Minor Losers, Ctd – Anna “Marge” Lorck

Labour’s home wrecker candidate for Tukituki, Anna “Marge” Lorck is another minor loser in our list from the past year.

She reckoned she was going to win by 10,000 but turned out to be a terrible candidate and created bad press just about everywhere she went. As far as bloggers go Marge is a dream candidate as she gives us so many free hits. She has to be the worst candidate in New Zealand outside of Colin Craig, beating even the truly dreadful Sue Moroney who didn’t manage to create anywhere near as much negative press.

took a strong position on Anna “Marge” Lorck from the very beginning.

There are two groups of people who should not be allowed to hold public office, wife beaters and women who break up marriages.

The tipline has been running hot about what an awful woman Lorck is, and how she ruined her business partner’s marriage stealing him from his heavily pregnant wife.

Personal ethics should be the starting point to any political career, not an afterthought that is glossed over.

Lorck should be outed as having appalling personal ethics, and Labour voters in Tukituki should give their party vote to Labour and their electorate vote to another candidate to send a message that homewreckers shouldn’t run for parliament.

I called out Marge for not disclosing here political affiliations when she wrote an op-ed in the paper. Fairfax withdrew the article.

This is pretty shameless stuff going on here. More fool Fairfax for falling for it.

There should however be a disclaimer telling readers that she is the Labour candidate for Tukituki.

UPDATE: Fairfax have withdrawn the article.  

Marge really fitted in with the “Vote Positive” campaign. She sledged the man with the gay ute, Tukituki MP Craig Foss, in a thoroughly nasty way.

Marge ran into problems sledging David Cunliffe on Twitter

A tweet from late 2011 said: “Can’t wait til Cunliff [sic] turns up in the Bay . . . We haven’t forgotten he sacked our DHB. He’s no leader. He’s a bully.”

Being a shameless capitalist Anna “Marge” Lorck’s company took money to promote a rally supporting the Dodgy Socialist Dam.

Marge ran into problems having her photo taken with John Key and been having found to have tweeted her support for John Key.

Anna “Marge” Lorck had her party affiliation questioned after being found to have had another photo taken with John Key and volunteered for National in the 2011 election.

She complained about the man with the gay ute, Tukituki MP Craig Foss having a tropical holiday, yet had one herself, setting new standards for hypocrisy.

Anna “Marge” Lorck really embraced the Vote Positive campaign.

Lorck The Hawkes Bay Today thought she should be sectioned for being mad.

Her speech calls, repeatedly, for “a regional plan”. It is shameless, emotionally charged, manic, a little mad even. If there wasn’t an election on, this kind of behaviour would warrant a sectioning.

The Central Hawkes Bay Mail described her as rude.

Not content with home wrecking she also pinched handicapped car parks in a sign written vehicle.

She was thoroughly rinsed. So much for winning by 10,000.

My wish for the 2017 election is that Anna “Marge” Lorck runs again because she will gift Tukituki to National, and give us all lots of laughs when she makes stupid, stupid mistakes.

The funniest part of the whole “Marge” campaign was how many stories we did not use because we thought we would save them up for if she is stupid enough to run again.


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  • Carl

    And everyone loved this picture of Anna.

    • Tom

      I love that photo. It takes “skank” to a whole new level.

    • Timboh

      I guess that body language thing says it all

  • Cadwallader

    I shall never forget her “I’m available photo” with Cunners. It seemed to fully exhibit her identifiable credentials.

  • Wallace Westland

    The ultimate trougher. Will stand for anyone. She should give Laila Harre a call and form a new party.
    The naming possibilities are endless…and fun!

  • Ilovelife

    Yes, nasty, stupid woman but the guy has to take some blame, doesn’t he?

    • mommadog

      Yes it takes two. While I am not making excuses for her behaviour no one can be “stolen” that doesn’t want to be stolen.

  • LesleyNZ

    “There are two groups of people who should not be allowed to hold public office, wife beaters and women who break up marriages.” Hmmm – what about men who break up marriages? (And husband beaters – if there are any).