A Negative Campaign against Phil Goff?

The left wing are anointing Phil Goff as the new messiah and the man who will win the Auckland Mayoralty. This is despite his inability to raise funds.

They are also overlooking Goff having had a long track record in parliament, a track record that includes mistakes and lies that really do not bear much scrutiny.  

An aggressive third party campaign run via a big media company highlighting Goff’s inability to tell the truth will be very destructive to his chances.

Mayoral elections are much more about the individual than the ticket. If the individual comes severely damaged, and there is an aggressive campaign to tell the truth about the individual they find it very hard to convince people they are honest and competent.

Phil Goff’s repeated lies would make a very interesting campaign video, and his flip flopping will make him look incompetent.

Any good campaigner knows this, and has a large body of favourite negative ads filed away for future use. It might be his silly dyed hair and his comments around that. It might be his lying about what the SIS told him. There is so much more that could be used against him, making him look like an unethical, incompetent liar.

If Goff can’t raise the money to run a campaign to defend these attacks he will be nailed.

If he keeps his head in the sand and ignores them he will be nailed.



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  • caochladh

    The last thing Aucklander’s need is another lying, cheating, incompetent bozo running the city.

  • Isherman

    Oops,you might want to quit now Goff, before you are FREED from your misery.

  • Phil – Auckland has had enough of lying, deceitful Labour people and you’re just another apparatchik looking for another tax/rate payer funded trough to swill from since the backbences aren’t to your liking..

    Just retire already. You’ll be almost as popular as PDB Lyin’ Len – except not as well liked, or trusted.

    The UN is where you need to be. Enjoy. Don’t delay. Hurry away now.

    Honest, non-lying Auckland rate payer.

    • Hans

      I have a confession to make, i voted Labour for many many years – i am ashamed of myself, but don’t worry i will never ever do that again.

      • Gaynor

        That’s ok..Husband has a retired friend who was a wharfie and the union rep, he is totally disgusted with labour and Angry Andy….he will never vote labour again.

  • Question for the House – has Phil Goof ever heard these words when his credibility is being described – “mythomania or pseudologia fantastica”?

  • Wheninrome

    If you are looking for the best city in the world title, a vibrant international city etc., I don’t think Mr Goff is the man to do the job, he harks back to the past too much.

    • Andrew Gibson

      Not sure anyone could achieve any of that for Auckland, just saying…;) How about “legends in their own minds” ?

      • Wheninrome

        Power corrupts, trouble is it is perceived power.

  • Simon Brown

    We don’t need a has been politician running the city. We need a great CEO to basically rip the whole place to bits and start again. I nominate Rob Fyfe.

  • Dave_1924

    Interesting post. Phil is being given the big don’t come to Auckland Mayoral race message. Frankly I Iwould love to see him stand. Would be interesting to see if Aucklanders are dumb enough to vote in a Left wing Mayor again after the shamoozle Len Brown has created…..

    But then again who are the alternatives from the Centre and the Right who have a credible record to stand on?

    • Hakaru

      I agree with Simon Brown. Someone like Rob Fyfe would galvanize a group of managerial type candidates to bring some sense into the Auckland Council and its CCO’s. Start the groundswell now and we would see a whole new way of running a city.

      • Justsayn

        Why on earth would someone of that calibre want the job? Sadly local body politic attracts wannabes, willneverbes, and hasbeens.

        One thing is for sure, whomever it is that takes Len’s seat had best have it commercially cleaned before they sit down.

        • Hakaru

          I would suggest that someone like Rob Fyfe would love a challenge and we all know that Auckland City is going to be a challenge to resurrect to its proper financial and governmental role. Run it like a business and the ratepayers will be the better off for it rather than having it run like a private cash cow for the wannabes, willneverbes, and hasbeens as you so aptly put.

          • Woody

            If I was Rob Fyfe and I had a choice between sorting out Auckland City or Craggy Range, I’d stay with the wine.

        • Simon Brown

          Well aware I’m dreamin’. Someone like that would no doubt only take on the job if they were given a level of power and control that would allow them to do it properly. That’ll never happen.

    • We could hope PDB and Goff would fight over the left vote and a good centre or right candidate would hopefully walk around them.

  • Mainstream Mike

    He should be nailed anyway. If Hide had designed the SuperCity property (ratepayer franchise) then Labour would have no hope whatsoever of the Mayoralty.

  • benniedawg

    What is it with detrital labour politicians and mayoralty? We have one in ChCh, Auckland appears to have one wished upon them. Wellington has one that has a particular green bent. Surely in a population of 4million there must be some people who have a bit more credibility than the offerings we get. Maybe its just the voters thinking. “Well he or she was useless in parliament lets see if they can make a better job of this then”.

    • Bruce Rayner

      dont forget New Plymouth. Dynhoven voted in as mayor last term with good majority, voted with a gigantic loss. First mayor since 1950 something to last only 1 term inNP

  • Hans

    Geoff should ask Yasser Arafat if he can have the 1 million back, he’s dead now and i guess his wife will only go shopping with our money anyway

  • taurangaruru

    Name a media organisation that will run a negative campaign against Goff, there isn’t one, if there was he would not have survived in politics as long as he has.

    • ex-JAFA

      I don’t doubt that Freed will.

    • BlitzkriegNZ

      Whale oil.

      • taurangaruru

        Yes but WO still doesn’t have the “cut through” that the likes of the propaganda we get fed on the 6 O’Clock news does along with the flunky Campbell Lives etc do. Hopefully that will change as it sure as heck needs to

    • essiep


  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Not another Labour Liar please. We have had enough of Pants Down Browns lies let alone Phil Goff. He leaks info like a sieve & then denies it only to admit it when Parliament is on holiday, very convenient. No more habitual liars in the mayoral office.

  • Allyson

    The Trade Union movement decided who would be the mayor of Auckland. Will Aucklanders allow them that freedom again?

  • Tom McKechnie

    I see a number of similarities between Len Brown and the GW Bush Presidency.
    Democrats in the USA were aghast, not by the fact that GWB served 2 terms but because the Democrats did not have a candidate capable of besting such a poor Republican.
    Living outside Auckland, I will confess that I was never concerned about the happenings in your city. I simply put it down to ” self inflicted pain “.
    However, I now know that unless Aucklanders get a half decent Mayor ( and it ain’t Phil Goff ) all taxpayers will end up footing the bill.

    Aucklanders, you do have my sympathy. You guys have suffered more than enough.

    • But as you say, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Honcho

    The man is labours veterans affairs spokeman … he in his younger years spat on soldiers on parade.

    It will be very entertaining to see an individual of his pedigree run, one only hopes the parliamentary door hits him on the way out, then after his shame filled and doomed mayoral bid he finds that door secured behind him.

  • Liar, Liar. On a mayoral flier.

  • Davo42

    Gothic Phil always made me laugh, not because of his epic wit and sense of humour, just the fact that the right wing neighbour guy off George and Mildred looks pretty much like him.

  • Peter

    Why not put John Banks back at the helm. He seemed to accomplish more than the last three incumbents put together. Love him or hate him at least you know where you stand with John. Out of all of the Dirty Politics work by the left it seems that John Banks is the only one they scored a direct hit on….

    • Peter

      And of course they were wrong and he now appears to be vindicated.

      My most favorite quote of the year: John Banks: “At some time in everyone’s life a little rain must fall”.

    • Peter

      Be still, sad heart, and cease repining;
      Behind the clouds is the sun still shining;
      Thy fate is the common fate of all,
      Into each life some rain must fall

  • bjmarsh

    I hesitate to get involved, but stuff it, time is getting short. I am a Vietnam Veteran and will never forgive the short-arsed, short-sighted kids like Goff who took on an easy target like my soldiers and wounded their “mana” in a way he will never understand. His “ownership” of a related US serviceman who was KIA was a classic case of the worst kind of revisionist “wannabee” “me too” speak. I am sad for the family loss but ask why Goff needed to go public in that way. My lasting memory was of Goff’s briefing to the senior diplomatic staff of MFAT on his assumption of the Foreign Affairs Portfolio. He virtually accused the most eminent group of Diplomats and Foreign Policy scholars of being disloyal to the Government and warned that he would be demanding complete and utter support for theLabour Government’s policy. I have never felt so insulted in my life, and can not envisage a time where I would trust him in a leadership position. He is a chameleon.