Michelle Boag disciplines NBR

Michelle Boag

Michelle Boag

My article is a little out of date as I do not have a subscription to NBR so didn’t see this little gem until today.

However it is worth sharing for those of you, who like me, do not pay to go behind Media paywalls

The National Business Review apologises to communications consultant and former National Party president Michelle Boag for running a Cameron Slater blog comment in the story below that made insulting remarks about her. The comment was included in an extract from the Whale Oil blog, which we have now belatedly edited. The total extract had been included because of its comments about Finance Minister Bill English.

Mr English said, “There’s no law against the Prime Minister texting a member of the public.”

The Finance Minister said he had never texted or received texts from Mr Slater.

“I understand he doesn’t like me,” Mr English said.

Asked whether the PM should have texted the Whaleoil blogger, Mr English said, “Look, I don’t like the guy. Apparently, he doesn’t like me and a whole lot of other people, but there’s no law against people communicating. And the Prime Minister’s done something no Prime Minister has before – he released the text.”

On his blog, Mr Slater returned in kind, writing, “You are right Bill, I don’t like you.

There are many reasons and I could write a whole series of blog posts why.

“However I do think you have done an alright job on the economy even if you are a revengeful tosspot who took National to their lowest election result ever in conjunction with that [edited] Michelle Boag.

“You don’t like me, I get that, I don’t like you either.

“But one thing is certain, more people read my blog than voted for you as PM.”

Can any of you guess what the [edited ] description of Michelle Boag was?

A) that [slippery character] Michelle Boag

B) that [rotten, maggot ridden corpse] Michelle Boag

C) that [ mutton dressed as rancid lamb] Michelle Boag

D) that [ lying poisonous scumbag] Michelle Boag

A virtual chocolate fish to everyone who selected D though the other descriptors have all been used on Whaleoil to describe her at one time or another.

Interesting also to note, that Bill English didn’t complain to NBR about Cam calling him a ‘vengeful tosspot.’ I guess like Cam he has broad shoulders, after all, Cam has been called on almost a daily basis an attack, vile, toxic, controversial,mentally ill, delusional,blogger amongst other things by the MSM as well as a sociopath by Andrew Little and he manages to keep on smiling. Imagine if he tried to get all the nasty descriptions of him [edited] from MSM articles? It would be a full time job just filing the complaints.




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  • Bobb


  • Michael_l_c

    Stupid Michelle, ingnore it, it goes away, complain & it gets a life of it’s own.
    I wouldn’t want her as my media adviser, planner etc.

    • R&BAvenger

      Correct the ‘Streisand effect’ I believe it’s referred to.

  • ozbob68

    “more people read my blog than voted for you as PM” – great sledge!

  • GoingRight

    I used to quite like what Michelle said, then she got involved with the Bronwyn saga and somehow it didn’t fit the personality I had imagined her to have. Since then we have seen some strange views and I gather she has someone lined up for the the next mayor of auckland but I worry the person just won’t be the right one. Strange as we all age our decisions are just not as wise as they used to be, not always but just sometimes!

  • unitedtribes

    It amazes me that anyone could write the last three descriptions of someone and not be done for something

    • phronesis

      I think B) might be a little hard to defend on factual grounds but the other 3 would be exceedingly amusing to argue in court.

      • twr

        Bob Jones could do it.

    • spanishbride

      Done for extreme use of adjectives perhaps?
      Or a charge of being mean and in control of a laptop?
      How about abusive use of the alphabet?

      • unitedtribes

        Cruelty to sheep and maggets

    • colinrippey

      I understand truth is a pretty solid defence?

  • Crookednose

    If I can remember, I think it was the mutton /lamb combo. It becomes more & more accurate every time Michelle pops up in the media.

    • Cadwallader

      I seem to recall her being likened to a major character from “Planet of the Apes.” it was a perfect depiction.

  • timemagazine

    All those nasty descriptions coming from Cam’s enemies are nothing but a bage of honour. He should be proud all these people use so much energy on him.
    I am certainly delighted when WO is attacked in the media and by anybody else, it means it is doing its job the MSM is not willing to do.

  • dumbshit

    there may be the odd sheep that may be offended by the “mutton” comparison!

  • 1951

    It’s a case of {sing} “anything you can do, I can do better”. Maybe the Michelles & others with their faces in the media take time out over the New Year and come back remembering the “Manners are the fluid that take the friction out of life”.
    Cam has a very large extended family now and has no need to tolerate the crap anymore. Lift the game, people of the media!!!
    Edit:blasted commars,(need to go back to school)

  • Hard1

    Boag could take some advice from Dr. Zira.

    [Taylor ties up Dr. Zaius]
    Dr. Zira: Taylor! Don’t treat him that way!
    George Taylor: Why not?
    Dr. Zira: It’s humiliating!
    George Taylor: The way you humiliated me? All of you? YOU led me around on a LEASH!
    Cornelius: That was different. We thought you were inferior.
    George Taylor: Now you know better


  • taurangaruru

    Has she been on the roids or is it just high testosterone levels?

  • Nuffield

    The organisation I used to work for contracted one of Michelle’s current business partners, at a considerable expense. I wouldn’t recommend her as a media adviser, planner etc. I’m not surprised she has teamed up with Michelle.

  • kayaker

    Cam, you must be smiling because all these people are so affected by you and what you do or don’t do. Holding that much power must be very satisfying.

    Honestly, these people should get a life!