New Zealander of the Year


Not sure of the true benefit of this, but the finalists will be narrowed down to one winner Feb 25th

  • Dr Sharad Paul: surgeon and skin cancer specialist
  • Sir John Kirwan: rugby coach, mental health and depression awareness advocate
  • Cassandra Treadwell: chief executive and founder, So They Can
  • Sir Stephen Tindall: founder, The Tindall Foundation
  • Julie Chapman: chief executive and founder, KidsCan Charitable Trust
  • Barbara Ala’alatoa: principal, Sylvia Park School
  • Roana Bennett: manager, Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue Trust
  • Dr Susan Parry: Auckland City Hospital and Ministry of Health
  • Cynthia Ward: True Colours Children’s Health Trust
  • Judge Peter Boshier: Law Commissioner

I’d like to nominate Rawshark.   He singlehandedly managed to control the outcome of an election, he caused people to lose jobs, parties disappeared, he upended a number of journalists, caused several inquiries, court cases, an apology from the Prime Minister, and much more.

All because he broke into my computer systems and stole data.

It’s not the politicians that did it.  It’s not the media that did it.  It wasn’t Nicky Hager either.

Rawshark caused it all.

The media have made him a hero.   And he’s at large to do as he pleases.

How can we not make Rawshark New Zealander of the Year for 2014?   He started it all.  Key, Hager, Dotcom, McCarten, Harre and yes, even I, were mere puppets on his strings.

I suspect his damage is not done yet… maybe some of his media fan club might go down too.


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  • Pete

    How do we know Rawshank is a Kiwi?..or a he?

    • He is

      • Isherman

        I wonder if his grandparents know what dear grandson’s been up to….

        • Monito

          Now thats interesting wealthy, influential family with rebellious grandson who happens to be a geek.

      • Dave

        Love him to be named, i look but am still unaware, i hope its in the book.

        • Michelle

          you are not the only one l have no idea either

          l wouldn’t have a clue where to start either

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Has Kiwi Citizenship or Kiwi Resident?
        I better let you ask the questions

  • Michael Cosgrove

    I don’t see Russell Coutts on the list, or was that 2013?

  • Sally

    Great idea, lets make a criminal NZer of the Year!

  • Curly1952

    Haven’t heard of a number of those on the list but it looks like they do a fantastic job in the the community. Rawshark NZder of the year because he tried to change NZers opinions and failed. Biggest failure of the year I would say.

  • cows4me

    Hager will be gutted.

    • kehua

      Impossible cows, he has no guts.

  • Pharmachick

    Dr Sharad Paul: surgeon and skin cancer specialist
    Outstanding Surgeon/Doctor … excellent at his job. Divides his time between NZ and Aus and makes life better for both countries.
    Sir John Kirwan: rugby coach, mental health and depression awareness advocate. Was an outstanding Rugby player and excellent at his job. Now works as a coach and divides his time between rugby and mental health advocacy for NZ

    Cassandra Treadwell: chief executive and founder, So They Can
    Spent most of her formative years in NZ, trained and worked in the UK, does all of her humanitarian work overseas, so yep I think she’s really awesome, but hardly NZer of the year.

    Sir Stephen Tindall: founder, The Tindall Foundation
    Attended Takapuna Grammar, then spent time in the NZ retail sector training before seeing a “gap” in the market and launching the Warehouse. Runs and admirable “workers are part-owners” scheme that makes the Big Red Sheds more profitable, yet gives back to low-middle income families that work for them in NZ. Kinda awesome for a “Corporate Titan”.
    Julie Chapman: chief executive and founder, KidsCan Charitable Trust
    Runs a non-profit where the homepage is completely about her:

    you have to click through several other things to get to their mission etc. Seems like a worthwhile effort, but then lots of links to lots of clicks with nothing. No mention of outreach for kids in e.g. Porirua or Sth Auck

    Barbara Ala’alatoa: principal, Sylvia Park School
    My Take: this woman doesn’t have her own website (or if she does, its not the top google search)… rather she blogs about her school. She’s committed as heck to making that school better and uses both traditional and nontraditional mechanisms to do it… most of the [unionised] school teachers in NZ could learn a thousand times as much with 5 minutes from this lady. Well Done!

    Roana Bennett: manager, Te Taumata o Ngati Whakaue Trust
    Another outstanding innovator in education. Pulls out all the stops and really does her job and then some

    Dr Susan Parry: Auckland City Hospital and Ministry of Health
    This amazing woman really puts herself out there every day. She’s an advocate for health care in the face of intransigence and seems very dedicated.

    Cynthia Ward: True Colours Children’s Health Trust
    Is amazingly dedicated and has worked very, very had to make a difference within the bounds of her career (palliative nursing) which has touched so many. But not truly NZ-wide. (I hate to say that because I think Ms. Ward has done amazing things for individuals and families – its about wider impact).

    Judge Peter Boshier: Law Commissioner
    No. Made some very good decisions and statements as a Family Court Judge. But nothing especially distinguishing other than that.

    • Carl

      So who would your pick be then?

      • Pharmachick

        Professor Jane Harding … who in their right minds would advocate some sort of glucose rub inside a babies mouth to prevent low blood sugar … i mean it only was fatal for 10% of ICU babies … and now …

        EDIT: because most Academics want a much more “serious/special/complicated” thing to be right. And Professor Harding came back to first principles and got it right.

  • JC

    In my opinion these awards nearly always avoid the real heroes.. those that invented something, created a business that makes the country richer and/or those who continued to make us rich.

    An outstanding feature and necessary qualification of these true heroes is that they don’t give a toss for whales, bludgers, humanitarian work or arts, sports and social events they don’t personally like or understand. Extra points are given to heroes whose first requirement for charity is to ask.. “What can you do for me?”


    • spanishbride

      Really? Many of our wealthiest Kiwis are Philanthropists. I would hope they ask the Charity what % of what I give actually goes to help those who the charity is for and what % goes on administration and advertising etc.

      • JC


        Yes really. I was President and Vice President at local and National of a major charity for many years and walking into a business asking for money or services for free without a fully developed plan will get you just some “go away” stuff.

        Business leaders of companies are not free agents and are required to account to shareholders for any largess handed out to charity or other social activities instead of the lawful duty to make profits to pay shareholders or develop the company.

        Shareholders will accept minor go away money but anything more is simply corporate theft.. after all, a central tenet of capitalism is that its shareholders, tax and ratepayers who should have the choice of supporting the charity of their choice.. not the company, the Govt or the Local Authorities. Think about the “Pimping the poor” series thats ongoing on this site.. thats the media blackmailing the Govt to steal from the taxpayer to give bludgers a lifestyle often better than the tax payer who does the paying.

        So.. if you want the boss of a company to give you a substantial donation for your charity you better make damn sure you have a business plan that the shareholders can see offers them a benefit greater than would be received from dividends or company growth.. your plan must be convincing enough for shareholders to agree that your plan offers as good or better charity use than they could achieve individually. That nearly always means the company boss *should* demand “Whats in it for me/my company/shareholders?”

        Thats his fiduciary duty.


      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        Julie Chapman: chief executive and founder, KidsCan Charitable Trust

        Why National party and the All Blacks have anything to do with this person is beyond me as they should have fail save ways of checking who they are dealing with before getting into bed.

        Why does this woman not work for the Westpac Helicopter Trust anymore or should I say from 2001.

        • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

          Actually thinking about it she would have fitted right in with Rawshark and the rest of the team for a cut of course.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Rawshark did NZ a favour by being exposed as a wrecker and hater, (real name to become public soon I hope)