Minor Losers, Ctd – Grant Robertson – 3rd in the Party Vote



Grant Robertson was one of the major losers of 2014, failing in his bid for the leadership for a second time.

He was beautifully knifed by Phil Twyford, in a great play by an otherwise unknown politician.

This doesn’t qualify him as a minor loser.   

What qualifies Robbo as a minor loser is his abject failure in the party vote in his own electorate. He could only manage third.

National 14,689
Greens 11,545
Labour  9,306

This is an absolutely devastating result for Robbo.

He has pathetically talked about how others need to win the party vote, yet he can’t do it himself.

This is testimony to his lack of political ability as well his pious hypocrisy. Robbo would be well advise to spend the summer reflecting on how he will win the party vote in 2017 because sources inside Fraser House are saying that the party hierarchy are sick of him going on about the party vote when he cannot win it himself.


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  • Whafe

    Grant Robertson is going to choke on hypocrisy……. He doesn’t realise it yet, which is another reason why he is a major / minor / overall loser

    • His sanctimony and over-bloated ego blocks his ability to reason, but not his thesbian theatrics in the House unfortunately – or is it just that he’s a beltway baby who has only ever lived in a beltway vacuum, hence why such a dismal, pathetic election achievement to only just achieve 3rd place – because real NZ could easily see him for what he is – just another Cunliffe V2- only more insipid and not as credible.

      At least he can have a quite beer in the pub with his partner at his side…

  • conwaycaptain

    He will get the heave ho and retire to the trough of academia and lecture to young minds and write turgid papers that will be read by a few and consigned to gather dust on the shelves until re discovered by a researcher a few hundred years hence.

  • Rex

    This is the guy whilst being interviewed on TV had his partner sitting just feet away from him and he ignored him totally. What does that say.

    • Teletubby

      It goes further than that Rex, he actually stated during the interview that his partner was at home when at stages during the interview his partner was clearly visible in the background. Another skilled liar running for Labour leader

      • The2Game

        Indeed, Rex and Teletubby, I would never cast my vote solely in terms of a person’s sexuality but GR’s ‘performance’ that day smacked of ‘I’m ashamed of my gayness’ and he got massive that day downmarks just for his hypocrisy…

  • Cadwallader

    I would think that Robertson, Cunnliffe, Parker, Goff, Shearer, King, Mallard should all announce that they are leaving politics in 2017 within the next 12 months. When you read the above list it is like viewing an old museum exhibit which is kept in a musty dark corner as it is no longer apt for public display.

    • BG

      …leave and do what? They not going anywhere.

      • HSV325

        Summed up perfectly BG.

      • Teletubby

        To right they aren’t going anywhere, none of them give a rat’s about the labour party, they just want their slot at the trough for life

      • MrBarrington

        Have a go at being mayors!!! Goof is already tipped as a left candidate for Auckland… The duck would have a tilt at Wellington… Silent T would probably do a Tim Shadbolt and look for a small provincial town to ruin…. Parker for Dunedin… 2016 is coming up and being a mayor is a great retirement scheme for old and useless lefties…

  • Michael_l_c

    Maybe have a deep & meaningful chat with Nash & Davis. I can only imagine what they think of the loosers that they have chosen to associate with.

  • LabTested

    …and he got given the hospital pass of sorting out Labour’s Capital Gains Tax policy.

  • kiwibattler

    A classic example of a politician having the wrong background story, wrong sexual preference, wrong looks, and lack of public appeal when speaking to become a leader that any great number of people will follow. For me the biggest loser this year was dear old Winston with his ‘kingmaker’ dreams trampled into dust on election night.

  • Diddle_De_Dee

    If you take a good look at the Labour leader and the waiting leader wannabe’s there is not one of them that have the professional looks, the personality, the trust, the sincerity, the experience or the right attitude to ever be a Prime Minister of this country.
    If they could ever find a clone of John Key the might stand half a chance of gaining votes.
    The whole Labour party needs a total clean out and to start again with intelligent and likeable MP’s. The general aren’t ever going to vote for someone you don’t like or trust.

    • kiwibattler

      John Key is a rare ‘one-off’ type of beast – looking at the National party without Key you have a similar problem, though to be fair National is still better off then Labour in terms of leadership. With National currently around 46% I’d estimate JK is probably worth at least 10% of that alone – without him National comes back to the chasing pack.

    • twr

      But look how well Helen Clark did. She was intensely unlikeable, but she ruled the roost for almost a decade.

      • Michael_l_c

        Fear bringing respect.

      • Wallace Westland

        It didn’t hurt her that she bribed her way back to power twice on the back of bankrupting the country for all time.

  • HSV325

    Pudgy looks, Never had a real job, Thinks NZers bow down to him and say “I’m not worthy”, Thinks he can spend our money better than we can… That’s why he’s an eternal loser

  • MrBarrington

    Pudgy and Mrs Clark Gayford may have thought they were the winning team, but unionists are a mean old bunch… They will tolerate him for only so long before giving him is marching orders… the CGT mess Labour got themselves into is a gordian knot… see ya round Pudgy!

  • Cadwallader

    This lot have one ability it seems and that is to sniff out a trough where they can bludge off the taxpayers. I expect that’s what this lot will attempt. Eg Goff to the AKL mayoralty?

  • Addedup

    Fraser house should de select him and encourage him to find a real job and come back in a decade and see if he has anything to offer.
    Like Ardern and Hipkins they have nothing to offer.