams who issue directives to their followers to wage war against us all who are not Muslim. We can’t tolerate that!
      We live in a country that has laws to protect against this. In order to uphold our democratic and free society’s ideals and protection for all we must not allow the proliferation of an ideology that is anathema to all the values of respect for our fellow man.

      There are Muslims throughout the world who believe in the reformation of Islam – so that it truly is a religion of peace, living peacefully among us and tolerant of all. To them I say now is your hour and God bless you.

      • Wendy

        Fantastic. Thank you.

  • andrewo

    Denial is not just a river in Egypt…

  • timemagazine

    And a merry Christmas to Rachel Smalley too!

    • Chiefsfan73

      Well said.

  • Eiselmann

    …and we should be thankful they are the religion of peace…imagine the carnage if their faith actively promoted the cleansing of corruption(non believers) from all Islamic land ( the entire world) …oh wait.

  • 1951

    Once again msm are found wanting.

  • JAFA Gazza

    Religion of Peace???? Pfft. Religion of (Body) Pieces more like.

  • Zeal23

    “Yes, the majority are not terrorists. They are worse! Passive aggressors might be a better description for most of the silent Muslim majority.”

    “Militants make no secret of their Islamic motivation. Whatever the number of radicals, they will never be as numerous, or as guilty, as the larger Ummah which is routinely disingenuous, routinely apathetic, routinely absolved, routinely hypocritical, and routinely given a pass on accountability.”

    Excellent read from American Thinker….