NBR Poll shows all PR people are professional liars

A recent online survey by NBR shows that people can’t be fooled by prissy press releases and smooth talking tosspots…we seem to know they are professional liars.

And the association of professional liars is all upset about it too.

New Zealand’s public relations body, PRINZ, is sour about the result of a recent NBR subscriber poll.

In a press release, PRINZ president Bruce Fraser took a potshot at the messenger, an NBR reporter.

“President Bruce Fraser has taken issue with an NBR reporter’s view that subscribers don’t believe public relations professionals are simply balancing out media and public commentary on contentious issues,” it says.  

The poll in question, ‘Is ethical public relations an oxymoron?’ resulted in 64% of polled NBRsubscribers voting ‘Yes, all spin doctors are paid liars’ while 36% voted ’No, PR can be effective without being deceptive.’

The poll question ran in conjunction with an article on Dirty Politics PR man Carrick Graham’s recent statement that new media (specifically attack blogs) are here to stay following the outcome of the Judith Collins inquiry.

Mr Graham’s widely circulated media release stated that his client, Hanover Finance director Mark Hotchin, had been exonerated by the inquiry.

The inquiry found that Mr Graham had been hired by Mr Hotchin to “rebalance the public perception” of his role in his company’s collapse, and in turn hired blogger Cameron Slater and blogger/lawyer Cathy Odgers to post attacks against former SFO boss Adam Feeley – who was investigating Hanover – and feed negative information about him to mainstream media outlets.

The story about the poll result said: “It seems NBR member subscribers aren’t swallowing the line that public relations professionals are simply balancing out media and public commentary on contentious issues.”

It seems PR practitioners can join journalists and politicians way down the ranks along with prostitutes in public confidence.






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  • Charlie

    Now they are lying by stating that they are not paid liars!

    • dgrogan

      As a retired marcomms. professional, I say Yeah…nah

  • conwaycaptain

    A diplomat is someone who is paid to lie for their country. A PR person is someone who is paid to lie for a client.

  • TK

    Not surprising really, you often see ex journos turning up as PR people

  • Lord_Montrose

    So what are Graham, Brewer, Simich and Associates hoping to achieve? Anything with Carrick Graham in it is bad news.
    I thought Brewer had a good chance at being mayor. Now he’s thrown it all away.

  • BJ

    I am secretive, investigative, information seeking and usually withholder of news (gossip) and I know how to get info out of people that just love to talk their heads off when their ego is caressed – all for the purpose of being sure of my facts before making statements or holding liars to account. Liars, particularly professional ones totally lack conviction that the truth is good enough – that the recipient can handle it. Liars: gutless individuals that stand for nothing.

  • Bluemanning

    So television news editors, readers and presenters are also included within the PR ‘spin doctor ‘classification.