Minor Losers of the Year – Steffan Browning

Russel Norman has managed to make the Greens look less looney than they really are, when along comes Steffan Browning who starts saying homeopathy is a potential treatment for Ebola.

Obviously this is not the kind of message that the greens want to have out in public.

They want to keep their really looney policies hidden until they are in government.

So Steffan had a to be spanked, and spanked hard.

“Browning said he did not oppose homeopathy on a personal level.”

The Greens must be wishing they had got Chopper in to be their chief of staff to tell Steffan to harden the f*ck up.

Or that they could send Steffan to West Africa to test homeopathy on Ebola.

Either way it was Steffan Browning who has revealed to swing voters just how looney the Greens people are.

It is just a pity he didn’t do it during the election and then he would have won a winners award for helping destroy the Greens vote.


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  • Radiodog

    Perhaps Chopper could be guest speaker at the next Greens or Labour conference !

    • Michael_l_c

      A bit difficult, he’s dead.

      • Radiodog

        Did I miss something?

        • Not Clinically Insane

          The real Chopper – Mark Brandon Read – is now deceased.

          The Heath Franklin alter ego is very much alive

          • Radiodog

            You’re on to it.

  • If the green vote had been destroyed, where would that Green vote of gone to? Most likely not a Right of center party. We would most likely of ended up with a stronger Labour Party. I think i prefer it with the left vote split so that neither party has much clout.

    • Whitey

      Good point. It’s important to have as many hard left parties as possible so that we can split the loony vote.

  • In Vino Veritas

    I’m not sure Norman is trying to have the Greens look less loony now (personally, I think that task is entirely impossible!). He’s come out with “tax cuts lead to deficit” to start with. He also claimed that having a foreign leader address our Parliament undermined our sovereignty! The guy is a lemming in sheep’s clothing. The only thing he did pre election is keep his mouth shut for a week or two. But he cannot help himself.

    • “having a foreign leader address our Parliament undermined our sovereignty!”

      But an Aussie Marxist trying to run all of NZ is ok then…

      The double standard hypocrisy of Russell is the only thing getting him media oxygen.

  • Alloytoo

    “Russel Norman has managed to make the Greens look less looney”


    His voodoo economics (And environmental record) aside, Russel is still knee deep complicit in Dirty politics, and practically a traitor in respect of national security.

    • The only time norman makes the green’s look less looney is when he keeps his mouth shut.