The National party won’t be introducing this law here


Bullying and abusive husbands are scumbags.

The UK is bringing in a law to incarcerate these scumbags for up to 5 years.

One thing s for sure, the National party will never introduce this law here.

For them it is ok to kick in doors if you live in the leafy suburbs.

Bullying husbands who keep their wives downtrodden by banning them from having friends, hobbies and access to money could face five years in jail under a new criminal offence.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, said the Government is to press ahead with a new domestic abuse offence of “coercive and controlling behaviour” – which will apply equally to men and women.

The offence will outlaw behaviour which amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse but, crucially, stops short of violence.

It comes after the Government unveiled a “Cinderella” law earlier this year which will see parents who starve their children of love and affection being prosecuted for “emotional cruelty”.

Both proposed offences mark significant incursions by the State into what have previously been regarded as private affairs.

A Home Office spokesman said the law would be drafted carefully so it did not affect “ordinary power dynamics” in marriages and other relationships.   

“Victims of coercive control can have every aspect of life controlled by their partner, often being subjected to daily intimidation and humiliation,” the spokesman said.

“There are a number of ways that witness testimony could be supported at prosecution.

“These include using documentary evidence such as threatening emails and text messages, and bank statements that show the perpetrator has sought to control the victim financially.”

The type of behaviour the Government is seeking to outlaw includes people who control “minute aspects” of their partner’s lives, such as “when they are allowed to eat, sleep and go to the toilet,” he added.

It will cover not just spouses and partners but other family relationships as well.

“The offence will be drafted to ensure that it is clear and proportionate and does not impact on ordinary power dynamics in relationships,” he said.

Home Office research has previously shown that 16 per cent of men admit to being victims of domestic abuse during their lifetimes compared with 30 per cent of women.

The new controlling behaviour offence was floated in a consultation paper earlier this year and ministers will now go ahead with legislation.

Mrs May said: “Domestic abuse is a hideous crime that shatters the lives of victims, trapping them in cycles of abuse that too often end in tragic and untimely deaths.

“Coercive control can be tantamount to torture.

“In many cases, dominance over the victim develops and escalates over the years until the perpetrator has complete control.

“Putting a foot wrong can result in violent outbursts, with victims living in fear for their lives.

“Meeting survivors of domestic abuse and hearing their shocking stories has made me all the more determined to put a stop to this scourge on our society.

“The government is committed to protecting the victims of this terrible crime and it is clear that this new offence has the potential to save lives.”

Someone should also ask why certain senior Nats are never seen wearing white ribbons.


– The Telegraph


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  • Michael_l_c

    It will be interesting too see if this has any effect in ‘minority’ immigrant communities.

    This doesn’t surprise me, ‘Home Office research has previously shown that 16 per cent of men admit to being victims of domestic abuse during their lifetimes compared with 30 per cent of women.’
    Can’t see the MSM quoting it so no need to wonder what the left will say about it.

  • NoEyeDeer

    If the victims of these types of crimes don’t come forward now; what effect will making extra laws have on the number of cases brought to justice?
    I’m all for protecting the rights of victims but this smacks of bureaucratic extras.
    Or do people accept that the anti smacking laws have worked as intended?

  • Nirvana10

    Over the top nanny state interference in people’s private lives. The UK has lost the plot in so many directions and this is just further evidence of the state trying to intrude into what is none of the state’s business. The next step will be to haul me before the court for ‘controlling behaviour’ over my children and pets!

  • Jimmie

    I wonder if this includes forcing your wife/children to wear certain clothing that covers everything but the eyes?

    What about not allowing your wife to go in public without a family male escort?

    I can’t see this law being enforced too much in sharia law areas of the UK.

  • caochladh

    The UK is now at bursting point with those whose religious beliefs consider women to be worthless apart from breeding, child minding, cooking and housekeeping. If the letter of this law was applied, the courts will come to a standstill prosecuting the “husbands” of these wretched souls who are just treated as chattels.

  • So what they are suggesting is that the normal domestic situation in Saudi Arabia would be illegal if applied in the UK. Can honestly say i can not think of a single situation anywhere else where one countries normal domestic relationships, practiced by millions, defended as normal, has ever been declared illegal in another country.

  • Bruce S

    …and what about abusive and bullying wives? Seems to me the domestic violence industry troughers are the one’s who need to be incarcerated!

  • Second time around

    There are reasons why a partner might need to limit another’s liberty, for example if one has an addiction problem or likes to max out on the joint credit card. In later life, one partner may show incipient dementia. I know of cases that appear abusive, but the abused partner is just as likely to smile and agree with the restrictions than complain about them Lawyers could get incredibly rich on this sort of law.

  • Simon Brown

    Great intentions and there are scumbags out there that deserve the full force of the law. But, this law is so open to abuse it’s not funny and gives the state another reason to mess with and butt into the lives of ordinary people. Be careful what you wish for if you start supporting laws like this.

    As for the Cinderella law, I think most kids would have felt hard done by and unreasonably punished by their parents at one point or another. Good luck being a parent with this sort of stuff.

  • JC

    “It will cover not just spouses and partners but other family relationships as well.”

    Thats what I was looking for.. if introduced this would become the most effective anti-terrorist legislation of them all because it would hit the radical Islamists right where they live. Rape of sisters, forced marriage, honour killings, covert female circumcision, sunjugation of women generally starts in the home before morphing into terrorism.


    • Rick H

      Yes, and also parents who refuse to give their kids what is their god-given-right – a 60″ plasma along with a PS4, each.

  • Tom

    If they bring that law in here Maori will go from 25% of prison inmates to 55%

  • KiwiKaffir

    “………. Unless they’re muslims of course! It’s ok for them to beat their wives as they have shariah law in Britain now don’t they?

  • Chris W

    Sounds like a terrible law – it’s absolutely sure to be abused.