Minor Winners, Ctd – Stuart Nash


Labour was dead set useless from the time they axed Shearer and made Cunliffe leader.

They tanked to their worst election result ever, with the change in leader shedding about 8 or 9% in the polls and shutting Labour out for another three years.

Labour picked up three Maori seats, but only managed to win one seat off National.  

Labour’s star Jacinda Ardern failed to win Auckland Central.

Carol Beaumont got absolutely hammered in Maungakiekie, a seat that had a 5000 vote swing based on boundary changes.

Through all this doom and gloom only one Labour candidate won a seat back from National.

Stuart Nash won Napier after a two and half year campaign that had him so far ahead of his MP opponent in 2013 that the MP retired.

Nash won convincingly, show the importance of a good candidate running a good campaign.

Labour are still an exceptionally dumb party so they haven’t really taken notice of what Nash achieved and what other candidates can copy to replicate his success.


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  • cows4me

    Maybe Nash isn’t in with the in crowd. Why would any self respecting, bench warming, geriatric Labour politician want a young, go ahead whipper snapper, up start,spoiling their golden years.

  • Michael_l_c

    Not learning from a couple of winners, Kelvin Daviis, persisting with a losing strategy & inadequate or lazy people ensures a repeat. The only thing on labours side is they still have the best part off three years. But will they learn?
    Almost certainly not, because of the loosers embedded through out the whole organisation.
    So what are Nash & Kelvin going to do? Sit there with the loosers, loosing?

  • LabTested

    So as Labour’s we energy spokesman, is he going to keep or scrap their Kiwi Power policy?

    • MrBarrington

      seems dead to me…

  • HSV325

    Yep swapped Beaumont for that vile Sepolini

    • MrBarrington

      Frying pan… fire… hard to make a choice really…

  • Pita

    Nash won the seat but not the party vote…Garth McVicar also ran interference sucking up a number of votes that could have swung the Nat’s way…

  • Apolonia

    Nash’s campaign in Napier saw Labour’s party vote fall from 27.48% to 25.13%.
    His so called victory had more to do with Garth McVicar standing than anything Nash did.
    In 2011 he got 40.99% of the vote and lost. In 2014 he got 42.72% and won.
    Two and a half years work for a less than 2% vote increase!!!!
    He wouldn’t survive in the private sector.

  • Moves

    Maybe if Nash paid his Road user charges on his fire truck like normal citizens are required to do ,and legally park it like normal citizens are required todo, then maybe he would carry more respect.

  • Michael

    90% of Labour voters in Napier ticked Nash. So did 13% of National Voters and 17% of Conservative voters. Walford got 60% of National Voters, 0.4% of Labour voters and 10% of Conservative voters.

    Walford lost not because of Garth McVicar, but by not being appealing to middle voters.