Message from a dumb assed farmer to @kimdotcom



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  • ozbob68

    Aren’t those the former employees who KDC refused to sign the documentation for, which prevented them getting further work?

    • spanishbride

      Yep, they have been treated appallingly by Kim and deserve justice.

      • Dave

        So, should this be seen as a warning of more to come, just like the “knock on the roof” before the bombs are dropped? is this part of a big reveal ?

        • spanishbride

          What Kim did to them and others has been revealed already and no one seemed to care. No Union officials were outraged, no left wing politician took up their case. Fair Go was missing in action and the rest of the MSM have ignored their plight ( The Herald in particular who continue to champion poor widdle Dotcom.)
          We would like to see these hard working people in employment here in NZ with employers who follow employment law and who treat them with the respect they deserve.

  • Watcher

    To quote Dick Emery, ” you are awful, but I like you”

  • spanishbride
  • Eiselmann

    It will be good to see Angry Andrew going to bat for the badly mistreated workers of a criminal pakeha one percenter….and waiting…..

  • LesleyNZ

    They have class (and you too Cam) – a garden centre is a very beautiful, restful and peaceful place to meet at!

  • Kitschinsync

    I recall watching that interview with the got.conned employees, what were Lala and Hone thinking when they rode their horses into the rented coatsville ranch?…because it sure as hell was not the poor and down trodden underclass which they pretend to care about.

    The only thing I shall ever thank Dotcon for was crippling Norman’s, Lala’s and Hone’s horses.

  • Jas

    I always found it funny that Mona told us we are all boring and have no fashion sense considering if she wasn’t ‘A gold digging Hooker for Samar’ she would not have any nice clothes and would have to live in a tin shack and live hand to mouth.

    • conwaycaptain

      Or work in a bar in Manila

      • HSV325

        Or prostituting her body in FHM

    • spanishbride

      What I find funny is how she is described as a former model in the MSM when she was a pole dancer in a club.

  • Dave

    Maybe WO or someone can write to them on behalf of WO and ask for comment, if they know their response could be published, it might trigger a better reaction, I would love to see a response from the above named organisations.